Lighting stairs

The staircase is the most dangerous zone in a residential area. It often causes injuries and light. What can we say about the dark time of day. The need for movement in a dark space will necessarily provoke a sense of fear. Do not overload your nervous system. After all, lighting the stairs is not difficult. At the same time, a thoughtful design will not introduce dissonance into the look of the house. Conversely, with the help of light, you can visually combine the staircase with the hall or other rooms.


  1. Basic ways to organize lighting
  2. Backlighting of external staircases
  3. Backlighting of internal stairs
  4. Types of lighting for stairs
  5. Lighting photos of stairs

Basic ways of organizing lighting

Proper lighting of stairs in a cottage or in a private house requires certain conditions. First, it is necessary to take into account the location of the staircase itself. If it is inside the house, the principles will be the same, if outside - completely different.

Backlighting of external staircases

Lighting of stairs outside the house can be arranged in several ways:

  • with common light sources( same lamps as for the entire courtyard);
  • using the local version.

For operation in the street, powerful lighting fixtures, floodlights, capable of withstanding the effects of atmospheric phenomena, temperature drop are purchased. When lighting steps of stairs outside the house, the fixtures are fixed on the wall of the building, on equipped supports, on a suspension cable. The cable to them is brought under the ground or located at the altitude. Ground street lamps are used for decorative purposes.

Backlighting of internal stairs

If there is a window near the staircase, then it becomes necessary to illuminate the staircase to the second floor only at night. If the ladder is located in a deaf space, then you need to take care of the supply of light around the clock. It is advisable to stop at diffused light, it is more comfortable.

The peculiarity of the installation of lighting devices is due to the structural characteristics of the ladder itself. The flight of stairs will be perfectly illuminated by two simple lights set at the beginning and end of the march. But the screw design requires a more creative approach. The photo shows how spectacularly the lighting of the spiral staircase with LEDs looks. The backlighting of the steps in any case gives a good result. A person sees everything that is under his feet, so he is protected from traumatic situations.

The size of the stairwell is also important. On short stairs, you can do with point lights. Long marches require diffuse light, only in this way can good visibility be guaranteed.

Kinds of lighting for stairs

For the lighting of stairs, the following types of lighting are used:

  • diffused;
  • combined;
  • direct;
  • reflected.

Choosing the right option, you need to be guided by the need to well illuminate the entire space and avoid the direction of light in the eyes. Soft uniform light is obtained by applying general lighting. Such light will not irritate the eyes. For the stairs, special long chandeliers are designed, which very well illuminate and fill the space with a special charm. Also for stairwells there are multilevel chandeliers. They look very impressive. If the staircase is decorated with forged parts, then it is better to choose a similar option when choosing a chandelier.

Local luminaires are focused on local lighting of a certain area. In most cases they are fastened near the steps( at the knee level) or on the wall, at a level slightly higher than human height. Sometimes the stairs are decorated with floor lamps, sconces. In interiors of high-tech LED lighting is used, which is placed under the steps or mounted inside them.

Decorative lighting depends on the style solution of the space. The stairs of the tree are highlighted in yellow. And from metal - cold white. For refined design, light is often used, reflected from glass surfaces, a game of shadows, glare of the rays. The intensity of the backlight should be related to the main color of the ladder. A light version can be designed with diffuse light, and dark structures should be intensively illuminated all 24 hours.

Photo of stair lighting