Bathroom colors: selection criteria, overview of the most popular, color schemes

Bathroom in yellow color
  • Choice
  • techniques to visually increase the area
  • Colors
    • Innocent white
    • Luxury black
    • Energetic Red
    • Happy orange
    • Positive yellow
    • Exquisite purple
    • original brown
    • refreshing green
    • Marine blue
  • most popular
  • Color Schemes

choosing a color scheme for a particular bathrooms, people often rely on previously seen, viewed on the Internet options, trying to eliminate all the disadvantages, take into account all the shortcomingski and come to the most suitable color combination.

Color should be taken into account not only in the overall design of the room, but in every detail. Designers, working only with the replacement of flowers, very quickly can achieve a certain style decision.

Selection of

One of the most important criteria is the choice of the color of the bathroom, as it affects the entire atmosphere of the bathroom and visually corrects the space. For example, a small room should not be painted in dark colors, it will only reduce it even more. Large rooms, on the contrary, give vent to fantasy and a field for experiments.

Color combination for a small bathroom

The second important criterion implies the conformity of all interior items to a single style. For example, an unacceptably large amount of modernity in the styles "Provence" or "classic".This interior solution will look confusing and will not lead to a good result. It is important to clearly define the style frames for which you should not step in.

Matching color and style in the bathroom
Single style bathroom
Stylistic solution for the bathroom

The next criterion, of course, is very important, is the perception of colors. Here you have to choose the color, focusing not only on your personal attachment, but really appreciating how he approaches the size of this room. It should also be taken into account which light source is used. The walls of the bathroom in the color of the sea wave, for example, in poor lighting will look like moldy.

Color solution for the bathroom

Finding a color solution is a very difficult task. If you decide to choose an interior that should last you several decades, should study all the upcoming trends, or work with classics.

techniques to visually increase the area

room intended for a bathroom, are often small in size. In such situations, design should be thought through most carefully, trying to visually increase the area. Properly planned design, you can not only bring comfort to the room, but also organize its functionality.

Some techniques to visually expand the room:

  • floor tiles laid diagonally, and on walls - horizontal
  • perimeter walls above and below is preferred to use tiles of contrasting colors, to increase the visual height
  • room if put contrasting tiles only angles, space will also appearmore spacious
  • use mirrored ceilings or glossy stretch

  • vertical friezes, contrasting stripes on the walls

  • decor placed at eye level orabove

Tiling for visual expansion of the bathroom
Special masonry tiles for the bathroom
Laying tiles in the bathroom
Bathroom with glossy ceiling
Bathroom Finish for Visual Magnification
Bright bathroom with simple decor

When decorating the walls, in no case can they be divided horizontally in a combination of a black bottom and a white top, this visually compresses the space.

It is better to use an alternative option - one wall completely painted in a dark color, and the other in a light one.

Contrast walls in the bathroom

It is necessary to beware of unnecessarily dark and saturated shades of , from this the room becomes less cozy and small. Pastel, light colors and specular surfaces are ideal for for a small bathroom. You can use blue, pink, green and beige shades.


Consider the popular colors. For each of them we have a separate article. We advise you to familiarize yourself with it.

Innocent white

The white bathroom is classic. White is a symbol of true chic and hardworking mistress. This shade is ideal for small rooms, and if you choose the correct shade of inserts, you can visually increase the space to the desired size.

White Bathroom

White does not have to be white, it can be dairy, pearl shades, creating the effect of purity, elegance. Under this color, it is easy to pick up plumbing equipment, this is an excellent background for placing specific items.

White bathroom with gray accents
White bathroom with bright accents in the form of accessories
Elegant bathroom in white color

The only drawback in cleaning and heavy careful care of plumbing.

Luxurious black

Black colors are used in creating elite designs, this is a very rich classic, which looks particularly good in combination with gold trim. Black is a great option for a large room, where you can apply not only inclusions in furniture and plumbing, but completely make it dark.

The black bathroom looks stern, stylish and expensive.

Black bathroom with gold inserts

The main thing is not to apply this shade in small rooms, if you do not want to be in a gloomy room.

Black bathroom with mirror wall
Bathroom in black color
Bathroom in black in combination with wood

Vigorous red

This shade in any setting dominates over other colors. It causes invigorating, exciting emotions.

It's worth using only when you want to get energy in the bathroom in the morning. If using a bath you want to achieve peace, you should choose a different shade.

Red Bathroom

Red interior items seem closer and larger. Red bathroom, like black, requires a large spacious room.

Red and white bathroom
Red accent in the bathroom
Red furniture and plumbing in the bathroom

Often red is combined with white. In red bathrooms, wooden tables and shelves look great.

