Chandeliers in the children's room

Trying to harmoniously decorate a children's room, all caring parents spend a lot of effort on competent illumination of space. Choosing chandeliers in the children's room, many seek to choose the option that will be appropriate to look at the time when the child will grow up. This is not exactly the right approach. Of course, it allows you to save money, but it limits the flight of children's imagination, reduces the number of vivid impressions. An interesting model of a chandelier will be remembered by a child for life, its light will accompany a growing person for many years.


  1. Requirements
  2. How to choose a lamp in a room for a boy?
  3. How to choose a lamp in a room for a girl?
  4. Photo of children's chandeliers


Thinking about how to choose a chandelier in a nursery, everyone should make a list of their requirements.

Safety is the main requirement in relation to all the subjects that surround the life of the baby. Of course, on the wall you can place the sconce as an additional source of lighting. But it's better to give preference to ceiling chandeliers. It is also necessary to analyze the safety of materials and colorants. There are children's chandeliers that have toxic spraying. When heated from the light of lamps it can release harmful substances into the space. So do not take risks and buy products of dubious producers. It is better to give preference to the goods of famous brands.

Buying fixtures in a children's room, it is necessary to choose functional models. The lighting device is selected in such a way that the workplace and the zone of games are well lit. The dim scattered light, which gives models hiding the lamps themselves, is dangerous for children's eyes. Too bright lighting also does not work. We must strive for a "golden mean".

We must strive for originality. Children appreciate all the unusual, attractive look. The luminaire should become the door to the fairy tale, illuminating the life of the child with joy, a positive attitude. Just do not forget that favorite stories for girls and boys are different.

How to choose a lamp in a room for a boy?

Chandelier in a children's room for a boy is purchased in accordance with the style solution of the whole space. If the room is stylized to a fairy-tale world or has a different thematic focus, the lighting device must be in accordance with the general idea. Usually the boys 'rooms are decorated more restrained than the girls' space.

As the basic styles are minimalism, high-tech, then the lighting devices are purchased in accordance with the correct concise forms. The basic color scale is predominantly gray-blue, blue-white, actual shades of brown and yellow. Against this background, there may be bright color blotches. The photo shows a variety of colors for the original children's chandeliers. Juicy colors have a positive effect on the imagination of a growing baby, contribute to the formation of a favorable emotional mood. No less significant is the plot of the plotted drawing or the shape of the entire lighting device. Boys prefer everything that is associated with cars and racing, space, sports.

How to choose a lamp in a room for a girl?

Chandelier in the children's room for the girl - the embodiment of the holiday of life. Girls adore models decorated with bows, glass beads, beautiful patterns. Of course, every young woman of fashion has her own preferences: some adore fairies, others like princesses. In the list of maiden preferences - ponies, butterflies, cute little animals. The desire to please your beloved is limited only by the list of available products. However, if you are persevering and quick, you can find a truly worthy option.

Photo of children's chandeliers