Salad bathroom: features of design, styles, combination with flowers, furniture

Salad Bathroom
  • Psychological influence
  • Spectacular color combinations
  • Design options
  • Possible styles
  • Decorating with tiles
  • Furniture and plumbing
  • Accessories

When we start repairing, we have a desire to make the interior the most convenient and effective. And the design of the bathroom is no exception to this rule. Each designer, even having a small experience in the work, clearly understands that the right choice of color solution is part of the success in achieving the intended goal. Depending on the chosen color, the room can be expressive and dynamic, contributing to the cheerfulness and activity of the owners, and maybe, on the contrary, a cozy corner that gives a feeling of serenity and peace after a difficult day. With the help of properly selected color design, furniture, accessories from the bathroom, you can make a functional and beautiful room. Since it is this room that helps us sometimes to cheer up, sometimes to relax, to design its space, you need to use warm, gentle tones. The best option is a light green bathroom.

Light green bathroom with contrasting colors

Psychological influence

Often, designers choose their green bathroom. This does not happen by accident. According to psychologists, it is the green color that can have a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Of course, the green tone has a large number of shades: jade, olive, emerald, etc. Each of these shades makes the bathroom in its own way unique and special.

But it is the lime color that can impart a cheerfulness to anyone, even the most strict room, to give a person a sense of peace, warmth, and harmony. In addition, the salad shade helps to get rid of stress and accumulated over the day negative, has a relaxing and soothing effect, gives the person the opportunity to concentrate on positive emotions.

In addition, the competent use of this shade by designers makes it possible to create a stylish, effective, sometimes exclusive design of the bathroom, made in light green.

Green color in the bathroom
Green Light Green Bathroom
Light green in a modern bathroom

Spectacular color combinations

Harmonious combination of color shades - a pledge to create a stylish and organic interior. Interior bathroom space can be created and monochrome, which implies the use of the same color, but in different shades, and multi-colored, where the preference is given to a combination of different colors. Correctly chosen combination of light green color with different color shades can give the bathroom a novelty and a certain uniqueness.

Beautiful salad bathroom with yellow and orange

Classic versions of combining salad color are very popular:

  • delicate, almost transparent shades of green look good with intense white, beige, orange and gray colors;
  • rich lime color perfectly blends in with white, gray, blue, yellow, red and brown, giving the interior sunshine and softness;
  • light shades of light green tones attractively look with a bright yellow, orange, red color, able to bring into the interior juicy, major notes;
  • blue - green palette will add saturation to the usual white, gray, beige colors;
  • harmonious duet create with light green shades of blue and blue, helping to create the desired effect, expand the boundaries of space;
  • a win-win option is the classic combination of a salad bath with plumbing in white. This combination creates the effect of increasing the space, which is especially important for a small room.
Bathroom - light green and orange
Bathroom - light green and brownish pink
Bathroom - light green, white and purple
Light green and gray in the bathroom interior
Bathroom - green and red
Lime, white and blue in the bathroom

Sufficiently wide choice of connection of different colors makes it possible to realize the most innovative design ideas for creating a salad bathroom.

Design options

Despite the fact that the light green tint is ideal for decorating a bathroom, you need to be able to intelligently and competently combine it in the interior. Light green shades can be used as primary colors, but can also be represented as color accents. An interesting design solution will be to decorate in green color only one wall of the bathroom or just the facade of furniture. Everything depends on the course of the design idea or the desire of the owner of the apartment.

Stylish salad bathroom

Nevertheless, when decorating a bathroom space in a gently green color, you need to consider that for this there are three main ways:

  1. Combining light gray, light beige, white walls with a light green color of furniture;
  2. Combination of salad dressing materials and light tone furniture;
  3. Harmonization of light shades and colors of delicate greens, both with the choice of finishing materials, and when choosing furniture.
Delicate lime bathroom with roses on the tile
Beautiful salad bathroom
Lightly-salad bathroom

No less important factor in the design of the bathroom is its lighting. Owners of private homes can afford to enjoy the brightness, juiciness of the salad shade of the bathroom in natural light. By the way, design the bathroom with a window, think thoroughly, teach all the nuances. In the absence of a window, it is necessary to use thought-out artificial lighting. Thanks to new building technologies, there are compact enough light sources that provide bright intense light that can visually expand the space of a small bathroom.

Light green bathroom - natural light

Possible styles

Nowadays there are many styles for interior decoration. Each style has its own characteristics, unique color scheme, original elements of decor. The bathroom can be created classic and quiet, or extravagant and bright.

Salad Bathroom
White and green bathroom
Light green bathroom

A gentle shade of greenery is multifaceted. Therefore it can be used in any style ideas in the form of a basic and additional tone, which makes it ideal for use in the interior. Then everything depends on the style preferences of each.

