Technology of construction of suspended gates

Classic doors with two doors made of wood or iron are gradually disappearing into the past. They are replaced by modern designs, more convenient in operation. To such gates it is possible to carry hanging gates, which are equally appropriate both on the garage door and at the entrance to the site.

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Hanging gates with their own hands

Suspended gates with their own hands

Suspended gates are built on the same principle as sliding ones, but instead of a rail in the construction of a hanging gate a guide is used, fixed to the upper beam of the floor. Perform such a gate of sheet metal or plastic. The movement of the gate leaves along the wall or fence. Suspended gates can have a manual or automated drive.

Features of hanging gates:

  • Hanging gates save space before entering, which is actual with a small width of travel;
  • There is no need to clean up the snow regularly;
  • Gates are resistant to wind;
  • The gate device requires a free space along the line of their opening;
  • The upper protein, to which the guide is attached, limits the height of the gate;
  • In winter, it is necessary to clean the snow guide regularly.

Required materials, tools, purchased products

Thanks to its simple construction, the hanging gates can be made by hand. For this you will need:

  • Metal pipe with square section 40x40 mm and 20x20 mm for the frame of the gate;
  • Sheet metal, corrugated board or sandwich panels for the manufacture of door leaf;
  • Pipe of a square section 120х120х4 mm for execution of supports and the top beam;
  • The guide is twice as long as the width of the gate( usually 6 m);
  • Set of accessories for hanging gates;
  • Automation kit for hanging gates, if you want to automate the process of opening and closing the gate;
  • Welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Mortise lock.

The standard door width for cars is usually less than 3 meters. If you want to make the gate wider, to simplify the design, you can make them two-folded, sliding apart. Kits for suspended gates are already sold, often together with the guide. They are designed for a certain weight of the gate, so before buying it is necessary to count it. If you make a double-leaf gate, you will need 2 sets.

Rollers for hanging gates

Rollers for hanging gates

Automation for opening is also sold, depending on the required functions, its price varies considerably, and anyone can choose the most convenient option for themselves, or leave the gate without automatic opening, with a manual drive.

Door frame

If the gate is made of metal, the frame is made of a square pipe 40x40 mm. Cut the pipe to the maximum overall dimensions, after which the ends of the pipes are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Lay on a flat surface in the shape of future gates, joining the corners, secure with spot welding. Measure the diagonals - they must be equal, otherwise the gate will warp. If necessary, the door frame is leveled with light tapping of the hammer. Weld seams, so that moisture does not get inside the frame. Measure the internal dimensions, after which the inner frame is cut from the pipe 20x20 mm. Collect it similar to the outside and weld to the outer frame from the inside, aligning one edge. Peel off the rust, scale and cover with a primer, and after drying - paint on metal.

For the gate of the sandwich panel, you can use an Ω-shaped frame, in the groove of which a panel is inserted. You can use the profile for the gates made of corrugated board, but then you need to reinforce the frame with a metal corner.

The process of fastening the blade

Clamping process

Door and door leaf fastening

The door leaf is cut to the inside dimension of the frame so that it lies on the inner frame pipe with a minimal clearance. Fix the canvas on the frame with screws or rivets. If the gate is made of corrugated board, then choose a profiled sheet with a wave height of no more than 20 mm so that it does not protrude beyond the framework. If the gate is planned to install a mortise lock, you must immediately provide for its fastening.

Frame for

doors The frame is required for gates installed at the entrance to the site. The frame is made of 120x120 mm pipe by welding, but it must be remembered that the upper beam must extend beyond the gate limits by the width of their opening. In the case of single-leaf gates - for the width of the gate to one side, in the case of double-leaf doors - half the width in each direction.

The ends of the supporting vertical pipes are concreted to the ground to a depth of at least 1.2 meters. It is necessary to use the level - skewing of the upper beam can lead to spontaneous closing and unlocking of the unlocked gate. If the gate is mounted on a wall, you can simply fix the guide above the opening of the gate and extend it along the free wall.

Frame for gates

Door frame

Installation of rail and accessories

The guide is attached to the upper beam or wall using brackets so that its working part, on which the roller bearings travel, is turned down. The free end of the guide, equal to the width of the gate, must extend beyond the opening. If the standard six-meter guide for this purpose is not enough, you need to weld a piece of the necessary length to it. The guide using leveling screws on the brackets is leveled using a level.

To the top of the gate on both sides of the frame are mounted roller bearings - they are sometimes called trolleys. The gate is suspended by setting the roller bearings inside the guide, after which the plugs that come in the kit are installed. Install, if desired, a set of automation and connect it in accordance with the scheme given in the passport documentation. They put additional elements - a lock, a handle.

Hanging gates are reliable and modern, with proper operation their service life is at least 15 years. In addition to the hanging gates, it is possible to make a cantilever gate, made on the same principle, but with a guide beam installed at any height. They differ from the hanging ones in that they do not limit the height of the passage.

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Finished gate construction

Finished gates

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