Design of living room with fireplace

Starting the construction of a private house or apartment renovation, often, ideas for arranging really comfortable housing are taken not only from pages of popular magazines or the Internet, but also from memories from viewed movies and books read. Therefore, the design of the living room with a fireplace is the first thing that comes to mind when planning the finishing of a future house or apartment.


  1. Fireplace in apartment and private house
  2. Fireplaces variants in living room
  3. Photo of living room design with fireplace

If the area allows, the presence of a solid fireplace in it appears as a sign of well-being and belonging to the chosen society. Although even in a small apartment these design solutions are quite affordable with very little financial and material costs.

Fireplace in the apartment and private house

The general that unites the design of the living room with a fireplace in a private house and apartment is the presence of the hearth, and what kind of fireplace it will be, this is a question related to the technical capabilities of operating a particular housing. It is clear that the construction of a full-fledged fireplace with coals, open fire and a chimney, is often difficult or even unrealistic to perform in an apartment of a multi-storey building, unlike a mansion where it is completely problem-free. For such cases, modern specialists offer a variety of interior design options in the living room in an apartment using an electric fireplace.

Outwardly, such a device can simulate all attributes of a real hearth so well that only on closer examination, can you find differences. In this case, the size of the room, in this case, does not play a principal role. Even in a small living room, the similar design of the finishes with the fireplace will look organic, with all fire regulations respected.

Fireplace options in the living room

Thanks to the wide variety of different types of fireplaces that differ not only in the type of materials used, but also in the place of installation, you can choose the most optimal option in terms of the overall layout of the living room.

Large-sized fireplace with a natural hearth, arranged in the center of the room, ideal for a large room in a country house. Its functions can be combined: along with heating, it is possible to cook food on a grill or spit.

In addition, it is quite logical, as an option, to install a fireplace under one of the walls, most likely in the center of the pier. At the same time, the resulting large space is quite logical to use as a basis for a design project in which a living room with a fireplace is often combined with a kitchen and can serve as a dining room for a large number of household members and their guests.

Corner fireplaces are installed in small cozy living rooms, the design of which is based on ideas of rest in front of a burning fire( natural or imitation with electricity).Following the traditions, you can install on the sides of such a fireplace large bookshelves, filled with books and various trinkets.

Regardless of the location and source of heat, fireplaces can be made of both natural and artificial stones, as well as from various types of brick, metal or simply gypsum board. The main thing is that the fireplace is arranged in harmony with the overall design of the room.

Photo of the living room design with a fireplace

Looking through the photos of the already implemented designs, each owner of the house can choose the appropriate option for the device of such a corner of rest. Indeed, the premises made in this manner of decoration, differ not only in comfort, but also give sensations of real chic. Sitting in the evening in a cozy chair near the fireplace, reflecting a soft light and giving a pleasant warmth, it's easy to feel like a real English lord from an ancient castle.