Drywall on the wooden floor: under the tile, GKL piling, erection of the partition, cladding and installation, carcass finishing

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The popularity of drywall is quite high, so this material is preferred even for finishing the floor The popularity of drywall is quite high, therefore this material is preferred to choose even for floor finishing GKL - a material that does not need advertising. What tasks can not be solved with its help, including the laying of gypsum boards on the floor. The material is quite inexpensive, it is easy to process, and laying the sheets on the wooden floor is a procedure in which you can do without the masters.

    • Why plasterboard on the floor so popular
    • How to use drywall floor
    • Make plasterboard on the floor under the tile
    • As mounted sheets on the floor
    • Installation of floor plasterboard( video)

Why plasterboard on the floor so popular

If you are still unsure whether or not to put drywall on the floor, there are many arguments in favor of this material. This sheath has advantages, the first of which is the cheapness of the finish. You really do not have to spend much money.

The advantage of laying drywall on the floor is that it can be done in a short period of time advantage drywall laying on the floor is that it can be done in a short period of time

Pros plasterboard floor:

  • dry method - this means that the humidity level in the room does not change."Wet" ways of finishing the floors, including, may adversely affect your health.
  • Speed ​​of installation. Finishing does not take much time, the erection of such a floor passes quickly and easily.
  • Small specific weight of the material. Drywall does not create heavy loads on the slabs, and even laying in two layers in this plan is completely safe.
  • Drywall is also easy to handle - it's easy to cut, saw, in general, to process to your needs.

In addition, the material is perfectly flat, you can lay anything on it - carpet, parquet, linoleum. This is in itself a framework for future coverage, no additional processing is required. Which is also very convenient.

How to use plasterboard for flooring

Before you begin to build a new floor covering, it is worthwhile to bring the wooden floor itself to the proper condition. This means that the floor will have to be leveled and cleaned. You can not let even the smallest pebbles fall. And since the sheet of drywall is very fragile, with the load it will break on the bend.

Before using gipsokartonnye sheets, you must prepare the surface of the floor and all the necessary tools in advance Before using gypsum plasterboard, are kindly requested to prepare the floor surface, and all the necessary tools

Because use the rule of professionals: not less than 12 hours prior to installation, place drywall in the room where they will be installed. The material must necessarily come in humid and temperature equilibrium with the microclimate of the room.

Installation is not possible directly to the floor. With him, too, need some manipulation. After all, you work on the "dry floor" technology. And this, by the way, means that it is necessary to put gypsum cardboard in two layers. At least, in practice often do exactly this. The old wooden floor must be laid with polyethylene, you can use the same bituminous paper, heat insulator( usually bulk).If you put two layers of GCR, then the top layer must be overlapped on the bottom one.

Make plasterboard on the floor under the tile

and not worry about this decision - tiling on plasterboard complies with all health and safety standards, which for dwellings is very important. But there are limits too. For example, the temperature at which work is possible, should not fall below plus 10 degrees.

Indoor humidity should not be below 60%.Do not forget to clean the entire surface of the debris, from the seams of the floor you need to remove all remnants of the solution.

Install drywall on the floor is simple and it is possible to do it yourself, after reading the instructions

And further work is held in the following scenario:

  • On the base base after the marking, a thick film of polyethylene is applied. Waterproofing is rolled over the surface, this is all overlapped, some parts of the film can be fixed with a construction tape.
  • Then mineral wool is installed - it is laid on the perimeter of the room, it is fixed with edge band. This event will exclude the transfer of impact noise.
  • Then comes the leveling backfill, the gypsum board is already laid on this base. Before filling on the surface usually strengthen the wooden logs. Logs are made with a step of 2.5, you can and less.

After all the preparatory work begins the laying of plasterboard. And already on gypsum cardboard glue tile. Such a long way, which will provide a good floor covering with excellent sound insulation.

How to mount the sheets on the floor

Installation usually begins from the door - this is done because it is forbidden to step under the padding. The material is loose, and there will always be a cut from the weight of the one who stepped on it. So, all the alignment work will be in vain.

The edges of gipsokartonnyh sheets during laying must be greased with glue, so that they are better attached to each other When laying the edges of plasterboard sheets, it is necessary to grease the edges of the glue so that they are better attached to each other.

When laying each subsequent gypsum cardboard sheet on the floor, the edges of the previous sheet are greased with adhesive mortar. So this material is fixed, nothing complicated. If you are afraid of the displacement of gypsum boards, you can make sure - get the screws of the required length.

The distance between the fasteners will be somewhere between 250-300 mm, and if viewed from the edge of the sheet, then at least 30 mm. When laying the second layer of GCR, the second is placed with some displacement, the offset step can reach 40 cm. Choose for these purposes those grades that are intended for leveling the floors.

Installation of plasterboard floor( video)

Laying plasterboard on the floor - no less popular idea than the same partitions of plasterboard. If budgetary and eco-friendly repairs are planned, then the best material, perhaps, is not found. Consult on the choice of gypsum cardboard - experienced salespeople know which GCR ideally suits just the same for leveling floors. If something is not clear, or you are worried, whether you can make the right style with your own hands, the video lessons will help.

Successful solutions!

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