Children's bedroom design: the wallpaper in the interior of the combined narrow room 12 square meters

Bedroom design, children's (48 photos). The choice of interior. Non-standard dimensions of the room


Table of contents

  • 1 interior features
    • 1.1 Criterias of choice
    • 1.2 Interesting ideas for baby
  • 2 Decorating the walls
  • 3 Non-standard dimensions of the room
  • 4 Room 12 meters
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So you started a repair of one of the most important rooms of your apartment - a bedroom for a child. Bedroom design, children's - fine and interesting work that requires an understanding of what your child will live in it, not you.

Design children's bedrooms

If you live in a studio apartment, bedroom, and baby's parents can be combined. In this case, you will have to make great efforts to carry out a competent zoning and separation.

In addition to the visible signs of a conditional division, will present the psychological factor of conflict of interests of individuals at all ages, and the development of thinking.

It is very delicate work, by doing that, it is very important not to disturb the private space of each family member.

Interior children's bedrooms

combined option

interior features

Criterias of choice

The interior should be taken into account:

  • hobby;
  • age and sex;
  • character;
  • the number of friends.

Interesting ideas for baby

If your child is interested in technology, such as cars, in most cases it will be a prototype of the territory of the garage.

A narrow design a child's room can be arranged in the form of an airplane cabin or spacecraft.

Baby will be very grateful to you if you make the emphasis on such a design of his personal space.

To date, a child's room to create an interior in any style will not be difficult. A huge number of design ideas push the boundaries of space representation of parents of their offspring.

Educate the person need from an early age, and repairs carried out on a small member of the family's discretion and personifying his interests - a subtle educational progress.

Decorating the walls

To maintain the special atmosphere in the design of a child's room is best suited Wallpaper. By their choice should be taken seriously. building market offers washable, phosphorus, with a relief pattern. Also, there are millions of different colors and textures.

They certainly have to choose a team. I can say with confidence that it will spend a lot of time and nerves, but it's worth it.

Note! It is worth remembering that the house will come friends, and children, as you know, prefer active games. It should take care not only about convenience, but also the interior security - close sharp corners and other traumatic part of the room.

Wallpaper in the interior play an important role, but also worth remembering that consciousness is changing very quickly, so choose the maximum neutral tint or fiberglass, which if desired can be repaint.

Also, do not forget that soon the child will begin to hang up because no favorite posters parents.

Child's Bedroom

One of the types of wallpaper

Non-standard dimensions of the room

Many families are faced with the fact that the room is in a narrow apartment. The kid is not particularly important dimension of living space set aside for him, more important atmosphere.

  1. Child's room with their own hands can be issued in the form of an airplane cockpit or flying ship. Yes, for narrow spaces there are plenty of options.
  2. The main thing is that the owner of the room together with you participated in the arrangement. If properly used the room size, there will be space for the workplace, which is very important at any age. Because that is where he will be engaged in the important chores or homework.
  3. It is also worth remembering that there should be a space for the game.
Bedroom interior with integrated children

design example

Room 12 meters

To begin with, it is almost a perfect square size. Here is where carousing fancy. Place will be enough for all: for the workplace and for the gaming space.

And if you grow a little man, take care of the sports corner, for example, on the Swedish side. By the way, and the girls need a place where you can do sports exercises.

Also do not forget that space quickly filled with toys, so the design children's 12 square meters must assume a large number of convenient pedestals, shelves and roomy cabinets.

Summing up

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