Warm floor with your hands from heating: step by step instruction and installation

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A good feature of a heated floor with a liquid coolant is that it can be installed using existing communications, for example, main heating systems.

In this case, the heating of the premises can be done as a combined, that is, with the simultaneous use of heating radiators and a system of pipelines in the floor, and exclusively using only the piping system of the heated floor.

Warm floor with own hands

Warm floor with your own hands

The only, but very important nuance that must be taken into account when connecting the heated floor system to the main heating is the issue of water consumption. The fact is that in multi-apartment buildings the main heating channels go into the house, pass through all the apartments, and then leave it.

There are so-called straight and reverse flow pipes. If you connect a system of water heated by the water to the main pipe of direct flow, then a significant amount of thermal energy will be used to heat your premises. Consequently, your neighbors can feel the discomfort of not very hot batteries, which is unlikely to add to your popularity in the entrance.

It is recommended to connect the heated floor systems to the main heating only on the return pipes. At the same time, the closer your room is to the end of the cycle of heating pipes, the less displeasure your neighbors will have.

However, if you intend to heat a small room with a heated floor - for example a well-insulated loggia of a few square meters, then the total heat loss can be neglected.

Preparatory stage

The first stage of your work on creating a system of floor water heating from heating should be drafting. Take a sheet of millimeter paper and draw a diagram of your room on it. Mark the points of entry and exit of the water supply pipes, as well as the drawing of the installation of the pipeline contours of the heating system of the floor.

Required materials

Connection of water heating of a floor of a small premise to the main heating does not demand the big expenses.

You need to stock up:

  • -pipes for water heating.
Pipes for water heating - photo

Pipes for water heating - photo

- connection node, consisting in turn of:

  • Radiator valve:
Radiator Valves

Valves for radiator

  • Thermostat.
Mechanical temperature controller - photo

Mechanical temperature controller - photo

  • Gates that block the flow of water.
Gates for the warm floor

Gates for the warm floor

  • And fittings for the connection of pipelines.
Fittings for connecting pipelines

Piping fittings for

However, the connection and manifold assembly can be purchased already assembled, which will greatly facilitate the installation work.

Schematic diagram of the installation of a heated water floor from heating is shown in the drawing

The algorithm for creating a heated floor system

At the first stage of construction, you will need to mount a water collector cabinet.

Mounting the water manifold

Installing the water manifold for the

Assemble the connecting circulating unit. Its task is to regulate the flow of the coolant, to maintain its specified parameters, excluding the case of system damage due to pressure drops.

Assembling a circular unit for a warm floor

Assembling the circular assembly for the warm floor

Then connect and inspect the manifold block. Its task is to distribute the flow of coolant through separate heating circuits. It is recommended to create several heating circuits for a large room. In the collector unit there is a supply and return manifolds on which flowmeters and shut-off valves are mounted. If necessary, electric actuators can be installed in the valves to regulate the force of the water flow.

The assembled structure is installed in a collector cabinet. With the main heating system it is connected via ball valves.

Installation of a circular unit in a manifold

Installing the circular assembly in the

manifold. Carefully clean the room in which you are going to mount the heated floor. If necessary, vacuum.

We remove the room before installing the warm floor

We remove the room before installing the heated floor

Check the level of the floor surface. It must be strictly horizontal.

Check the surface of the floor

Checking the floor surface

After preparing the floor, spread the damper tape along the perimeter of the walls. It will protect the screed from the occurrence of cracks during thermal deformation.

We lay the damper tape

We lay the damper tape

In addition, the damper tape reduces the heat loss through the walls. The tape should protrude above the surface of the future screed and the finish coat.

We lay the damper tape

Puts a damper tape

Damper belt packing

Laying damper tape

If your ceiling may be wetted from below - lay on the floor waterproofing and vapor barrier material, such as thick polyethylene film.

Waterproofing floor - photo

Waterproofing the floor - photo

On top of the expanded polystyrene plates, which at the same time will serve as a thermal insulation and will serve as a support for pipelines.

We stack expanded polystyrene plates

We stack EPS boards

To improve the quality of the floor, take the plates that are connected with grooves along the edges.

In accordance with the chosen scheme of layout, place on the plates the pipeline for floor water heating.

We lay pipes of water warm floor

We lay the pipes of the hot water floor

To bend the pipe, use a special spring in which the pipeline is located.

This is how the installed coolant pipeline looks

This is what the

coolant piping looks like. Connecting the piping to the

water manifold Cut the pipe with a mechanical scissor.

Cut the pipe with scissors

cut the pipe

Using a calibrator, remove the chamfer from the end of the pipe

Using scissors calibrator remove the pipe end bevel

Install the crimp connector on the end of the pipe

Set crimp connector on

Connect the pipe to the manifold and tighten the construction with a key

Attach pipe end pipe to the manifold and tighten

On the collectors you can install special servo drives

key structure on the collector can be set specific servos

Which can remotely control the flow of hot water through the thermostat.

Thermoregulator photo

Thermoregulator photo

Servomotors and thermostat are connected by wires through the communicator.

Servomotors and thermostat are connected by wires through the communicator.

We perform the test of the heated floor system - open the inlet valve.

Open the valve of the warm floor

Open valve underfloor

If your system is heated by water floor, powered from the heating maintains tightness during the test - proceed to fill it with concrete. Do not forget to add a plasticizer to the solution for pouring the warm floor - you can use the usual liquid soap.

Concrete floor screed

Concrete floor screed

After final drying on a heated floor with water heating it will be possible to lay the final floor covering.

Video - water heated floor by own hands

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