Summer gate with own hands - instruction

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Any owner wants to make his dacha cozy and beautiful. Sometimes, that any object in the country( be it a gazebo, a barn or a gate) was unique, you do not have to turn to builders - you can do everything yourself. You have repeatedly imagined the perfect summer gate, looked at pictures from magazines, websites. You can already imagine how this gate should be. This article will help you to consider the technology of building different types of gates. And, having studied it, you will easily build quality and beautiful country gates yourself.

For the manufacture of any gate, you only need three important resources: material( which can be found in any city or town), a tool( which you may already have available) and time. For each garden plot, it will be optimal to construct only one type of gate, since each of them has different construction schemes, different materials and different advantages. To decide which gates are suitable for you, we will consider the advantages of building swinging and sliding gates.

Advantages of different types of

Let's start with the fact that the most popular material for the construction of the gates at the dacha is the corrugated board. Profiled sheeting is inexpensive and the construction of it is constructed quickly and simply. Profiled sheeting easily replaces wood or iron and does not deteriorate under the influence of the environment. You can see how to make a gate from corrugated board by clicking on the link.

Swing gates - a gate, the doors of which swing open in one or the other side. The construction of such a gate will not take you much time. Convenience is the ability to open the doors in the direction of the yard, and in the direction of the street. However, inconvenience is from the bulkiness in the open position: often in the yard or on the street there are objects that will interfere with the opening of the gate and which you will have to clean about the swinging iron gates you can read here.

Sliding gates have an undoubted advantage and convenience - the doors do not swing open, but move to the sides. The construction of sliding gates will require a fairly large investment. The convenience of such gates in the ability to open them manually or automatically, depending on your desire. Minus - this is the cost and a large amount of space in the category of sliding gates fall lifting gates.

But if you are still interested in the creation of sliding gates, then I advise you to see the photos and schemes about the sliding( sliding gates and you will understand everything).

Scheme for creating sliding gates

Scheme of a sliding fence

Schematic of sliding fence

Scheme of creating sliding gates

Scheme for creating sliding gates

Sliding fence with own hands

Folding fence


The next step after choosing the type of gate is to create a scheme. The diagram shows not only the appearance of the gate, their mutual arrangement with other structures on the site, but also the exact dimensions. Important advice: the dimensions on the diagram should be specified as accurately as possible, describing each element of future gates( this will help in the construction).It is advisable to draw several schemes from different sides( 3D effect).After the scheme is ready, you can start construction. Consider a step-by-step construction of the swinging type gates, as they are popular among gardeners in the construction of gates for dachas.

We make summer gates to give ourselves

First you need to prepare all the materials and tools:

  1. sheet of
  2. corrugated board( 4 pcs.)
  3. metal pipes
  4. screws and drill
  5. sand and cement
  6. broken brick( for addition to cement)
  7. welding machine, bulgarian and shovel

This is all that you need for the construction of swing gates.

Stage # 1. To begin with, we will mark out the terrain, put the flags / posts and dig the pits for supports( 2 pcs.) The supports will be already prepared metal pipes. The optimum pit depth for the support is 0.8 meters, width is 0.5 meters. After the pipes are put in pits, free space should be poured with cement.

Stage # 2. 24 hours after the concrete is poured( when the cement solidifies), it is possible to start assembling the gate frames. Electric welding will help to fasten the frames. Triangles in 3 mm.significantly improve the strength of the gate - they will be installed in every corner. From the rest of the pipe we make a lock and insert a rod into it. The hinges are welded to the frame( 2 pieces on each side), then the frames with loops are welded directly to the supports about how to weld the hinges to the gates we already wrote. With the help of a drill and screws it is necessary to fix the sheets of corrugated board to the finished metal structure. Your gate is ready!

Stage number 3 .The gates will look more attractive if you paint them. Paint you can choose at your discretion, but remember that the gate before painting should be covered with a primer( and in the welding places before painting, the surface must be sanded).

Also read about the wicket from the corrugated board with your own hands.

Video - sliding gates with their own hands

Video - installation of sliding gates

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