We make a wicker fence with our own hands - instruction

So on your site there is a house, but there is not enough of the most beautiful part of all the structures - it's a fence. It should be noted that the fence is not only a decorative component and pleases the eye, but in conjunction with this - a woven fence protects your site from not being visited by guests( neighbor children wanting to eat apples) or domestic animals, somehow dreaming to wander to your site. In this article, we will not consider the construction of a wooden fence from a slab or a fence of profiled sheet, but we will make a beautiful wicker fence .

Braided fence with own hands

Wicker fence with own hands

Step-by-step technology of fence construction

  1. We prepare long rods for the construction of a fence perfectly suited - Willow, hazel, alder or at least a birch.
    By the way, 15 minutes before the construction of the fence, the branches need to have a steam bath or simply heat them in warm water - this will give the tree the necessary elasticity and help us easily and easily bend the branches. In time, the bars will assume the same shape, and the fence will straighten.
  2. The second step is the placement by the pillar under the base( the frame of our rods).The bars will need to be passed between the posts! .Note that the thicker your twigs, the thicker the pillars should be, otherwise the base can not withstand and break. It is worth noting that the pillars are better to dig in metal because they do not require any care and for a more harmonious fit in the construction the columns are painted in the color of the tree - this will create an attractive appearance. Wooden poles with time -( 5-10 years depending on the climate) come into disrepair and are simply rotted, but this does not mean that you do not need to buy wooden poles. They simply require care and it is desirable to treat them with stain or other substances that support the tree in the originalform. So: poles dig better at 30-40 centimeters, but if the soil is loose, it is better to dig up the poles by 0.5 meters - this will create additional durability and protect against a strong wind! .And the poles must be located every 0.6 meters - from each other.
  3. Weave the fence in the image of "snake" by twisting the rod one by one to start the weaving is necessary from the bottom.
  4. The following rows are braided on the chessboard principle. The fastening must be started each time on the new side.
  5. Please note that the rods can sometimes be wired for additional fixation.

Pictures of wicker fences

Wicker beds

Wicker beds

wicker bower

wicker bower with own hands

Your fence is ready! And now let's see the video, and how do you weave the fence?details in the commentary!

Video - wicker fence tawn

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