The design of children's clothes, shoes: Premises project

Design children's clothing store (36 photos): zoning, lighting and play area


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  • 1 Stages of design development
    • 1.1 zoning
    • 1.2 Each zone has a different style
    • 1.3 proper lighting
  • 2 Zone - to be or not to be
  • 3 Advertising
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Interior design children's shop - not an easy task. We need a design that would come to taste both parents and the youngest of his visitors. Important to them in the first place, small parts, rather than a specific style.

But adults want to design a children's clothing store is fully responsible to its level. For designers it is important to combine these requirements and achieve the desired result.Children's clothing store design

Develop the right sales area of ​​interior design - a difficult task for a beginner, and store interior design for children - even more difficult. This is because it is very difficult to please everyone at once - both parents and children.

Stages of design development


The first thing to do is to divide the sales area into separate areas depending on the range of goods. Very often, this zoning produced by the principle - clothing for girls / boys


For the separation of these zones, you can use the visual or decorative techniques to build a plasterboard wall bizarre.

Note! The spacers can be used as sofas, furniture wall or playground.

Store design children's shoes or clothes suggests discreet color scheme on the walls and ceiling. Making purchases, parents and children need to consider things, not walls.

Each zone has a different style

Separate areas should be made out in different styles, but so that they came together.

design retail space project

An example of the children's retail space design

With the help of different ideas of decoration can be qualitatively diversify interior of any commercial space, including a children's clothing. The Department for girls put accessories, reminding them the tale of the princess, it could be an imitation of a castle or voluminous characters in full growth.

proper lighting

A very important aspect of lighting. Developing shop design project, make sure that the lighting was dim and distort the natural colors.

If you want to focus the attention of buyers in any particular product, using directional light beams that can be easily organized.

local lightning

local lightning

In modern stores often this technique is applied to:

  • Baby carriages;
  • cribs;
  • walkers;
  • changing tables;
  • soft toys.

    Zone - to be or not to be

Kids love to play and frolic while their parents are engaged in serious business. Captivate the baby and parents hands-free will properly organized play area. The main condition of its organization - the safety of the equipment used.

If you are allowing room space, organize a few tables and chairs separately for children and adults, set up a lot of soft toys, set small swings and child will remain forever here.

Let all on this small island brings the fun and excitement for children. Believe me, the next time the parents for what will not be able to lead the child to another store to shop.


Note that the various signs, banners or advertising on television will not leave indifferent any child. They are also attracted to bright colored and light designs, posters and stickers.

Children's Corner in the store

Children's Corner in the store

Try to take into account all their wishes. For parents in advertising important information load, so the movie or banner should contain a clear and detailed description of what you offer to buyers.

Summing up

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