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  • 1 psychological aspect
  • 2 Design: innovative approaches and elements of classical style
  • 3 Features interior design
    • 3.1 The choice of furniture
    • 3.2 Lighting
  • 4 Stages of creation of interior
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Please the child in adolescence is very difficult. The issue is extremely complicated when the two of them. design of the room for two teenagers is extremely versatile and has a lot of options. What? About this in our article.

design of the room for two teenagers

psychological aspect

It is necessary to consider the fact that over the years the child becomes self-sufficient person that seeks to stand out, be different from their peers. As for the desire to stand out a hobby, wardrobe and, of course, the room, which is often visited by guests.

Design: innovative approaches and elements of classical style

When planning the design of adolescent room, you must take into account that the main objective - is to create a unique microcosm in which the child lives.

The problem is that children are in any case will actively demonstrate that know best how and what to do.

Design rooms for teens, first of all, must fully comply with the age. The design should be bright, spacious and functional. In any case not cluttered things or pieces of furniture. It is necessary to carefully consider the location of recreation, entertainment and jobs.

Design teen room

interior example

The more difficult task - detailed design development for the two girls. What do we offer?

  • If the total area consists of two small rooms, you can visually enlarge, use a large mirror, placing them on the floor to the ceiling.
  • It is mandatory to use the built-in wardrobes for clothes storage. A small-sized room also increases the use of bright colors and shades in the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor.

Tip! To increase the visual space using furniture very simple, geometric forms. A great role is played by the functionality, rather than the desire to attract attention.

Features interior design

Also important and interior design of the room of a teenager. In the development of this issue should be given the opportunity to take the lead owner. After him there will have to spend your time, relax and engage.

The choice of furniture

One of the main components is a teen room table. Small table, quite suitable for children to play, replaced by a more capacious and multifunctional version with a lot of branches. In this case, the best option would be a combined angular table which occupies a minimum of space by combining a plurality of functions.

Design rooms for teens

Corner table for a teenager

Convenient, comfortable and functional chair should go chair. Modern furniture industry offers an extraordinary variety of options both in terms of colors and price ranges.

Note! Over time, it will appear the corresponding age and interests of video and audio equipment, which would entail the need to acquire the corresponding racks and shelves to store CDs, cassettes and other necessary items.

design of the room for two girls

A place to store all sorts of things


Element of an innovative approach in this area are lamps, spotlights. They are mounted in the false ceiling and provide for optimum illumination. This helps to create the most comfortable conditions for work and rest of the child, as well as playing an important role in maintaining the view.

design of the room for 2 teens is a kind of unique psychological experiment in which it is imperative to take into account the opinion of the owners. This approach gives the child understand that his opinion is respected and independence is echoed and encouraged.

Interior teen room design

Interior with a football theme

Clearance can be realized in a modern, urban style, teeming with unusual solutions in lighting and undulating contours of the furniture. The main thing - the feeling of comfort.

design of the room for a teenage boy is most often done in gray, beige, blue or green colors.

Furniture should be a cabinet with lots of cabinets. It is also necessary to create an optimal, comfortable workplace.

The design of the room for the girl and the boy has its own characteristics. If you can not provide children with individual rooms, choose one large area and it is zoned.

Tip! The most simple and proven element separation area is the wardrobe.

It is important to take into account the psychological characteristics of children. Some comfortably coexist next to each other, while others are constantly fighting.

Individual, but an important aspect is the design of the room for a boy of 7 years. The design should increasingly transfer the interests and hobbies of the child. Let him draw a kind of project of your dreams.

Repair of the room, made in the style of transport is a real trend. And the use of white and blue will bring classic element even in the ultra-modern interior.

design of the room for 2 teens

interior example

design of the room for two children require special attention and competent zoning:

The division into zones:

  • play area - for games and activities artistic creativity;
  • creative and work area - for work, school and leisure.

you can decorate your personal photos of each zone. Nowadays special popularity began to use wallpaper design, which consist of artistically transformed bands baby photos of family members, friends, and personal portraits.

room design for boys and girls

photos in the interior

Stages of creation of interior

Design of children - it is very peculiar and difficult. Even more complicated this task in the event of coexistence of two children. However, parental wisdom, experience and practicality with the obligatory account of children's views can work wonders.

This process involves several systematic phases:

  1. First of all, consider the draft of the future of the room (be sure to consider the wishes of the child).
  2. Having a clear idea of ​​the future apartment, you can safely go for the finishing materials: wallpaper, tiles, paints. At this point, it works accurately colors must be defined.
  3. Carrying out a team of skilled builders repair. If you are confident in their abilities and possess the industry the necessary skills, you can make repairs on their own.
  4. After graduating repair their own hands, you can proceed to step to select the appropriate interior.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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