Purple bathroom: lilac and other tones, combinations with other colors

Purple Bathroom
  • Color effect per person
  • Variety of shades
  • Combination of violet with other colors
  • Suitable styles
  • Interior decoration( walls, floor, ceiling)
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing and furniture
  • Accessories
  • Tips

The person spends 5 hours a week in the bathroom. Serious data to think about the correctness of its design. Ideally, the bathroom should be charged with energy in the morning, and in the evening it helps to relax after a busy day. Cleverly selected design will solve both problems and will reflect the individuality of the owner.

One of the main roles in the design of the bathroom is the color. Today, white and its shades are increasingly giving way to contrasting combinations and bold color solutions. One of them is a bathroom in purple.

Effect of color on human

Purple has powerful energy, but unlike red, it does not have the same strong irritant effect. It is capable to charge with force and calmness, to adjust on a wave of pacified contemplation.

Purple Bathroom

Medicine has proven that violet improves the production of serotonin( a hormone of happiness), strengthens immunity, helps to get rid of insomnia and has beneficial effects in the treatment of heart disease and neuralgia. However, dominance in the interior of dark purple tones can cause depression.

Stylish purple bathroom

Purple occupies an intermediate position between red and blue. Depending on the shade, it can be romantic, exciting or pacifying. And in order not to be disappointed in the purple bath, you need to apply the color competently.

Purple Bathroom

shades Variety

Palette violet color includes a plurality of tones:

  • lavender
  • lilac
  • Wisteria
  • amethyst
  • lilac-
  • fuchsia
  • purple
  • aubergine
  • plum
  • blueberry
  • indigo

choice of shades depending on what mood you want to create in the bathroomroom.

Lavender and lilac perfectly suited for lovers of Provence .These gentle shades fill the room with romance, a sense of mystery and the expectation of the beautiful.

Different shades of purple in the bathroom
Lilac Bathroom
Purple Bathroom

To create the "female" bathroom, the is ideal for purple, purple or fuchsia. These shades create a dreamy, romantic mood. The room in pink and purple tones will become a real corner of dreams and relaxation.

Purple Bathroom

Warm lavender looks good in a solo performance, and a colder lilac can be diluted with warm shades.

The feeling of luxury and power carry in the interior dark shades of purple: indigo, blueberry, eggplant. Deep, saturated tones require a thoughtful approach and are strictly not suitable for small bathrooms. Otherwise, the color will suppress the emotional state.

Exclusive design of the bathroom can be created by combining several purple pods. For example, gentle lilac will perfectly complement the dark plum, and the elegance of the lilac will emphasize the saturated indigo.

Purple Bathroom
Dark purple bathroom
Purple bathroom of different tones

Combination of violet with other colors

The versatility of the violet allows you to successfully combine it with other colors.

Colors-companions - white, gray, blue, gold and their shades. An interesting effect is the dilution of the violet interior with green accents.

To bring naturalness and softness into the design of the purple bathroom will help delicate cream shades. They will look good in the decoration of the walls, the facades of furniture, plumbing.

Violet-beige bathroom

Turning the lavender bathroom into a brutal bathroom is possible due to mahogany furniture and cold metallic shades. This method will create a purely masculine bathroom.

Purple Bathroom
Purple bathroom with beige inserts
Purple bath of cold shades

To create the atmosphere of the SPA salon, it is best to use several tones of violet, differing in brightness and color saturation. And it is necessary to add green accessories to the interior: a plant, a rug, towels.

It is not necessary to bring black in the purple interior of the bathroom .These energetically strong colors will conflict, having an overwhelming effect even in the case of a short visit to the bathroom.

For those who are not afraid of experiments, a successful design decision can be to combine in the bathroom interior of purple and yellow flowers.

With confidence we can say that there is no more romantic color than violet. In the bathroom, made in lilac tones, you can relax your body and soul. Unobtrusive lavender shade will help relieve tension from the eyes, and a gentle purple envelops in magic.

Bathroom black with purple, brown
Purple Bathroom
Purple Bathroom

Suitable styles

Purple color is quite versatile in stylistic terms. But most profitable it will look in the styles: pop art, high-tech, modern, in the classical and oriental style.