To design a bathroom in light green color, several styles are suitable:

  • for marine style ideal use of gentle shades of green. Such an interior can be supplemented with decorative elements on the theme of the sea landscape: shells, a mirror with appropriate decoration, finishing materials with marine themes, striped decorative elements. In this bathroom it is easy to feel the freshness of the sea breeze.
  • for the oriental style of the should combine the salad shades with the color of the sun, which fully conveys the feeling of luxury of the East.
  • for tropical style lime color blends well with the color of the sky and yellow hues. This is ideal for living indoor plants, images of sultry landscapes and special wicker furniture for bathrooms, which looks quite original.
  • for Art Decor requires a spectacular combination of a rich green hue with yellow and white colors that give the room a unique splendor and elegance, which is typical for this style.
  • for the classic style you can use furniture and white plumbing that stand out against the background of tiles of light green color, forming a harmonious tandem of style and color.
  • for the country needs a contrast, which can be obtained when combining white and green - brown colors. This combination of shades of furniture and decoration materials gives the interior a special feeling of home comfort.

The tender green of the bathroom space is good at merging with different colors, so that the interior of such a room with any combination will look harmonious.

Light-green bathroom
Light green bathroom in oriental style
Salad Bathroom with White - Art Nouveau
White and green bathroom
Beautiful salad bathroom
Light green bathroom with green

Decorating with tiles

Designers approach the finish of the bathroom very responsibly, because the selected material should be not only beautiful, but also resistant to excessive humidity, constant temperature changes. All these qualities have ceramic tiles. This material is durable, environmentally friendly, has a variety of textures, ornaments and colors, allows you to realize any design style solution. With the help of this finishing material, you can create a unique and beautiful design of the bathroom.

Designers are advised to abandon monochrome when finishing with ceramic tiles;Use of one color without a combination of its shades and additional decorative elements.

Salad bathroom in combination with burgundy

It is better to use a combination of different shades of the base color or give preference to two different shades. An interesting design course is the alternation of light green and white tiles, which brings to the bathroom space the major notes, cheerfulness, some spring playfulness.

There are rules that do not violate professionals:

  • In the bathroom, the color accent should be made either on the finishing material or on furniture. Dark furniture fits well with light tiles and vice versa.
  • When using a yellow-lime palette in the bathroom, the materials can be selected in the same tones.
  • The original design of the bathroom space is the use of glass or mirror tiles. Especially this method is good when it is necessary to visually expand the space of the bathroom.

However, ceramic tiles in addition to the listed advantages, has its drawbacks. Among them is the difficulty and long styling. The slightest mismatch, unevenness will immediately catch your eye, as a result, you will not be able to create the desired effect.

Salad tiles for bathroom with a picture
Tile with a picture of a green color
Salad mosaic for the bathroom

Furniture and plumbing

The bathroom, executed in a gentle - green color, gets its original uniqueness not only due to the well-chosen material of the corresponding shade, but also furniture and plumbing. The modern industry presents a huge assortment and furniture for bathrooms, and plumbing of various shapes and colors. The designers have the opportunity to create a unique and functional interior of the bathroom in light green color. Correctly chosen in form and shade, the bathroom set will emphasize the functionality and beauty of the room.

The interior, in which the furnishings contrasts in color with the finishing material, looks spectacular and stylish.

Salad furniture in the bathroom

If the design is made in a green-yellow range, it is interesting to look shades of yellow, light-colored furniture and a rich green color of decorative elements. It is undesirable that the shade of the selected headset should merge with the tone of the bathroom. The bathroom space is immediately filled with a feeling of emptiness, emotional cold.

Also beautifully classic combination of the shade of light greenery of the bathroom with white plumbing. Extremely extravagant and brightly looks the bathroom space, where not only tiles, but also sanitary ware, and furniture of a salad shade. But here you need to take into account an important detail: the walls should be darker than the ceiling and floor, for which a gentle - green tone is recommended. Against the background of this color combination, the plumbing and the bathroom set of bright green shade look original.

Salad bathroom with furniture
Wooden furniture in a salad bath
Bright-lime bathroom
Salad Bathroom
Beige and light green bathroom
Light green mosaic in the bathroom
White and green in the bathroom
Light-colored bathroom with dark furniture
White and green delicate bathroom

In addition to the beauty of the facades, the bathroom suite should be practical, made of moisture-resistant material. In this case, the premises for many years will please their owners not only with originality, style, but also functionality.


In order to get a unique, stylish, finished interior designers attach great importance to the details. It is the right choice of accessories that helps to realize the design idea to the end, put the finishing touches on, complement the interior with bright memorable details, in order to get the right effect, to breathe life into the interior, to fill it with purity and uniqueness.

Stylish green accessories in a salad bath

Among the decorative elements a special place is occupied by the mirror. This accessory, framed in a gently - green hue, will only emphasize the stylistic orientation of the bathroom space. The design of the bath can be supplemented with accessories of a more vivid greenery.

Mirror in the salad bath

Special chic bathroom will give living room flowers, they fill the interior with coziness and natural naturalness.

Harmonious tandem will create a combination of white bathroom with light green decor and accessories. This design solution will breathe new interior into the interior, add a feeling of air and weightlessness to the bathroom. Color contrast - white accessories( curtains, towels) on a gentle - green background is also considered a successful color combination. The original will be the combination of accessories of a lilac shade. This will cause the salad bathroom to start playing with new colors.

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