Kitchen Repair in Brezhnevka

« Brezhnevka » - a typical apartment of the early 70's. The layout of the apartments is characterized by small hallways, the area of ​​the kitchen with an unreasoned location of the equipment and is only 6-7 square meters.m. The main advantage - the ceiling height of 2.7 m.


  1. Extension of the kitchen area
  2. Kitchen design in the Brezhnevka
  3. Photo of the kitchen in the Brezhnevka

Extension of the kitchen area in the Brezhnevka is catastrophically limited, because a considerable part of the walls in these buildings are carriers.

And yet, there are always options. Firstly, the expansion is possible due to a bathroom, a corridor or a built-in closet-pantry. The latter option is able to add the most practically 2 whole squares. As an option, after dismantling the wall between the kitchen and one from the rooms, you can find an impressive kitchen in 17-18 "squares", and even arrange a full dining room there, and a well-designed design will provide an opportunity to have guests there. Instead of the capital wall in this case, you can build a unique decorative partition for the style of the kitchen.

This option is possible and in one-bedroom apartments, it is true to sell it then in the future will be much more difficult.

During the repair, there may be a combination of the kitchen and the adjacent balcony. If the balcony is not( or it is the only one in the layout), you can get permission to complete this room.

It is especially advantageous to take advantage of this option to the owners of the apartments on the ground floor. Then the balcony can be completed for the entire length of the apartment. True, obtaining a permit and an extension require time and money.

Design of kitchen in brezhnevke

Designer repair of kitchen in brezhnevke is capable and without a sledgehammer to expand the space. The main thing is the skilful use of the available square meters. To visually expand the dimensions of the kitchen in the breasts, you need to do the following:

  • take out a huge refrigerator in the corridor or on the balcony( if there is one with exit from the kitchen), or replace it with a compact one, which will easily stand under the work surface;
  • smooth, monophonic or with a fine pattern, wallpaper;
  • connect the working area of ​​the tables with the window sill;
  • hinged surfaces for a dining place;
  • glossy, shiny surfaces;
  • we use the built-in technique.

Choose a kitchen set for the ceiling. On the uppermost shelves, you can easily hide the necessary but rarely used things. Or conservation.

Another constructive method to save the necessary area is to replace the ordinary swing door with a sliding system or simply open the doorway with an arch.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to easily repair the kitchen in the breasts, using our advice. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the photos of the kitchens in the Brezhnevka .Maybe your future kitchen will look like that!

Photo of kitchen in brezhnevke