Purple bathroom - classic

For a bathroom in the classic , it's best to combine a tile of rich purple hues with gold or silver ornaments and a light finish on the floor and ceiling.

Purple bathroom in classic style

Japanese motifs are lilac walls, wooden furniture of warm shades and an image of cherry blossoms. It is better to replace the mat with a straw mat. The interior is complemented with a stool made of bamboo and a wooden Japanese bath ofuro. Japanese motifs create an unusual atmosphere in the bathroom.

Lilac bathroom with Japanese motifs

Modern is characterized by the presence of simple shapes and is perfect for rooms of small size.

Purple Bathroom

High-tech in the bathroom can be reproduced by combining "eggplant" color walls with gray-metallic surfaces and accessories. Add to the interior modern models of sanitary ware and furniture made of glass and plastic and you will get high-tech in its best understanding.

Room decoration( walls, floor, ceiling)

There are no strict rules for finishing the bathroom in purple.

It is necessary to avoid the monochrome performance of the room in dark, saturated tones. Such a room visually significantly loses its volume and, on the whole, exerts a sharply depressing effect on the psyche.

Dark purple bathroom

Effectively and interestingly looks finish, in which the walls are darker and floor and ceiling. Combining violet tiles with other light colors is only welcome.

Purple with light shades in the bathroom

With a purple tree is well combined. It can be a wooden floor or a wooden panel on the wall. It emphasizes the refinement of the violet rejection of traditional ceramics in favor of Venetian plaster or wallpaper with imitation of silk.

Purple Bathroom

For a small bathroom, it may be interesting to design one of the walls of a saturated purple color. Such a wall against the background of light surfaces will visually move away, increasing the visual depth of the room.

Purple bathroom


When choosing light for a purple bathroom, it's best to abandon very bright lighting. Soft light should emphasize the nobility of purple.

Illuminated bathroom violet

For a bathroom in the classical style, a central chandelier in the spirit of classicism is perfect.

In other cases, in the purple design, it will be appropriate to look a few recessed lighting fixtures on the ceiling, backlighting in niches and concise sconces.

Purple Bathroom

Plumbing and furniture

Traditionally, in the bathrooms of purple, white plumbing and furniture are used. White color always fits well in the interior. Cream shades will be winning.

Purple Bathroom

But the special charm of the bathroom in purple will be given by the purple plumbing. As for the forms, preference should be given to smooth lines. Against the background of dark violet tones, the corners look too aggressive, and in a romantic gentle coloring they are completely out of place.

It is better to place purple furniture on a wall of contrasting light color.

But you can choose a background and another related tone, which will be beneficial to emphasize the nobility of purple.

Purple furniture in the bathroom


It's impossible to create a full-fledged design without trifles. They bring charm and harmony to the interior.

A variety of accessories in the purple bathroom

When choosing accessories for a purple bathroom it is worth sticking to simple rules:

  1. Picking up a rug and towels for the bathroom, preference can be given to contrasting shades or to the colors of companions.
  2. Bottles, jars, tubes and even toothbrushes should not conflict in color.
  3. Place the shells or candles on the shelves in the bathroom in a tone of the interior, and this will add comfort.
  4. You can fill the bathroom with the energy of spring with the help of flowers. Irises, hyacinths, violets, lilacs, orchids - these flowers are created by nature itself in support of purple design.
Purple Bathroom


In creating the perfect purple bathroom interior, there are a few small secrets:

  • The intensity of using purple color directly depends on the area of ​​the room. The larger the bathroom, the deeper shades can be allowed. For a small bathtub ideally suited light lilac and gentle-lilac. In large rooms you can choose even the darkest colors.
Purple bathroom of dark colors
  • Do not use a large number of shades. It will be too difficult to think about the design harmoniously. It is ideal to use 2-3 related tones.
Bathroom with violet color
  • Discard the tiles. The use of non-traditional wallpaper for the bathroom or textiles on the walls will emphasize the refinement of the chosen shade.

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Purple Bathroom