Design room for teenage girls 10, 12, 14, 15 years: a small, teen

design room for teenage girls (45 photos): furniture, workplace and room lighting


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Physiological and biological characteristics dictate girls more early adulthood, and old children will no longer be suited to them. Make room design for teen girls full of creative ideas, bright and original solutions. Treat your child.

The way in which it will design the room of a teenager is very important, as this space occupies an important place in the life of every girl. You do not notice how your child has grown out of diapers and reached adolescence.

room design for teen girls

Carrying out of the room design for teen girls it is important to be aware of the main features of this room. It is, first of all, the need to perform design with a lot of emphasis on colors, style and beauty.

It is important to create the atmosphere of the room where your child feel comfortable and protected. It is desirable to design a girls room has a creative activity and development.

The child should have the opportunity to meet with friends, watching and learning, hobbies or other interesting things without any interference. To do this, pay special attention not only to the aesthetic component design, but also functional.

Recently, performing design rooms for teenage girls, often care about ergonomics and simplicity of the room.

Note! For such rooms it is desirable to equip natural light, more space. Discard the excess of ornaments and decoration of individual pieces of furniture.

Furniture in the room for a teenager

room design for teen girls

Design Example of room for teens

An important place in the design of the room takes furniture. It should combine beauty, style and functionality.

This is due to the large number of clothes and other things in adolescent girls, as well as the need to hide it, if you do design a small room for teen girls.

The elegant cabinets or open shelves you can put all the books, CDs, cassettes and other small trinkets, thereby freeing up space in order to engage in lessons or relax, spend your free time alone or in the circle friends.

Professionals in the field recommend the use of light colors of upholstery, and light varieties of trees.

rooms for girls Design

Variant wall bars

If you make a design for teenage girls room the first time, treated him with the utmost seriousness. If desired, even simulator (small size) can be placed in a room or wall bars.

It is important to alternate mental and physical activity as much as possible. Such a decision like your children.

Thus, they will be able to break away from exercise books and school items and get away for a couple of minutes of exercise, thus relieve the stress and rest.

As for the bed, the sofa should not be limited only. So the room design for girls presupposes the existence of a wide bed or ottoman. Typically, selected full-length couch, which will provide a healthy and comfortable sleep.

If you plan to design the room for the two girls, then you can place two separate beds in different corners or use the bunk bed.

However, in this case, you have to take care that its dimensions are appropriate for teenagers. Often these beds are performed according to the standard for the younger children.


design teen room for girls

Example bunk beds for girls

It is important to organize the workplace.

Very popular direction is a modular furniture system in recent years, which allows adolescents draw renovated the room in accordance with their individual wishes and original solutions.

Carrying out of the room design for girls of 12 years, must exist a desk or table. Modeling a party capable of various transformations - an ideal option.

So it can be used not only for training but also for the reception. In such a desk, a round bar, because of which it is possible to increase the number of jobs to three or five.

This is very handy if your child often have to work on collaboration and projects. There is also a pull-out shelves and drawers that will keep your books and notebooks always at hand.

Table-transformer is very compact and summer it can be placed even under the bed.

room design for teen girls

Example desks for the children's room of a teenager

For storing various office equipment, including printers, computers, digital cameras, and console, use a specially designed computer cabinet, which is specially designed for teens.

Thus, your child will be a compact space for the so-called multimedia entertainment that you should consider when repairs in the nursery.

Here, monitor, speakers, printer, and other necessary equipment will be installed in accordance with all regulations. And when you descend to the guests, all this can be easily removed.

Note! It is important to choose the right chair. It must maintain the correct position of your spine and give you a reason for discomfort. Desirably, the seat of a chair were manufactured of leather. This will increase the comfort level several times.

If you plan the room design for girls of 14 years, using a specially designed table. He also includes a built-in equipment and the workplace.

The working surface of the table is large enough to allow your child to be engaged in drawing or other activities without any interference.

There is also a round of the regiment, which is placed 10 centimeters above normal countertops.

design of the room for two girls

Example design rooms for girls

It is designed to monitor. Retractable stand tables will facilitate access to notebooks and other things. A pull-out shelf for scanner, keyboard, mouse and significantly save space in your room.

Using Furniture "Transformers", the room design for girls 14 years old can be executed mistress of the room.

In order to extend the use of such furniture, you should buy a model that previously provided for reconstructions and various modifications as the child matures.

These are considered to be tables and chairs, seat height and table tops which can be independently adjusted. Or crib, which can push up to 190 centimeters in length.

lighting of the room

Carefully consider the lighting of the room. Thus, the design of the room for the girls 10 years presupposes not only the general lighting, but also local.

For example, the bed can be hung a small lamp or a sconce, which allow your child to read comfortably. Furthermore, you need a table lamp in the workplace.

Room design for girls 12 years old

The original design of the room

In winter, no matter how you tried, and it gets dark quickly, and in any case the task execution process will not take place in daylight and under artificial. This coverage can also be organized into cabinets.

Try to save as much as possible sunlight. To do this, the walls in light colors, and the space near the window is blank. Hang them on a simple transparent curtains that can draw back on a sunny day.

Carrying out of the room design for girls of 15 years, have the power in the hands of the child. At this age, she wants to pick up the most wallpaper, furniture and other items needed in the design.

Most often, the room full of teenagers the different posters on the walls, crafts or self-made souvenirs. These gadgets are very important for all the guys, so pay special attention to places to store it all.

Let it be open hanging lockers and shelves. You can arrange them with transparent glass. If your child is interested in photography, embroidery or watercolor, these works can be beneficial to decorate the walls of the room. This design is original and unique.

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