Wooden gate with own hands - detailed instructions

Doors made of wood, made by yourself, are not only an excellent protection for your site, but also an element of decorative design. Such compliant processing and inexpensive material, like wood, is perfect for the hand-making of swing gates, which will become a harmonious addition to the entire fence.

Wooden gate with own hands

Wooden Doors with their own hands

Usually, expensive high-grade wood is not used for the production of gates; it is successfully replaced by larch resistant to decay and moisture. In this case, the frame of the gate can also be made of wood or replaced with a stronger metal, because despite all the advantages of wood, it has a number of drawbacks:

  • , the service life is not long;
  • mechanical strength - insufficient;
  • flammability - high.
Sample of a wooden fence

A sample of a wooden fence

Therefore, in this article we will talk about how to make high-quality wooden gates with your own hands, taking into account all the negative qualities of the material.

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We will prepare everything necessary for manufacturing the gate

Let's consider what materials and tools will be needed for the manufacture of swing gates with wicket, which will be installed on wooden pillars-supports.

Before buying lumber, it is necessary to determine the height of the gate( at least 120 cm), the size of the wicket and take into account that reliable pillars-supports are buried into the ground for 1 meter.

The sawn timber will need:

  • slats or fence with a section more than 20x40 mm for carcass plating;
  • bruski section not less than 40x40 mm for the fabrication of the frame of the gate;
  • round or square cross-section bar with a diameter or face width of at least 100 mm for the gate supports( it is better to stop the choice on oak beams as the most durable).

For woodworking, it is advisable to purchase a blowtorch for processing the buried part of the poles, a brush and an antiseptic solution for impregnating all wooden elements.

A number of the following tools for wood processing, assembly and installation of doors are also useful:

  • jigsaw or wood hacksaw;
  • plane( if the timber requires processing);
  • screwdriver or screwdriver, self-tapping screws;
  • drill;
  • rasp to prevent the appearance of splinters at the ends;
  • borer garden( Ø30 cm), scrap and plumb lines to dig pits for pillars;
  • mixing tank for concrete and dry components for the mixture( cement, crushed stone and sand);
  • pencil, tape measure, level, gon.

Of metal elements you will need:

  • latch, hinges for wicket;
  • two canopies for the gates;
  • hinges for padlocks( if necessary, to lock the door from the outside).
Curved hinge - arrow

Figured hinge - boom

Calculations and project

Before installing the supports, perform all measurements on the ground, determining not only the height, but the length of the gate( each leaf), the distance between the supports and the location of the wicket. Draw a diagram of future gates on paper with the indication of all sizes.

Sketch of swing gates

Sketch of swing gates

We install supports for swing gates with our own hands

Please note! If you want the gate to stand for several decades, then replace the wooden supports with concrete, brick or metal.

Wooden poles must be impregnated with an antiseptic before installation to prolong their service life. In addition, the underground part of the pillars can be treated with bitumen or resin mastic.

Do not forget to prepare the site for the installation of the gate, removing the large stones, loosening the hard clods of the earth and maximizing the leveling of the ground. If necessary, mark the location of the supports in the terrain, using a cord stretched between the pegs.

To securely support the supports, it is necessary to drill pits with a depth of 1 to 1.5 meters. The distance between the posts should be slightly larger than the length of the gate wings. At the bottom of each hole pour a layer of sand, we produce a spill with water and a rammer. In the pits we establish poles - they should rise above the ground strictly to the same height( the correctness is verified by the hydro level and the tensioned cord).We check the verticality of the supports with a plumb line. We reverse the backfilling with a layer of rubble and fill the pit with a prepared concrete solution( sand - 2 parts, cement - 1 part).

Please note! It is impossible to cope alone with such hard work. Invite assistants to simultaneously hold the pillars vertically and make concreting.

The door leaf can be hung only after the concrete has completely dried.

It is recommended to fasten the supports in the upper part with a common horizontal beam, which will become an edge of rigidity and will not allow the columns to warp under the weight of the gate wings.

Assembling the gate and the gate

The swing gates consist of one or two gates and wickets, which can be located on the side of the door leaf or be part of one of the gates. In accordance with the developed plan and personal wishes of the size of the gate, a frame must be made.

For the frame of the wings, you need to cut the length of the length of the bar with an electric jigsaw. To fasten the wooden quadrangular frame follows wooden nagels, drilling holes in the ends of the beams and inserting epoxy-glued nagels. When the frame of the frame is ready, it is necessary to fasten the wooden bars - crosspieces, which will strengthen the structure - with screws( galvanized).The jumper can be positioned diagonally( in the form of the letter "z") or you can use a horizontal jumper in the center of the frame, top and bottom with a "jib".

One of the options for assembling and lining the frame of the gate wings

One of the options for assembling and cladding the frame of the gate gates

For convenience, the frame is assembled on the ground, after which the cladding is made.

Wooden door cladding with their own hands

The wooden frame casing can be made using rails, boards or fences. All wooden elements are attached with screws. Variants of the same mounting mass. For example, you can cover the frame of the gate with a picket, placing it vertically, without gaps.

Another option for plating is the fastening of planks diagonally with a gap. In this case, the boards are attached from two sides of the frame with a small clearance, so that visually the construction looks like a decorative grille. To the distance between the boards was the same, it is worth using a template, the thickness of which depends on the size of the planned lumen.

How to strengthen the lining, you will be prompted by your imagination and desire to work hard on the beauty of the gate.

Installation of door leaf gates

The gate leaves are hung only on the supports. In this case, the distance from the soil to the lower edge of the valves should be more than 5 centimeters. Otherwise, the snow cover or ice cake will prevent the opening and closing of the gate.

We take lancet loops and tightly fasten them with screws to the pillars-supports and the swinging doors of the wooden gate. Pay attention to the adjustment. It is desirable that in windless weather the gates do not open and close by themselves. For convenience, use a level that will help to hang the doors correctly.

Option of door skinning with unprocessed boards, styling for a European fortress

Option of door skinning with unprocessed boards, styling for the European fortress

It remains only to attach the latch, bolt loops and varnish with an excellent work result.

Video - Wooden Doors with their own hands

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