Room design for girls, girls 7 years old, a young woman 18 years: small interior

Room design for girls (45 photos): in the style of minimalism, the Empire, the use of bright colors


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Teenagers are characterized by rapid change of mood and tastes, especially for girls.

That is why the planning of the room design for teen girls, be very careful with the decisions and attentive to details of interior room.

Room design for girlsIn any case, can not endorse a particular option without room hostess, as a sparkling decision may entail a storm of discontent.

room design for teen girl

Version of the design of the room

We propose to consider a few original ideas for the design of the room of a teenage girl.

  1. Simple and at the same time a luxurious bathroom. Such a design of the room for a young girl contains a lot of small details and decorative elements.
  2. Bright room

Many will say that it is very impractical, as the repair of the room in white color is very easily soiled and for a long time this furniture will not serve. However, the furniture made in this color, it looks very elegant and gentle.

  1. Rooms Designed in a minimalist style

Excellent looks elegant and simple illustration on a gray wall. Due to the fact that under the bed is huge so-called storage system, the room seem more spacious and free.

This system includes a set of rolling out drawers that allow convenient to store a variety of small items.

  1. Bright colours. Due to a very bright and contrasting combinations on the walls and other accessories repair in a small room your child will look unmatched.
  2. design a small room for a girl

    The third version of the design of the room for a teenager

    This room interior design for girls is considered the most popular.

  1. Harmony in the elements
Room interior design for girls

Design Example of room for teenager

Cornices windows, bedding and edging the mat made from the same material. These elements are well-contrasted with the rest of the details.

Spice sticker attached at the head of the bed with the image of an old chandelier.

  1. Empire style
room design for young girls

Example design of the room in the Empire style

This style will never be old and unfashionable. Thus, the design of the room for a young woman of 18 years, executed in this direction, will combine incongruous colors and original decorative elements.

  1. Bedroom-savannah

The veil is made in the colors of a zebra, however, the black bars are replaced by green. However, this substitution is combined with bamboo blinds.

In carrying out the design of a small room for the girls, the most important place is given to no color scheme used to achieve different effects, and space.

That area of ​​the room you can limit and impose certain standards on the interior. However, a small area, you can beat the stylish and functional.

Note! Once you have agreed on the direction and style in which the room will be made out, think carefully about how you will add personality to this room. This can be done podsmotrev many ideas in magazines or on the Internet.

room design for a young woman of 18 years

Design example of the bedroom for girls

It can be various pads, wall decoration crafts and embroidery, a lot of photos on the shelves or in niches. Unleash your imagination.

Shall describe the vase, or change the upholstery of furniture. If you have not settled on any particular version, which will help you transform your daughter's room, then seek advice from a qualified technician.

They always have in stock a couple of comfort and convenience secrets.

If you make a room design for girls 7 years, we can sew custom bedding with the heroes of her beloved animated series or a children's film.

The most important thing is not to overdo it.

The most popular advice on registration of rooms for the girls

  1. room design style should be appropriate to the age of her mistress.
  2. Around the age of 10-12 years old girl stops playing dolls and fairies to get involved, it becomes more mature. Its beginning to be interested in new music bands, dancers and actresses and singers. However, up to this age the interior theme of a room can be a great delicate flowers, the heroes of fairy tales or cartoons.

If you want to make a few flowers in the bedroom for your daughter, then decide on the so-called saturation. An excessive amount of colorful flowers will look too flashy and extravagant. Select one main color.

This may be the tone pastel yellow, pink, lavender. Good will look a combination of gray and yellow, white and pink, and green colors of different saturations.

The room on the wall you can hang, for example, orange panels, and doors or glass doors to decorate a variety of color inserts. On the ceiling, place the large shade on the lamp. It will complement the image.

  1. For decoration, use wall stickers and stencils. They can be located with a certain sequence or at random. Most often, glue stickers bedside or in an area where your child will rest.
room design 3 May 5 May

Design example of the bedroom for a teenage girl

If you make the walls in a room with colorful, very beautiful stickers will look at the interface of different colors. They will make the transitions between color tones not as contrasting and sharp.

  1. Decorate the chandelier singing wind or trap sunbeams.
  2. Do not forget about the existence of natural houseplants. The place is beautifully decorated with potted flowers on the windowsill or on open shelves.

Features bedroom design

Carrying out of the room design 3.5-5.5 m should think about the decor and the overall ceiling design. It can be formed, for example, in the form of a starry sky, have a decoration in the form of clouds or moon-lamp.

Also it is possible to hang a kite or birds. Most importantly, this room with all design decisions was cozy for your child.

If suddenly your daughter wanted to be a pirate board, you can turn it into a room in the deck of the ship. So, make sure the ladder is present, the bridge, the wheelhouse and other parts of the ship.

The bed in this case can be hung and arrange different sized ladders, add a decorative rope and fish figurines. The overall color scheme should be green and blue.

Well, if they are present elements of decoration, made in contrasting colors, for example, white, black or brown.

The furniture in this room should be mobile, roomy, durable, light and multifunctional. It is important that the furniture could be unfolded, if your child has grown.

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