Instructions - How to build a fence of proflista

Modern practical owner of land for which economical investment of money in construction is important, it is quite possible to make a fence with your own hands. Having small building skills and the right tool, it will not be difficult to build it. By the way, we advise you to read also about the hanging gates with your own hands.

how to build a fence of proflista

how to build a fence from the profiled sheet

The times when the fence from the mesh-mesh corresponded to the needs of the owner of the suburban area, long gone. Now on the sites they are trying to erect a durable fence, which will create a sense of security and reliability. The construction market offers a variety of materials for the design of the fence. This is brick, and wood, and stone. Given the cost of money and time, it is better to stop the choice on the fence from the proflist. It meets all the requirements for summer cottages:

Advantages of sampling from the

  1. profiled sheet. A country plot should be protected not only from prying eyes, but also from uninvited cats, dogs;
  2. The height of the fence according to garden standards is not more than three meters;
  3. The fence of the profiled sheet can be seven meters high, but this is only in agreement with the neighbors. Crawl through it is impossible;
  4. Profiled sheeting performs the function of a sound-reflecting screen, and external sources of noise will significantly decrease;
  5. Profiled sheeting is a durable and durable material. A single metal construction of the fence of it is distinguished by increased stability and reliability. It will last for several decades with minimal maintenance, if you will sometimes clean it of dust and dirt. Polymer coating extends the service life to 30 years or more;
  6. Different colors of polymer coating will allow you to choose a profiled to taste, based on the shade of the roof of your house;
  7. Thanks to its clear geometric lines, the fence made of corrugated board has a noble appearance, adequately fulfilling its aesthetic function;
  8. And what is important for you - you can install such a fence yourself, without specialists, in a short time.

The fence from the profiled sheet can be made by our own hands in an economical and convenient way - without foundation, that is without concreting. A more expensive, but a capital option is the erection of a fence with a concrete foundation. We will consider it.

Technology of fence construction from profiled sheet

Let's start with the choice of profiled sheet. Here we take into account the type of coating, that is, galvanized or with a polymer coating. Profiled sheeting with a polymer coating is preferable for fences, since its protective properties are much higher. A pigment of a saturated color makes this material particularly attractive. The coating can be either one-sided or two-sided.

For the fences suitable corrugated board marked "C", enough brand C8.GOST-24045-94 is the most suitable choice. The metal thickness should be at least 0.5 mm, and the height of the corrugation should not exceed 21 mm. The sheets are lapped( up to 100 mm), and the corners are cut. This is taken into account when counting the material. The placement of the fence must not contradict the documentation of the construction industry, and in private the consent of the neighbors on the height of the fence and its external appearance is required.

Fence construction from profiled sheet

Fence construction from profiled sheet

Having agreed the height of the fence with the neighbors, we measure the perimeter of the site. It is better to use the drawing, which shows the height of the fence, the location of the gate and the gate. If the relief with differences in height, then the corrugated board is set stepwise to 100-150 mm.

When measuring the site, we make markings for the installation of poles, for which a profile pipe 60 * 60 mm, wall thickness of 2 mm is suitable. Pillars can be made brick, but the installation time and cost will be much higher. The number of columns depends on the distance between them. A step is not more than three meters. First install the outer poles.

Next, we prepare pits for poles. Hand drill, or rather a petrol bar, prepare holes with a diameter of 200-250 mm and a depth of up to 1.5 m, fill it with gravel 20 cm. With the help of a level, we proceed to install the poles. Wooden or metal spacers fix the poles and fill the pits with concrete( one part of cement, four parts of coarse-grained sand, four parts of rubble and four parts of water).You can buy a ready-made mixture, the main thing is that it should be of high quality. We check the columns for verticality, until the solution has seized.

Internal structure of the fence

Internal fence structure

After three days we weld the logs( welding works should be better entrusted to the specialist), for which there are steel profile pipes with cross-section 40 * 25 or 60 * 40.Two cross-beams will be sufficient if the height of the fence does not exceed 2 m. The distance between them should not exceed half the sheet. If the height is more than 2 m, then at the center we add one more crossbar. All the metal parts of the frame for durability are covered with a primer and the second time is painted with enamel.

Now proceed to install sheets of profiled sheet on the logs. Installation of the first sheet is responsible, then you only need to monitor the level. We fix the sheets with roofing screws of the same color, 19 mm long with a press-washer. A special EPDM seal seals the hole from the self-tapping screw, protecting the profiled sheet from corrosion. Twist them at a distance of 25-35 cm into the cavity of the profile, that is, through one wave. From the ground to retreat 10-15 cm and strengthen the lap. When installed on the surface, damage can occur. A paint of the right color in the can helps to correct the defects. Since the edges of the profiled sheet are sharp, wear gloves.

The result

The result of

The work done by you will certainly raise your self-esteem and will please the result. You will not only save a decent portion of money, but also make a significant contribution to the improvement of your site. Also, read about the construction of the fence from the slab with your own hands, and also about the gate from the wicket of the corrugated board with your own hands.

Video - fence from the profilist by our own hands

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