Design of floors

Despite the fact that the floor is underfoot, it can often be considered a house.


  1. Solid parquet
  2. Democratic laminate
  3. The golden mean?
  4. Photo of floor design

The interior uses a lot of materials for walls, ceiling and furniture. But, when it comes to sex, most choose a tree. This is not surprising: the material is beautiful and noble, the floors from it turn out to be warm and eco-friendly.

The market of floor coverings offers four "wooden" products: a parquet board and a parquet, a floorboard, a laminate. Each variant has many varieties that can satisfy any taste. Designers offer to think about the choice when it comes to landscaping or repairing the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Baby, as a rule, assumes a soft fleecy covering.

Solid parquet

Parquetry is based on a solid array. For hardwood floors hardwood of hardwood is most often used. The material for the plaques serves as traditional maple, oak, cherry, ash, and "guests" from Africa, Asia and America: mahogany, teak, merbau, sucupira.

Another grade - natural - represents the highest class of parquet. No matter what type of floor design you choose, you will get it in the best possible way. For lower grades, color changes and small knots are characteristic, for natural - no.

Availability knots - a separate conversation. In the parquet, claiming to be the product of the highest grade, there should be no shortcomings. It is allowed on the bar not more than 3 knots, a minimum of sapwood and no mechanical damage. In addition, the evenness of the tree structure is important. Look at the photo design of the floor, which are laid out in our article, so approximately and should look like an ideal parquet.

Democratic laminate

The term "laminated parquet" and "laminate" is considered inaccurate by specialists. This product does not represent parquet. From it the laminated covering differs almost all. This material is artificial. Its thickness is half that of parquet. Despite the practicality, the life of the laminate is 20 years. This product is suitable for those who like to make changes to the interior of the apartment. Usually, the design of floors from a laminate differs the big variety, than a parquet variant.

Laminated flooring is the most modern in the class, it appeared 20 years ago as an alternative to parquet. Basically in Russia the laminate from Germany, imitating breeds of a tree or a stone is presented. Decorative opportunities, however, are not limited to this. The coating can imitate a metal surface or fashionable ornaments depicting abstract images, compositions.

The golden mean?

Parquet board is a reasonable compromise between laminate and parquet. It appeared in Sweden 60 years ago. What is the difference between a material and analogues? Parquet board - natural wood covering, it is made, however, according to the principles of pie, however, unlike the laminate, 100% natural components. The stabilizing layer represents the plywood of pine, spruce, and the middle layer is the slats of the wood of common rocks. The top layer is the most valuable, it represents a section of oak or walnut wood. The fibers of the layers are overlapped.

How the floor will look like a parquet board depends on the owner and the designer. Choose a classic: herringbone, deck laying, braiding. Combine the material with the insert. It is fashionable to cover the floor with an old, artificially parquet board.

Photo of floor design

We bring to your attention the photos of the floor design in our photo gallery below.