Turquoise bathroom: design features, styles, combination with white

Turquoise bathroom
  • psychological impact
  • Features
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    • Art Deco
    • Retro
    • high-tech
    • Provence
    • Modern
    • Minimalism
    • East
    • Marine
  • combination with other colors
    • With white
  • Accessories

observing the usual routine of their homes, many often want to add bright colorsat least in one room, for example a bathroom. But which colors to choose? Very original will look turquoise. The interiors in this tone look exquisite and expensive. It is quite gentle, easy to perceive and at the same time invigorating color. It will allow you to fully enjoy the water procedures, and your bathroom will become stylish and spectacular.

Beautiful turquoise bathroom

Psychological impact of

Not every owner decides to decorate his bathroom in turquoise, explaining that he is too cold. In fact, the combination of green and blue gives turquoise.

Its light colors are so pleasing to the eye that they do not irritate at all. Looking at it immediately seems to be the sea and freshness, and still freedom, from which breathtaking.

For parts of the shades, turquoise is many. Therefore, do not be afraid to use it in your "temple of purity".Thanks to this unique color you will receive a kind of color therapy. Scientists claim that being under the influence of the turquoise range, the state of mind improves. The body is filled with energy, there is self-confidence.

bathroom turquoise color


In fact, this magic color can become a decoration of any interior, you just need to remember its main features.

Turquoise can be used as the main background in the decoration of the room. But keep in mind that the dominance of its dark shades, visually reduce space, and light on the contrary.

It is in harmony with most colors. Despite this, it refers to the cold scale, which means that it should be diluted with "warm".Then the room will look much more comfortable.

Dark turquoise in the bathroom
Bathroom in turquoise color
Turquoise finish in the bathroom

Depending on the lighting, this color may look absolutely different. And with the help of finishing materials of various textures and shades of turquoise, you will get countless excellent decorative solutions. Remember that it is not recommended to use as a single element a turquoise color decor. For a complete image, you need accessories of the same or similar shade.


Thinking over the design of the bathroom, you need to decide on the style. Each style has a lot of positive characteristics.

Turquoise Bathroom

Art Deco

Elite style rightly. It assumes the presence of steel, marble, glass and ceramics, for example in pale turquoise. Its true connoisseurs prefer expensive, and exclusive decor elements.

Art Deco style in the bathroom


Sophistication and coziness. Painted in turquoise furniture - the main room. The whiteness of the walls and cast-iron bathtub with antique taps will only emphasize turquoise.

In the style of retro


Bathroom in the style of Hi-Tak - the clarity of geometric shapes. Technological design in everything. Abundance of metal and glass details. And the turquoise walls will create coziness.

High tech


French province. .. The charm of worn antiquities in restrained colors. As if the faded turquoise walls. The general impression of pallor and muffledness. Suitable for those who aspire to the comfort and tranquility of village life.

In the style of Provence


Beauty in detail and a "clean" line. A little furniture and a feeling of freedom in the room. This bathroom looks easy.

Turquoise bathroom in Art Nouveau style


Minimalism - conciseness, simplicity and clarity of forms. Light turquoise bathroom walls and a lot of diffuse, serene light. Complete lack of decor and ornaments. Feeling of airiness and open space. Suitable for lovers of restraint and open spaces.

In the style of minimalism


Natural materials and a lot of jewelry. Intricate and original patterns surrounded by turquoise color. Incarnation of mental harmony and peace.

In the oriental style


Sunny and warm. Simplicity and accessibility, there is no place for pretentiousness. A variety of sea shells and seashells create a sense of proximity to the sea. The main emphasis is on turquoise shades, from rich tone to soft notes. Delicious.

And which style will you choose?

Turquoise tiles in the marine style
In the marine style
Turquoise sea-style bath

Combination with other colors

The turquoise color is good because it is versatile. With other paints, he gives birth to very original combinations. So, for example, its contrasting combination with brown will be spectacular. Equal ratio of these colors with the addition of beige color, will make the interior cozy and homely.

The combination of turquoise and brown in the bathroom

Turquoise is perfectly combined with the colors approached to it - green, blue, blue. With the latter, for example, you can get an interesting and delicate, very "sea" bathroom. Such a consonance can also be energetic, due to the rich shades of these colors.

Beautiful and pleasant is the interaction of turquoise with a muted purple. This will create a unique entourage. Bright notes also make the bathroom more dramatic and even variegated. But keep in mind that a large amount of purple can be tiring.

Combining the "magic" color with the beige, take the latter as a background. This color scheme is simple, for that will create a quiet atmosphere.

Turquoise with green
Turquoise in the bathroom with other flowers
In combination of turquoise with blue
Turquoise + purple
Beige bathroom with turquoise
Turquoise Bathroom Tile

Turquoise also blends well with almost all the colors of the tree. Taking into account its light shades, the situation will become very gentle and airy.

Turquoise bath and wood floor

An exquisite combination will result in a combination of the basic tone with gray or silver. Well, if they are pale enough. Such a calming and moderately strict harmony does not need any additions.

Bathroom - turquoise with black
turquoise in the gray bathroom
Bathroom - silver and turquoise

If you want exotics, take as a basis a rich turquoise range. Add a red, orange or buffy-yellow color. The more rich the shades, the more original the interior.

Turquoise red bathroom

With white

The perfect combination of white and turquoise colors is considered classic. Depending on the proportions between these colors, you can get completely different in terms of perception of the room. For example, if the walls are finished white, and turquoise is an accent, then the room will become beautiful and self-sufficient.

If the main thing is the turquoise tone, then the white plumber on its background will look very impressive, emphasizing the depth of turquoise. Such a range, creates an association of cool and crystal cleanliness of the bathroom.

White bathroom with a turquoise accent
White plumbing in a turquoise bathroom
Combination of turquoise with white


Turquoise bathroom accessories will make it bright and joyful. Furniture, decor, rugs, towels will create an atmosphere of coziness. However, if there are too many in the room, the overall picture will turn out to be motley and intrusive. Therefore, make walls, floor, ceiling neutral. Decorative elements of this tone will not remain unnoticed. They will refresh the atmosphere.

Accessories in a turquoise bathroom
accents in the turquoise bathroom

When decorating walls in turquoise color, make sure that the overall tonality is in balance. Furniture and accessories choose in contrast to the general background. Then it will look stylish and dynamic.

And remember, the colorful bathroom allows only one accent to dominate.

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