Design a small studio apartment: design ideas, create project

Design a small studio apartment (36 photos): Components of the project


Table of contents

  • 1 Benefits studio apartments
  • 2 The value of the floor and ceiling design
    • 2.1 Design floor coverings
    • 2.2 ceiling design
  • 3 Wall design, selection of furniture and accessories
  • 4 Summing up
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Appearance of modern apartments, in comparison with the appearance of the apartments in the 70-80's, has changed dramatically. Replacing chopped rooms-boxes have become complementary and flowing layout types, such as a kitchen-dining room, bedroom, office, hallway, living room. In other words, modern society has become more focused on functionality and comfort.

For example, the design of a small studio apartment, chosen wisely, will make housing more suitable for life than the original version.

Design a small studio apartment

Benefits studio apartments

The task is not to make one huge room without walls, and achieve the maximum open space conditionally divided into zones. In this zone boundaries may be designated as a purely arbitrary boundaries of two different colors or texture materials or more specific wide sliding glass partitions and translucent walls


When choosing an open-plan home and will be more spacious and more comfortable.

The value of the floor and ceiling design

After removing the partition main burden falls on zoning for finishing ceiling and floor.

These surface and designed to create the overall composition layout:

  • set the trajectory of movement;
  • allocate the culmination point of the interior;
  • define functional areas in the room.

For finishing the ceiling with his hands it becomes the main criterion form, flooring - the density of the material, texture and pattern coating (graphics grouting tiles or parquet).

Design floor coverings

The different types of flooring human consciousness evoke associations with a variety of vital housing areas:

  • rug or carpet is generally associated with comfort and seating, designed for children's room, bedroom, guest;
  • stone and ceramic tile is suitable for the repair of the kitchen floor in the bathroom and hallway;
  • parquet is appropriate in the living room, the office, or in the dining room.

The transition from one flooring to another, and will denote the boundary between two functional areas. What will be the boundary, it depends on the overall concept and the style of the interior. It may also have soft wavy lines and clear lines.

Fundamental differences of color coatings increase the zoning effect. Replace the coatings can be free, without any designation, but interesting all the same to beat the transition with the help of any element. Such an element can be a podium, which will raise one zone over another.

Design small apartments studios

Glossy floor and the podium in a studio apartment

Tip! Design small studio apartments with a podium is an interesting solution separation of functional areas, but you should not use it if you plan to stay small children or elderly people age.

Formed floor covering figure also carries a specific functional load. He is able to emphasize the location of furniture or to determine the main direction of motion of the apartment.

Ideas Design studio apartments

An interesting variant of registration flooring

ceiling design

An interesting design project of a small apartment is not possible without a creative approach to the design of the ceiling surface.

  • In contrast to the floor surface, this provides more opportunities for plastic changes interesting.
  • In addition, it is able to solve the complex problems of technical character, e.g., in the hide Statement elements such as air ducts of air conditioning, wiring, structural engineering, ventilating channels.
  • Powerful means of zoning and open interior organization serves and lighting, based on the ceiling.
The design is very small apartment

Zoning using ceiling figures

The most interesting options in the design of the ceiling here are:

  1. ceiling flows in each next zone down level;
  2. the ceiling is made at the same level over the entire area studios, but over one of the zones in the ceiling cut individual portions in the form of geometric shapes;
  3. composition of suspended ceilings with different shades of lighting color crossing, for example, division by zones pink, blue, and green cloths suspended ceilings with built-in lights, forming the following pair.
  • blue ceiling - orange light;
  • orange ceiling - green lights;
  • a green ceiling - blue light.
Design project of a small apartment

Zoning tension ceilings

Tip! Embodying the very small design studios to visually expand the space and the elevation of the hosts need to use glossy reflective materials. This concerns both the design of floor and ceiling coverings and wall decoration.

Wall design, selection of furniture and accessories

Choose shades in the design studios of design, of course, must be in accordance with general style, however, is designed specifically for small and do not forget about the basic postulates premises.

  • the perfect color of the walls in such cases is white, but perfectly acceptable and light shades of other colors;
  • the presence of large mirrors is an advantage, both on the walls and on the facades of furniture;
  • furniture in question will be the place of frosted glass facades, which are quite good at the task of visual expansion of space;
  • glass and chrome are the necessary attributes of a small design studios, as they contribute to a better game of light.
Classic design small studio apartments

Classic design small studio apartments

Ideas Design studio apartments can be very diverse, it is only suitable for development Interior with skill, taste and boundless imagination (read other articles on the topic "How to decorate ceiling").

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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