Happy orange

This shade is very popular, but, like red, visually brings the walls closer. Orange bathroom will easily improve your mood.

Bathroom in orange color

A saturated orange shade should be diluted with green, gray, blue colors, with which it perfectly interacts. Orange and white are most often used in the style of "high-tech".

In addition to orange for the design of the bathroom you can use its shades - pastel peach, beige, cream, apricot.

Orange-white bathroom
Bright orange bathroom
Light Orange Bathroom

Positive yellow

Such a shade as yellow is a sea of ​​positive, joy, solar energy. Not only does the look great in combination with other colors of the , but it is also an excellent solution for the original children's room.

Yellow Bathroom

Bathroom in this color looks cozy and brings warmth.

Yellow bathroom is easy to change. It is enough just to change accessories.

Yellow-white bathroom
Bathroom with bright yellow walls
Yellow bathroom with black contrast

Exquisite purple

The shades of this color are also periodically used to decorate the bathrooms. So that it does not seem boring, it is used only in combination with something or for decor.

Purple bathroom looks stylish, but this color needs to competently dose .

Purple Bathroom

There are positive shades of purple - lilac and pink. These colors are very light, fresh. These colors are desirable to use only in any accessories.

Pink Bathroom
Shades of purple in the bathroom
Bathroom in violet color

Original brown

Brown shades possess internal warmth and comfort. This color looks great in combination with related shades - beige, pearl. The brown bathroom looks noble and elegant.

There are many shades of brown:

  • terracotta
  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • brick
  • sepia
  • wenge
  • ocher, etc.

Choosing for the interior shade wenge, you can create a great corner in the style of "country" or "classic", it can be used in the design of the bathroom in almost any style. Chocolate color will give your bathroom style, respectability.

Noble brown bathroom

The main thing is to correctly use it, otherwise the room will absorb itself instead of decorating.

Original bathroom in brown shades
Brown color as an accent in the bathroom
Brown Beige Bathroom
Dark brown bathroom
Brown shades in the bathroom
Brown bathroom accents

Refreshing green

Green is a natural color. It is associated with nature, vegetation. This color represents freshness, humidity, the qualities that are inherent in the bathroom.

Green Bathroom

Too bright or dark shades, such as green, marsh, should be used with caution. They can create a feeling of unpleasant dampness, mold, decay. To avoid such problems, it is better to combine green not with the usual white color, but with cream or yellow.

Bathroom in green with neutral shades inserts
Bathroom finished in green and beige colors
Green bath in combination with other colors

The green bathroom has a calming effect on the psyche. The bathroom in turquoise color or color of a sea wave will perfectly look.

Sea blue

Light shades of blue as well as green act on a person soothing . Dark blue shades can depress, worsen well-being. Pleasant blue shades in combination with white or silver symbolize the purity and freshness, and after all this is the feeling you want to experience in the bathroom.

Blue Bathroom

To avoid a cold room in blue, dilute it with orange, yellow, beige, golden colors.

The blue bathroom is a good choice for a small area, as it has a visual extension of the space.

Bathroom in a marine style
Light shades of blue in the bathroom
Combination of blue in the bathroom

Come on the energy with blue is the blue color. About the blue bathroom read another article.

Most popular

Colors that are most commonly used in bathroom design:

  • The most popular color is blue. Often, for the design of the bathrooms choose the style of the sea. If you combine blue with green, your bathroom will resemble a Mediterranean style.
  • In second place is a pink bathroom. Shades of pink relax and cheer up. When you add gold accessories, the bathroom becomes very elegant.
  • The purple color, being the third most popular, is very complicated, but it has the advantage that it is suitable for premises of all sizes.
  • Next in the list of the most fashionable modern colors of the bathrooms is yellow, green, red, white, brown and black. The gray bathroom is gaining popularity.
Blue and green bathroom
Beautiful pink Provence style bathroom
Bathroom in violet shades
Yellow bathroom with black decor elements
White bathroom with blue accessories
All shades of brown in the bathroom

This does not mean that black and gray shades are not fashionable, they just frighten people who do not have professional skills in design. These shades are always worth combining with the colors of companions to achieve the desired result and harmony.

Color schemes

You should immediately decide on what will be the planned bathroom: monochrome or multicolored.

Color combination:

  • when combining colors and shades should be included in the design of 2-3 colors, but not more than 6, furniture here should contrast with the floor and walls.
  • the best option - a combination of 3 colors: light, medium and dark or bright colors,to create an additional accent on anything
  • if you take 4 to 5 colors that are not complementary shades, you will only get a disagreement, this design tires and suppresses the
Combination of two colors in the bathroom
The combination of three colors in the bathroom
Abundance of bright color in the bathroom

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