Lighting on the loggia

Competent lighting on the loggia will help greatly expand the functionality of this room. Choosing the lighting option, you need to consider what role will be assigned to the loggia in the future. Lighting in a cold unheated loggia is different from lighting in a heated glazed room attached to the room. There is another version of the loggia - glazed, but not heated.


  1. Loggia is not glazed or insulated
  2. If the loggia is glazed
  3. Traditional lighting device
  4. Two-level lighting device
  5. Modern types of lighting

The first problem in electrical work is the installation of an electrical cable. Open wiring is easier to install, but is not always selectable due to inconsistency with the design of the room. If you plan to further decorate the balcony, the wiring can be safely hidden under the deck materials.

Loggia is not glazed and is not insulated

If the loggia is open and not glazed, it will be sufficient to conduct external wiring and mount waterproof light sources. To do this, you can purchase street light sources, mounting boxes, closing wire connections and corrugated hoses. In this case, the luminaire is installed at the maximum remote distance from the effects of atmospheric precipitation, for example, in the zone above the input block.

If the loggia is glazed

If the loggia is glazed and insulated, you can use fixtures for the interior, as in the photo. Installation of the electrician on the loggia in this case is carried out in the same way as in the room. Before starting work, it is necessary to de-energize the line.

  • First places for installing luminaires, switches and wire routing,
  • selects the method of laying the cable, calculates the cable cross-section, based on the power and number of lighting devices, the
  • cable is taken from the room to the loggia, the channel is channeled and the cable is laid.

Traditional lighting device

Most often on the loggia, the lamps are traditionally located on the ceiling. Depending on the length of the loggia, their number is calculated for sufficient illumination. If the balcony is small, then one luminaire is installed, which is quite sufficient for operation in the evening. If you plan to dry clothes on the loggia, you need to pick up the luminaire. Photos of lighting options on the loggia are presented on this page.

When choosing fixtures, you can choose between luminaires with a scattering effect and with a reflective. It will be more light if the ceilings and walls on the loggia are finished with reflective materials, in addition, this decoration will visually increase the loggia. On a narrow balcony, the line of fixtures on the ceiling must be moved from the center to the wall, so as not to divide the ceiling into narrow strips.

If the loggia provides installation of suspended ceilings, the wiring can be hidden behind the structures. In suspended ceilings, spotlights integrated into the systems look good, and rotary lamps will help illuminate all the corners of the loggia.

Two-level lighting device

When installing two-level lighting on a balcony or a loggia, ceiling lights are arranged as the main lighting, and as an additional, for example, over an armchair and a table, mounted hanging. With additional lighting, you can zoned the loggia, allocating space, for example, to work on a laptop or simply reading a book, you can simply light up the cabinet or rack.

Modern types of lighting

The modern lighting of the loggia with LED strip or halogen is very popular. With the help of LED tape, you can not just illuminate the balcony, but also build aesthetic lighting effects.