Design small apartments and the interior of a small room for a young family in the style of Baroque

Design small apartments (39 photos): Baroque, Mediterranean and ethnic style


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  • 2 Mediterranean design
  • 3 Ethno-style apartment in the 97 series
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Design small apartments is still quite a challenge even for experienced designer, because organically combine multiple functions in one small area can be quite difficult.

Nowadays design home design after repair is not a big problem: you can always go online and read all about style and interest to the materials needed to create it.

Design small apartments

So, look at a few techniques that can make design apartments a small area - a harmonious and functional and its owner - happy and save their own funds:

  • expanding space. To visually increase the apartment designers use several techniques associated with the color combinations, lighting and some interior.
  • Using homogeneous floor covering in adjacent rooms or areas will consolidate space using the color, style, and texture.
    Design small apartments

    Bright inserts in white interior

  • Bright and bold colors in a contemporary design kvartir- your weapons to fight the lack of available space
    The decoration can even use dark colors, and though they narrow space, but can give depth and richness of the interior.
  • Ceiling height is easily increased if you dye it one tone lighter than the wallpaper. The use of dark shades slightly reduce the height of the room, but will give additional space, against which rest the eye, and the design of a small apartment looks more attractive.
  • Lighting for small spaces should not be made out by the heavy and massive chandeliers, light enough to be mounted luminaires, as well as wall and floor lamps in those places the apartment that you want to emphasize.

Note! Excessive décor creates a load space, so initially is to abandon accessories abundance and excess furniture.

The apartment is in the Baroque style

design for a small family room

Baroque design

In our time, it is considered to be quite popular design apartments in the Baroque style. The heyday of this style came in the reign of the French Emperor Louis 14.

Lush decor, luxury and pomp - this is its main features. Of course, for small homes, this style fits badly overloaded, but in our time many may like this design. Interior features Baroque:

  • The use of expensive and natural materials. For decoration and design furniture suitable marble, bronze and mahogany.
  • Quite popular are inlays of precious metals, jewelery situation handmade mosaics, frescoes and hand-painted decoration sculptures and mirrors.
  • Exquisite furniture differs wavy backs and curved legs. Often used sofas, chests of drawers, grandfather clock in bronze, massive tables, decorated with carvings, etc. home furnishings.
  • Also the interior design in the Baroque style is different use of rich fabrics, fringes and draping fabrics virtually all surfaces. Bed, for example, transformed into real tents, nestled fabric canopy.

Mediterranean design

design a small room for two

Room in Mediterranean style

Real romance is very pleasant Mediterranean this design project apartments. He is perfect for a country house, and for a small apartment, creating an atmosphere of presence on the seashore surrounded by sun and strange plants.

Main features:

  • Balconies in the apartments are converted to a kind of terrace or gallery.
  • Window - French-style with wooden shutters and awnings, large in height or width.
  • Bathtub stylized under pool, so it is desirable to use a large hot tub, a mosaic brick walls and other similar elements (e.g., tiles with patterns).
  • Popular decorative element considered potted flowers and plants in tubs kustopodobnye.
  • Basic materials and textures for decoration stone, ceramics, mosaics, decorative plaster, stained glass windows.
  • In the design of racks, railings and columns using forged elements.
  • Style likes a lot of light, so the room windows should go to the south, and the artificial lighting is usually covered even the darkest corners of rooms.
for a young family room design

Another example of design

Consider the interior design small apartments more.

  1. The floors are mostly made of natural stone or tile, stylized natural materials. Of course, it is possible, and the use of wooden floors.
  2. The walls are plastered, while maintaining the roughness and texture finishes. The main colors - green, blue or orange-beige.
  3. Windows and doors can be made of any material, but must be painted in a dark color and are equipped with built-in roller shutters or wood blinds.
  4. Window frames - vertically elongated or stretched in width, doors are traditionally made of wood and are painted to match the walls.
  5. Furniture - wrought iron or wood, decorated with ornaments. For a country house it is, of course, fit more, and in the apartment most frequently used conventional soft furniture, decorated with wooden weave. Shades interior - light and creamy, sometimes use contrasting stripes or a cage.
  6. The final element of creating an authentic atmosphere, are Moroccan lamps, plants in ceramic pots or tubs, Spanish dishes and souvenirs from the southern countries.

Ethno-style apartment in the 97 series

Design studio 97 series

style ethno

Pretty typical tasks for a variety of construction companies is to formalize the design studio 97 series.

Ethno style is suitable for this purpose best: he liked the young couple or family with no kids, satisfying all the needs of comfortable living.

The main features of the style:

  • The ability to use all natural materials, as well as facing "a stone", "wood", etc.
  • furnishing items mostly wooden, and will not cost too much, the chair can be replaced by wicker chairs.
  • Cheap decorations variety of design and decorate the room.
  • A small aquarium with fish and have a positive impact on the general atmosphere and the health of people living in the apartment.
  • Welcome natural daylight, artificial as is done with the ceiling lights.
  • This design is a small room for two people not welcome cluttered, so it is important to use a minimum of interior items, and they all need to be multifunctional.
Design apartments in the Baroque style

Living in ethnic style

Immediately divide the apartment into several areas: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. With warming and expansion balconies, significantly increase the seating area.

Shift the door between the kitchen and the living room, put a glass partition - we get an increase in area bathrooms, and proceed to finishing work:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to insulate the loggia and into the bathroom to mount heated floors and high-quality ventilation system.
  2. Then, all the rooms are set multilevel plasterboard ceilings. Required plots room accented by a recessed luminaires.
  3. The walls in the living room and hallway trim decorative plaster for the walls in the kitchen and bathroom and mosaic tiled useful cover. Paul, accordingly, parquet - in the hall and corridor and tile in the kitchen and bathroom.
  4. Creating a room design for young families in the ethnic style, using textures under the skin of a giraffe, combining them with monotone beige wallpaper. The ceiling is painted in the tone wallpaper, lamps and choose the triangular shape. In some places the floor doing inlays in wood.
  5. Furniture for apartment: sofa with a couple of chairs, decorated in shades of yellow, multifunctional wardrobe made of wood and kitchen with a facade color furniture. Sofa transforms into a comfortable bed.

Thus, a small apartment is easily converted into a cozy nest for two people, with a minimum cost.

The resulting design a small room for a family has enough features and looks nice and bright.

Photo Gallery

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