Spray guns for painting walls and ceilings: compressor for water emulsion, apparatus, video which is better tool, pneumatic atomizer

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Spray gun is a device that helps not only to save paint consumption, but also makes it easier for you to work. The spray gun is a serious purchase and if a person has already decided to buy it, then do not be greedy, it is better to buy a popular manufacturer's device,.When choosing a device, you should pay attention to what material the body is made of. Preference is given to the aluminum body of the device, it is durable, rather than the body made of plastic.

    • How does the ceiling paint work with the
    • How to choose a painting machine for walls and ceilings
    • Tips: which spray gun is better for painting the ceiling? Choose
    • What is a spray gun for painting ceilings with water-based paint
    • How to paint the ceiling with a spray gun
    • How to paint the ceiling with a spray gun( video)
  • How the ceiling paint is painted with a spray gun

    Paintkraskopultom wing is not something complex. The device performs almost all the work in an automatic mode. The painter will only need to direct the nozzle and follow the uniform application of the paint, adjust the pressure of the compressor.

    By the way, the main components of the spray gun are:

    • tank for paints and varnishes;
    • compressor( aka supercharger or pump);
    • nozzle, through which the paint is sprayed to the desired consistency.

    It should also be mentioned that guns are mechanical and electrical.

    The spray gun evenly spreads paint over the ceiling surface The spray gun evenly spreads paint over the surface of the ceiling

    The first cylinder that holds the pressure in the tank is pumped by a hand pump, and secondly it is supported by the operation of a separate compressor.

    Almost every such device has replaceable nozzles, as well as a pressure regulator. The simplest of them, which are more similar to spray guns, do not have such functionality. The main advantage of such equipment is the ease of operation. It's not difficult to cope with it without having any painting experience behind it.

    How to choose an apparatus for painting walls and ceilings

    Which spray guns are considered the best?Naturally, electrical, whose operation is controlled through a microcontroller. That is, they have software that allows you to do the finest tuning of the spray gun, adjust the density of the paint, specify the number of layers applied and so on.

    The device will automatically be adjusted for the specified mode, adjust the consumption of the coloring component, mix it in the right proportion with air, and so on.

    When choosing a spray gun, you should focus on:

    • brand fame;
    • on the quality of equipment( minimum of plastic parts, relatively high weight, as the high-quality winding of the electric motor can not weigh a little);
    • on the possibility to complete the device with "non-native" nozzles.

    Electric spray guns are considered the best, since the tuning of their accuracy is the highest Electric spray guns are considered to be the best, as setting their accuracy is the highest

    Pay attention only to the cost does not follow. For example, a few years ago, Vitek produced premium-class spray guns at a price of $ 280.In practice, it turned out that their quality is times worse than cheap Chinese models. And when refilling with water-based paint on acrylic base, the nozzle is almost always clogged, which indicates a disturbed mode of mixing paint and air.

    Ideally - it's better to read reviews about each model, which attracted the attention of the buyer.

    Tips: which spray gun is best for painting the ceiling, choose

    If you can use a spray gun to paint the walls, then an electric spray gun is required for the ceiling, where, in addition, you can set the pressure over 4 atmospheres. Otherwise it is better to use an ordinary brush with soft bristles. Naturally, paint consumption will be greater, but it will not be necessary to remodel everything in the future.

    If you really want to focus on manufacturers, you can distinguish among them:

    • InterTool;
    • Bosch;
    • MasterTool;
    • Sturm;
    • Stern.

    InterTool - one of the most popular firms producing spray guns, because their quality is very high InterTool is one of the most popular companies producing spray guns, because their quality is very high

    By the way, such a tool is produced even in Byelorussia, for example, by Steel company. It is inexpensive, and in terms of quality is quite comparable with InterTool. This company, although Chinese, but produces quite good electrical equipment for construction needs, which is also famous in Russia.

    Why should a ceiling be painted with an electric spray gun?Because it is necessary to use for this purpose a minimum amount of paint, so that there are no stains and stains.

    When using an atomizer, it is almost impossible to pressurize over 2 atmospheres. And if you use a roller, then a smooth and uniform layer of paint can be completely forgotten.

    What is a spray gun for painting a ceiling with water-based paint

    What is the difference between a spray gun that can be filled with water-based paint?The fact that he has removable nozzles. If you fill it with a conventional tank, the sprayer will quickly become unusable, as part of the paint will dry out at the end. It can not be removed mechanically. Accordingly, the nozzles are consumables. In models where they are not removable, after the first use of spray guns will have to completely change.

    Of course, paint with water-based paint can also be simpler models of the paint spray gun, but the quality of painting, and the durability of the applied layer will leave much to be desired.

    It is also possible to use an ordinary household compressor for painting.

    Spray guns for painting the ceiling with water-based paint have a good period of operation, since they have replaceable nozzles The spray guns for painting the ceiling with water-based paint have a good period of operation because they have replaceable nozzles

    Moreover, such equipment has great advantages:

    • provides the ability to set pressure in the vicinity of 10 atmospheres and even moreEspecially useful when painting a textured surface);
    • high performance;
    • is suitable for specific variations of paints( rubber, mineral).

    How to use a domestic compressor?For him, you need to purchase a special adapter, which is not a large reservoir and a curved nozzle. It is fixed to the compressor with a flexible hose( can be reinforced).An electric pneumatic pump can paint even metal galvanized surfaces.

    Tips on how to paint the ceiling with a spray gun

    So, paint with a spray gun should be done in 3-4 layers. The drying of the previous one requires a minimum of 2 hours. Primer surface is only if necessary, but it is recommended to apply in combination with paint( 1 to 1).

    The nozzle should be placed at a distance of 20-30 centimeters from the surface to be painted. If a nozzle with a wide coverage is used, the distance must be increased.

    Do not use diluted paint for refilling - not the best option. They are too viscous and can simply clog the nozzle. Dilute should be followed by the manufacturer's recommended solvents( after all, for example, it is forbidden to add derivative products to silicone).Check the paint for viscosity by using a "sample" on the drop.

    When painting the ceiling with a spray gun, it is recommended to paint the surface 3-4 times intermittently for 2 hours.

    To do this:

    1. Prepare the finished solution by reaching the consistency of liquid sour cream.
    2. Take a glass plate and drop a few drops of paint onto it.
    3. Use the left-right rotations to distribute the paint evenly over the glass surface. If this can not be done and the drop simply does not spread, you need to reduce the viscosity by adding another solvent.

    When painting with an electric spray gun, it is necessary to take short breaks every 20-30 minutes in a few minutes to allow the electric motor to cool. In this case, the paint should be mixed( in some spray guns there is a separate function for this, when the compressor pushes the air in the opposite direction, its excess leaves through the valve).

    Naturally, before starting the work should be painted a small piece of surface, assessing the quality of the application of paint. Through the nozzle, the "fog" from the paint must come out, and not small drops.

    When using a spray gun, you should always use a respirator and other protective equipment( glasses, overalls).

    After painting, paint residues are removed from the tank. For this, the solvent is charged and passed through the nozzle. After this - you need to carry out pumping water. Keep the spray gun in disassembled condition, and the tank should be open at the same time.

    How to paint the ceiling with a spray gun( video)

    Should I buy a spray gun at all?Fortunately, such equipment is quite inexpensive, as it is equipped with a low-performance engine of 150-250 watts. But with its help a huge amount of paint is saved. Therefore, the paint sprayer pays off quickly enough. So yes, it's worth it.

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