Lighting in the toilet

While doing repairs in the toilet, many people completely ignore the lighting in this room, believing that one not too bright and low-power bulb may be enough. And they do so in vain because nobody usually does not stay in this room for a long time, therefore there can be no talk of saving energy here. But if the lighting in the toilet is too weak, then you can feel only some discomfort.


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The importance of lighting in the toilet

Even with the most stylish and properly selected finishing material of this room, the walls and the floor will look pale and ugly if you do not think about lighting. As in any other room, every person and in this small room should feel comfort and coziness. But when lighting in this room, it is necessary to take into account the overall dimensions and the total area of ​​this room. For example, if it is necessary to carry out lighting of the toilet in the Khrushchev, it should be brighter, since the area here is very small and, with dim lighting, the walls seem to be squeezed to the sides.

The approach to lighting in this room should be completely different than in all other rooms. The thing is that there is natural light there, which during the daytime we fill the rooms with light, carrying with us heat. And in a closed small space only a brighter light can drive away darkness and darkness. But the great value will have also correctly picked up a material for furnish of walls, a floor, and also a ceiling.

Used fixtures

If you look at the photos of the lighting in the toilet that are applied to this article, you can understand what kind of lamps can be used here and how they can be arranged. Here, both luxurious sconces on the walls and spot lights on the ceiling are suitable. When choosing lamps, it is worth considering what kind of walls in the toilet, what color they are and what material was used for finishing.

In a small room it is better that the walls have a light tone. This applies to both wallpaper, as well as tiles. Sex can be darker, more contrasting. If the walls are bright and the lamps burn brightly, then this will help visually expand the space. When choosing luminaires, it is necessary to take into account the design style of the toilet room. The ceiling in this case should not be darker than the walls.

Spot lights can be installed on the ceiling, as well as on walls. If possible, it is better to combine them with a dimmer, with which you can change the brightness of light. Making lighting in the toilet of the apartment, you can install a plafond over the doors. But a lot of light also does not work, especially if the light bulbs shine in the eyes. If it is better to use a brighter light in the Khrushchev's closet, a more muted light is better in the apartment of a new apartment.

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