Lighting in the bedroom

Bedroom is a place where a person spends a lot of time, resting, reading books and magazines, playing board games, etc. That's why the lighting in the bedroom should be high-quality, soft and functional. It can be conditionally divided into zones and directions( ceiling and wall).


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Today, very popular stretch and multilevel gypsum plasterboard ceilings, which are excellent for this room. The lighting elements in them can be both spotlights and perimeter lighting from LED strips. You can hang a chandelier with a ceiling, directed upwards( to light, beating off the ceiling, gently scattered throughout the room).

Also, the ceiling lighting in the bedroom can be realized with a matte chandelier or a few small ceiling lamps in this form: this facilitates unobtrusive and uniform lighting, as the plates scatter light over the ceiling area. However, there is also a minus: the ceiling should have a perfect finish, even the slightest flaws can be easily seen in such lighting.

As light sources, it is best to use old-good incandescent lamps that produce a softer light emission, the so-called solar one. Also there are LED lamps( and tapes respectively) that produce a shade of lighting close to the sun.

Innovative ways of lighting a bedroom with a stretch ceiling also reduce to the use of spotlights. However, you can lay the LED strip before installing such a ceiling in the place where the film will be stretched. In total darkness, such( purely decorative) lighting looks beautiful and pleases the eye. It is mounted on a separate switch, can be used as intimate lighting, instead of wax candles, for example.

There are other decorative techniques, such as lamps, which create a simulation of the starry sky on the ceiling in darkness. Conditionally, it can be attributed here to the projectors of the starry sky, which are capable of reproducing pictures of falling stars, flickering, etc. Special attention is also given to multicolored sources in the tone of the interior. In general, it is clear: the decorative lighting in the bedroom is given special attention.

As for the area of ​​the bed, then it makes sense to install the wall brackets above your head so that they illuminate the objects well, making it possible to read a book or magazine, for example. Most often, they resort to this, if you plan to light a bedroom without a chandelier and call it local( zone).

To control all of the devices described above, it is best to install several switches: a group of top illumination perimeter, central and other chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps. It will also be great to install rheostats - voltage regulators for fine-tuning the brightness of lighting.

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It will be useful to view photos of bedroom lighting ideas from which you can get something for your own project. This is especially true if you do everything yourself and you do not have a design project. And in order to design the lighting and see the three-dimensional model of the bedroom, you can use various programs, such as DIALux, ProLite and many others. But it is best to hire an interior designer - he is aware of everything and will provide sketches in the shortest possible time with the arrangement of luminaires and the specification of the power of lighting devices.