Design of the room for a teenage boy: Furnishings 2 children 10 years old

design of the room for a teenage boy (45 photos). The influence of the interior on the formation of personality. Main elements. Making berth


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As soon as your child grows, there comes a time when necessary to create a design room for teenage boys and to reflect on the interior of his room. It is not necessary to make the typical mistake of parents and insist on a strict elegant setting in the room, while trying to convince him that what he likes is actually tasteless.

It would be best if you allow your child to be a designer of his room, the choice of colors, furniture and interior. After all, in fact - it is his personal territory, and he must decide what kind of environment it will be more comfortable, and that he needed.

room design for teen boys

design of the room for a teen boy

Room boy in soft colors

Influence of design on the formation of the personality of a teenager

As you know, adolescence - a mass of new emotions, impressions and dating, a variety of colors, loud music bass, lots of noisy friends, company films. At this time, the character is just being formed, orientation interests of the child, namely the lack of a variety of highlights and experiences and makes life a child very very dull, gray and monotonous.

Inherent is the fact that the younger son needed privacy, this definitely needs a good door, be sure to consult with him in choosing the design of doors and listen to it.

As for the colors of teenage rooms, it is believed that peaceful plain wallpaper will be just right and not not buy too expensive wallpaper, because most likely they will soon be plastered with various posters and posters.

A very important point that must be considered when developing design children's room for a boy - a design workstation. Here, it is desirable to consider all his wishes and suggestions, because you need to create an environment where it is really comfortable, convenient and practical, it must be well equipped and well lit.

As for the bed, it does not necessarily have to be a standard bed, there would be appropriate folding sofa, in fact in a room at teen often gather friends, and it would be more convenient, so it is also worth considering when to pick up the design of the room of a teenager boy.

room design for a teenager

Most teen room

Key design elements

It is desirable that after the repair of a children's room for a boy, it was installed a fitness corner where, for example, is located, punching bag or wall bars, it will be for him the perfect excuse to break away from textbooks and notebooks, and make a couple of physical exercises.

This is very important because it is during adolescence need to constantly alternate between mental stress with exercise, and sit teenager constantly in one place is difficult.

The furniture in the boy's room should be the most comfortable, functional and, of course, practical, and should fit the overall design of the room for a teenager.

It should be placed all his personal belongings, the furniture should be easy to clean and purify. Do not necessarily buy into the room of a teenager is very expensive furniture, but of course, it must be of high quality and safe, environmentally friendly different materials.

For the floor, for example, may be suitable and laminate and parquet flooring, carpeting and high. In fact, the main idea of ​​interior design - constant cooperation with the child, if you will take into account all their wishes and requirements, it certainly will be delighted with his new room.

And if the design of the room is designed for 2 boys, then you need to be doubly attentive.

room design for a boy

Modern design

When you change the design of the room for a teenage boy, remember that the teen room - it is a synthesis of the office, bedroom, library, dressing room, exercise room, it is worth to take into account that the size of the library and work area every year increase.

At the same time, the main task of parents at a time when developing the design of a small room for a teenager - it is possible to take into account all space and correctly in terms of functionality to organize the work area should take into account all the details, to the point to have the child was not sick back while sitting at a computer desk and must be the right lighting to your child's eyesight is not port.

Everything else you need to do a teenager he organized, either with your help, but not intrusive. And do not look for perfect order in the interior of a child's room.

After understanding about my mother and teenage son are very different and all deposits of magazines, CDs, books, along with clothes for him are the ideal way to store things.

Therefore, no matter how small the room was not the original, parents should carefully consider the future design, that would be all the necessary things were placed in the teen room.

A good strategic move was to design the interior of teenage room to teen simply had nowhere to hold daily duffel landfill.

And be sure to consult with your child at all stages of the interior change, because he was living here. Be democratic in relation to his son, but, of course, that everything should be within reasonable limits.

teen room design

The interior in the teen room

Traditionally, in the boy's room should be placed a desk with a computer, according to the reason for this working area in the neighborhood are constantly textbooks, notebooks, CDs, a variety of panels, adapters, wires.

From the outside it sad spectacle, but for a teenager is all perfectly normal, and that for my mother it seems to be a mess, A child is quite aesthetically pleasing.

In this case remains one outlet - this is an additional shelf above the desk, which actually will be able to accommodate absolutely all the things that are so necessary a teenager.

There is the option of shelving, everything can be stored and even behind closed doors, as long as it fit into the overall design of the room of a teenager.

Design a teenage boy rooms

Man teen room

Sleeping area

If you decide to still choose a sofa as a bed the boy, then you should remember that your child's spine is still being formed, therefore it is necessary to stop the choice on a more rigid models, nowadays the choice is varied, so that it does not amount to much labor.

When choosing a sofa should pay attention to the mechanism of the folding couch, because the sofa in the room of a teenager will be added, and unpack constantly.

If you still decide to opt for a fixed bed, then when choosing a mattress should be aware that inside of him and what he is, and whether it is an orthopedic actually.

It should be noted that children aged 10 to 12 years old are encouraged to sleep on springless coconut mattress, it due to the fact that the spine of the child yet formed at this time, and spring oscillations can it only harm.

Teens can come and mattresses without spring, however, they must be sufficiently rigid, based on synthetic latex.

However, it is worth noting that such mattresses are different, and the corresponding price. But there are also economical option, the so-called mattress with polyurethane foam filler.

It is necessary to bear in mind when you consider the design of the room for a boy of 10 years, for example.

Design a small room for a teenager

modern bathroom

experts advise

  • hiding place of your offspring, should be really secluded and, insulated opportunities;
  • the door to the room must be equipped with a lock:
  • iterer should be in the soft colors;
  • All should be comfortable, ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing;
  • a kind of "house within a house".

Equipment of the room - it is a puzzle for parents. After all, there is to be a library, and a gym, and a bedroom and an office, and a place of rest and chat with friends.

As for the library in the teen room, you should remember that it grows with your child and it is definitely worth considering, then when you start to develop the design for the room boy.

Wardrobe in adolescents is not so strong and diverse, so the space for hangers with costumes and shirts need not so much. However, T-shirts, T-shirts, socks and jeans places need a lot more.

And in order for things to be wearable, but were not concentrated in one pile, you need to distribute them on several shelves, to be able to maintain a constant cleanliness and order.

In our time of constant technological progress, the teenager's room is hard to imagine without a computer, and a stereo system. The computer, of course, is on the desktop, but for the music center have to come up with a place, you can simply select a small chest of drawers.

Now, however, any hi-fi system can be seen with good modern computer speakers.

Of course, all parents think about what harm your computer does the child's health, but without it already does can not, therefore, parents should buy really high-quality equipment, so that it minimally affect vision teenager. Proper positioning of the computer monitor also plays an important role.

The distance between the eyes of a child and the monitor should be at least 70 cm and a view of the child shall be directed downwards, but not vice versa. You can not have a monitor in direct sunlight, use the computer in a dark room is not recommended.

room design for a boy of 10 years

Another alternative design teen room

Still, the main board of the design of the room teenage boy is that you have to consider all his wishes and taste preferences. In this case, he will surely be grateful and in his room he will be able to feel comfortable and cozy.

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