How to put foam blocks with your own hands. Video with detailed instructions

How to put a house and walls of foam blocks? Which is better, glue or mortar?

Unlike brick, the foam block differs in its low strength, which is why it should be supported when laying. To properly implement this construction process, it is necessary to use and install a special reinforcing mesh, which can be purchased at any construction store. In order to better understand the styling using this material, readers are given a video lesson, which details all the subtleties and nuances in dealing with this material.

To make the correct laying of the first row, it is necessary to make a special cement-sand mortar. It is applied to the surface of a thickness of 1-2 centimeters, after which the waterproofing is installed. It can be made of ruberoid, waterproof or rubemaster, it all depends on your finances and preferences.

How to lay a house and walls of foam blocks? Which is better, glue or mortar?

If the foam concrete block has the correct shape and is not chipped, then it can be placed on the adhesive. Before proceeding to this process, you should familiarize yourself with its advantages:

  • The wall is homogeneous and there are no cold bridges;
  • Adhesive is used more slowly than mortar, in addition, the laying of foam blocks with your hands on glue is faster;
  • After completion of the laying, a smooth surface of the wall is obtained, in contrast to the effects of masonry on the mortar.

Knowing all the advantages of working with glue, you need to proceed to the next step - it will be determined with which adhesive for the laying of foam blocks is more suitable. There is no clear answer, because such a building material produces a lot of companies. If you can not buy it, you can use a special tile adhesive, resistant to frost.

How to lay a house and walls of foam blocks? Which is better, glue or mortar?

The first thing to remember is that you can not leave any voids in the seams. To apply the construction adhesive, a spatula with a toothed coating is used. If there is a question about how to put foam blocks on the foundation in two rows, then the inter-row surface also needs to be covered with glue. Stacking is done neatly and slowly.

Fixation of foam blocks with their own hands and video assistance when reinforcing them

Before making a partition of this building material, it is necessary to reinforce the walls.

Every 3-4 rows must be reinforced with special masonry welded tiles. It is laid directly into fresh stitches. If it's right to start and make a masonry from foam blocks, you can eliminate the appearance of cracks and increase the stability of the wall.

Masonry foam blocks with their own hands and video-assist in their reinforcement

You will be helped to understand the instruction in the video, how to put a penoblock with reinforcing mesh. Such a grid is made of wire with a width of about 3-5 mm, that is, it is difficult to do the laying by oneself using glue. To solve this problem, it is necessary to perform reinforcement with reinforcement, which is included in the grooves in the foam block. You can visually see how to put the foam blocks in the video. Among other things, the viewer will be told about the correct laying of slabs. They can not be laid directly on the foam blocks, since there is a possibility of creating a point load. Therefore, before installing, it is necessary to install a concrete armopause. The downside of this belt is that it breaks the thermal insulation. In order to later be able to calmly settle the tiles on the erected wall, the belt will need to be insulated.

Video will help you understand the basic techniques of laying foam blocks with your own hands. A sufficient width of the wall from this material for medium latitudes is considered to be 40 cm. You can find out how to carry out similar construction work in other areas.

Masonry foam blocks with their own hands and video-assist in their reinforcement

In the video How to make a clutch of foam blocks with their own hands explains the main advantages of this method. For those who decided to proceed with the described process and do not know how to put the masonry from the foam blocks correctly, everything is described in detail here. Therefore, in order to do everything competently and efficiently, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the above video.

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