Design of ceilings

Despite the fact that the ceiling surface is least used, its design takes a very high place in the interior design of the room. Today, there are many options for finishing ceilings - two-level, tension, mirror, painted, with hidden light, etc. All this allows you to create an exclusive image of this surface, as in the photo, which will give the room chic and dignity.


  1. Suspended systems
  2. Stretched ceilings
  3. Artistic ceiling
  4. Ceiling with textiles
  5. Photo of the ceiling design

Many people may wonder why you should think about the unusual design of ceilings, if we hardly look at what is happening at the top? Agree, it is more pleasant, lying on the couch, to consider a beautifully decorated area, rather than cracked putty. In addition, the decoration of the ceiling allows you to achieve very favorable effects on the visual increase in space.

Also the role of ceilings includes:

  • room zoning capability;
  • give the room volume, height, or, conversely, lower the ceiling;
  • provide space with coziness, warmth and good mood.

Art design ceilings involves the use of different materials, which would maximize the advantages of the room. Consider the most interesting options when developing a modern design of ceilings.

Suspension systems

The method of mounting this type of ceiling is to fasten a special frame to the work surface, on which modules of various geometric shapes are already attached. Use of this type is most common in the design of high ceilings. This method involves the installation of material at any height. It also makes it possible to lay wires and other engineering systems on top of the material, which will not be noticeable at all. This type of construction is often used in office areas, in clubs. If we consider the use of a false ceiling at home, then it is more suitable for finishing surfaces in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the hallway.

Tension ceilings

Despite the fact that this technology has been actively used in the market for a long time, its constant improvement makes stretch ceilings more popular. Special technologies allow you to put on the canvas of exclusive ornaments and drawings, which maximizes the design of low ceilings to the overall interior of the room. Interesting photos of the design of the ceilings are presented on the site, where you can find that very ingenious idea that will help give the room a highlight.

Artistic ceiling

This type of decoration wins its beauty, naturalness and expressiveness. The technology of work is to use all sorts of decorative elements, like gypsum, fresco, stucco, which allow creating a real artistic picture on the ceiling. True, the cost of such work is an order of magnitude higher than other types, which allows you to use the finish only in solid festive premises. An interesting photo gallery of the ceiling design includes the most daring and unique solutions for the interior design of the house.

Ceiling with textiles

Another interesting and exclusive version of the design of the ceiling surface, which includes the use of textiles. The idea of ​​decorating ceilings with cloth came from an oriental style. This method is used when creating a thematic interior, as well as in festive events. Fabrics with different colors, texture and drapery allow not only to create a unique atmosphere in the room, but also perfectly cover the existing unevenness of the ceiling.

Photo of ceiling design