Living room design with balcony

Regardless of the size of your apartment, if it is equipped with a balcony, it is supposed to be accessed through the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Consider the design of the living room with a balcony, which can be the most diverse, its design depends entirely on the personal preferences of the customer. It is important to adhere to the general style of the apartment and not go beyond the design of the overall interior.


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Living room with balcony door

If you are an adherent of the traditional style, the design of the living room combined with the balcony can be limited by the standard decoration of the balcony door and window opening with beautiful curtains of a slidingtype. In the closed state, protection against direct sunlight is provided, and also one of the walls of the room is successfully distinguished by color.

Much importance in the design of a narrow living room with a balcony has a color palette of space. As you know, darker shades are considered noble and exquisite, but with this the room visually seems smaller. Conversely, a bright range that visually can significantly expand the space and serve a more comfortable perception of the interior of the Khrushchev.

You should carefully consider the choice of other design attributes. For example, furniture should be not only stylish, but also organically look at the background of the walls. So, surrounded by pastel wallpaper beautifully looks dark furniture, and on a colder background harmoniously looks mahogany furniture.

An important detail - the passage to the balcony should always be free, which is provided by the competent arrangement of sofas, armchairs, pedestals and other attributes. However, it is also necessary to arrange all these subjects with knowledge of the matter and with a certain idea. First, the composition center of the room is allocated( for example, a flat TV set on one of the walls, or a large picture), the rest of the space is balanced by the rest of the interior, with the center of the room and the passage to the balcony left free.

With various examples of the design of the living room with access to the balcony, as well as photos can be found in the gallery site.

Association of the living room and balcony

The main drawback of the so-called Khrushchev - their small area. Of course, with the redesign you want to maximize the available space, and not only visually. If the room is equipped with a balcony, the ideal option is to combine the living room with a balcony. At the same time, not only the additional area is released, but there are more opportunities for modern design of small size. In addition, it is easier to equip one large room than to repair individual rooms.

The design of the living room in Khrushchev with the balcony has its own characteristics. According to certain standards, it is forbidden to completely demolish the partition between the living room and the balcony, since it is part of the bearing wall, and also an integral part of the fastening of the balcony itself.

When combining a living room with a balcony, the latter serves as a kind of continuation of the main room or turns into a separate work area - for example, an office or a small rest room. Whichever decision you take, it is worth remembering that the design of a small living room with a balcony should be designed in the same style, with the balcony space in color should not be darker than in the living room. It is also not advisable to clutter the balcony with an excessive number of plants, becauseit is necessary to ensure that light enters the room.

Photo of living room design with balcony