How to build a house of sleepers with your own hands: the instruction with a photo

Selection of sleepers for the construction of

Selection of sleepers for construction Selection of sleepers for construction

Railway sleepers impregnate with creosote so that they last longer and do not deteriorate under the influence of atmospheric phenomena and in the ground. Creosote is toxic. Therefore, you can only buy sleepers, which have been used for 50 years. During this time creosote from sleepers is weathered and leaves into the ground. They will be safer for health, and have a lower cost. Also, when choosing sleepers, you need to know that they are with continuous impregnation and with partial impregnation. For the construction of residential buildings, it is worth choosing the latter.

It's better to buy sleepers in the nearest railway repair department. Since the price of this material from resellers is overestimated by 2-3 times.

Making the foundation of

We make the foundation

The first stage of building a house is the foundation casting. You can make a strip foundation around the entire perimeter, or columnar-tape. In the foundation, fix the mounting bolts.

Building the walls of the house

Building the walls of the house
When the construction of the foundation has come to an end, you can proceed to the walls.

It is necessary to build walls in accordance with such rules:

  1. Wooden sleepers should be laid with a wide side, so they will hold better and form less gaps, and of course, the house will get warmer.
  2. The first row of bars is laid on the waterproofing layer and fastened to the bolts fixed in the foundation.
  3. Each row of sleepers is adjusted to a heater. It can be: glass wool, tow, clay with straw.
  4. Each subsequent row is attached to the previous metal key or pins. Do this at a distance of 50-70 cm from the ends. To do this, drill both sleepers, then at the bottom fix the key and thread the upper, sealing the structure with a sledgehammer.
  5. The corners, every 2-3 rows, are reinforced with metal angles. And for stiffening the whole structure, on both sides of the wall, the steel strips are attached diagonally.

Building the walls of the house

  1. Laying sleepers, you need on the inside of the wall, check the level and plumb line.
  2. The ends of the sleepers are connected to each other in a "spike" and fixed with staples, warming the pakley.

When the laying of walls is almost finished, you need to think through and install the fastening elements for the lines.
Building the walls of the house

Raising the roof of the house from sleepers

Raise the roof of the house from sleepers

The roof of this house is no different from the others. The budget option is a slate roof. Between the upper row of beams and the roof, it is necessary to lay a layer of waterproofing and insulation.

Raise the roof of the house from sleepers

Having finished with the roof, you can proceed to installing windows and doors, laying the floor.

Interior finishing work in the house of sleepers used

Interior finishing works in a house made of sleepers

Finishing work inside the house is needed not only to create an aesthetic appearance, but also to prevent the penetration of creosote vapors into the house.

Polyethylene film is used for insulation. It is fastened to the crate and plasterboard.

Interior finishing works in a house made of sleepers

External facing of walls from sleepers

External lining of walls from sleepers

Suggestions the view of sleepers leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is better to cover them from the outside. Since we are dealing with a harmful substance that evaporates all the time, the lining must "breathe".Therefore, for thermal insulation we use mineral wool, and as a facing material - siding( vinyl or metal).

Finished house from sleepers

After all the construction and finishing works are finished we get an inexpensive, warm and beautiful house.

Ready-made house from sleepers

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