What to look for when buying an apartment

Say what it is, buying your own living space is a responsible process that irretrievably "eats" a lot of nerve cells. Nobody wants to be deceived and buy an apartment not at the level for which money was paid, and various horror stories about real estate fraud generally promise to leave without housing all family members. How not to get trapped and what to look for when buying an apartment - this will be discussed.

Buying a new apartment

Buying a new apartment

First impression when viewing the apartment

Let's start with a visual perception of the future property, because if the apartment does not like, you are unlikely to go to find out what the walls of the house are made of and what the floors are made of. It would be illogical. So, how to choose an apartment in the secondary market?

Suppose that the layout of the apartment, the layout of the rooms and the view from the window you liked. What do we look at next? Carefully examine the inner walls, corners of the room and window slopes - they should not have mold and black spots( this is washed on the eve of the arrival of guests or an incipient fungus).Mold, as you know, is better to warn than to remove it later.

Also, a review of the ceiling and walls can tell about the frequency with which the neighbors are flooding this apartment - the yellow streams will paint this situation in a much more colorful way. If the apartment is on the top floor, then similar spots indicate the unreliability of the roof and its flow.

If the apartment is angular, then, on the one hand, it's even good - fewer neighbors, hence, less noise is heard when most want peace and quiet. But, on the other hand, there is a high probability of dampness and mold in the apartment, in addition, corner apartments are generally colder than those located inside the house. Sometimes it's enough just to go to the corner wall and put a palm to it - in problem apartments even in the heating season the corner wall is wet and cold.

Then you can go to the kitchen and bathroom, open the water in the faucet and see if it goes well, if the sewerage is not blocked. The fact that the mixer flows, you can not pay attention, still in most cases after settling each owner makes a major overhaul.

Then we look at the floor and doors. Of course, buying an apartment with repair saves new owners from unnecessary trouble. But, on the other hand, the new owner always tries to equip the apartment in accordance with their own ideas about coziness and comfort, so at least cosmetic repairs are done in most cases. If the repair does not involve the replacement of the floor covering and the doors, then look in what condition they are, maybe the doors do not close or have slots. But honestly, when choosing your own future apartment for such minor details you can and do not pay attention.

what to look for when choosing an apartment

What to look for when choosing an apartment

Buying an apartment: look more closely

When inside everything is thoroughly studied, you can proceed to a more global test. The next thing you need to pay attention to when buying an apartment, this is what the walls of the house are made of. It is better, if it is a brick house, also monolithic houses whose walls are made by monolith casting are also considered durable. On the "eye" to determine the walls of this house is difficult, especially if the apartment has undergone major repairs and it has already leveled the walls and ceiling. Well, in general, in a monolithic house, the walls are absolutely seamless.

Next, do not be lazy to find out what the ceiling is made of, whether it is wooden or concrete. Of course, the second is preferable to the first. This information, as well as the year of construction, can be found from the technical passport of the apartment. In general, if the building is reliable, then it will stand still for 50-100 years.

what you need to pay attention when buying an apartment

What you need to pay attention when buying an apartment

Also a lot of information you can learn from neighbors and grannies who sit on a bench near the house. Who lives in the apartment and who is registered( and what if there is a person registered there who is serving time in places not so remote?), Is light, water and heat often switched off( there are houses that get the most out of this plan), and in general, is this apartment

I have some unfortunate acquaintances who live on the first floor of a multi-storey building, and in this house, with an enviable regularity, the sewerage pipe is blocked, and so that the contents of the sewer pipes float in the apartment of friends even in the living room. Would you like to live in such an apartment? I think no.

Which is better - the old house or the new building

what to look for when buying an apartment

What should I look for when buying an apartment

Undoubtedly, the new house is better than the old one, at least it will last longer, and, as a rule, the investment in an apartment in a new building is less. In such an apartment you do not need to do dismantling, all communications are new, they too do not need to be changed. Sometimes new apartments are sold with free planning, in which there are only external and bearing walls and a bathroom is separated, all other rooms you have the right to plan as you please. You can also distinguish other advantages of buying a house in a new building - this is the absence of previous owners, so you do not need to check the history of the apartment, and you do not need to unfasten a certain share of the cost to intermediaries and realtors.

how to choose an apartment

How to choose an apartment

But there are also disadvantages of such an acquisition, for example, the deadline for the object can be moved indefinitely or even frozen in case of bankruptcy of the developer. Buying an apartment in an uninhabited area, you risk living in a quarter with undeveloped infrastructure, think about where you will make purchases, is there a school and a kindergarten nearby?

As for the repair, firstly, in the first two or three years, until the house shrinks, you can not make a complete renovation in the apartment, and secondly, prepare for the fact that all neighbors from the first to the last floorfor several years will perform noisy construction work even on weekends.

The order of buying an apartment: what to look for

what documents need to be checked when buying an apartment

What documents need to be checked when buying an apartment

When buying an apartment from future owners, there is more than one gray hair, all the same this event is associated with certain nervous expenses. Let's see what documents need to be checked when buying an apartment? It is advisable to look at the certificate of ownership of housing and verify the name, first name and patronymic of the owner with his passport. Then you can check the contract of sale or gift agreement( lifelong maintenance, certificate of the right to inheritance).It is these documents that confirm the ownership of real estate.

Next, see the certificate from the housing office about the composition of the family, there are the persons who are registered at the moment in this apartment and who exactly is the owner. Yes, and a certificate from the municipal services on the lack of debt would not hurt to view. In general, when buying an apartment it is better to turn to lawyers, they will more competently answer all questions, because there are many pitfalls.

If the document verification was successful, then you can conclude a sales contract. What is the procedure for registering an apartment? For the purchase and sale transaction to the notary, the buyer only comes with a passport, and the seller must bring documents confirming the property rights, his passport( if he is one owner, if there are several owners, then all passports are needed), a technical passport for the apartment, documents for the alienation of the apartment.

After the transaction, the new owner goes to the technical documentation office and registers ownership of the apartment. Further, in the presence of the new owner, all family members are registered at the new address. And then there is very little - the new owner needs to visit all the utilities to re-issue personal accounts.

choosing your own future apartment

Choosing your own future apartment

Here, in fact, this is the main thing, what to look for when buying an apartment. Do not be lazy to learn all the available information about the nuances and pitfalls of acquiring a new living space. And it is better to connect to this process an intelligent lawyer.

Author of the article Vladimir Belov

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