Interior design small-sized kitchen: design options in a standard apartment

Interior design small-sized kitchen (photo 36): Art Nouveau style, country music, a combination of wood and metal


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  • 2 Examples of interior small kitchen
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    • 2.2 Country style
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In most houses built in the Khrushchev kitchen are fairly modest size. But for an experienced designer is not a problem. Let's find out what they are advised to choose the style of the interior for the small-sized kitchen. After all, even a small room can be comfortable and functional.

Interior design small-sized kitchen

What is important in the kitchen:

  • storage space;
  • lighting;
  • choice of technology.

The main challenge facing us - the most of every centimeter of space, adapting it to your needs.

12 design secrets

Let's get started:

  1. To begin to identify, without any objects, we can not do. Installed in the room equipment and furniture, which we obviously will not use, do not. If we are not fans of the culinary arts and the oven we need a maximum of 1 per year, it is necessary to replace it more compact microwave or Aerogrill.
  2. Choosing the design of furniture set immediately exclude island and U-shaped embodiments. They take up a lot of space. The most suitable form - linear. If you can not build it all in one line, using the L-shaped variant, it is also compact.
  3. Remove or expand the doorways. If you can not do without them, screw the sunshade so that the door opens outward. In this way, we will free some space.
  4. Dining area bringing outside food or make it more compact. For example, set the hinged table that is easy to fold and set the bar, these options will not take up much space. If the kitchen combined with a room, rack divide the room into zones. If such an option is not satisfied, get a small round table. By the way, glass top, reflecting the light, visually enlarge the room. You can also use the folding chairs.
    Kitchen interior design of compact

    The table is replaced by a bar counter

  5. Choosing a design small kitchens for small apartments, we try to make better use of the angles. They can set the cabinets and tables. In general, angular furniture is much more spacious than usual. The space under the windowsill can be adapted to store food or utensils, setting it a secret locker.
  6. Headsets better make to order, small width. When designing furniture, prefer open shelves, use a folding roll-shutters or sliding doors. You can order a sliding surface for slicing. If you live in an apartment for 1-2 people and is preparing a little, it would be appropriate to replace the large plate with two on.
  7. Washing should be convenient and compact. In order to increase its functionality acquire cutting board large, we cover the sink, and then, the surface is ready for slicing.
  8. The most frequently used items you can hang on the wall with working bars or hooks. Ware, which is used very rarely, is removed on the uppermost shelves.
  9. When choosing a refrigerator, prefer narrow and capacious models. Also, do not purchase large appliances, it is better to take a small, but functional.
  10. Modeling design space, we should not forget that the bright colors and glossy surfaces visually increase the space. Bright colors add freshness and originality. The abundance of glass and metal parts gives volume. Horizontal image - is expanding, and the vertical - making higher. Use these techniques in the design of the room.
    Design small kitchens for small apartments

    Small kitchen in bright colors

  11. Keep in mind, a large flat object hanging on the wall visually increase the room. It may be a picture or a mirror.
  12. In small spaces, a special role should be given to lighting. Each zone must have its own light source. Use the daylight lamp for illumination Furniture and fixtures mnogolampovye on movable hinges. This will expand the coverage area.

This is common advice, but now let's look at them with specific examples.

Examples of interior small kitchen

The Art Nouveau

Choosing kitchen interior design small apartment, it was decided to arrange a room in Art Nouveau style. This allowed the maximum use of floor space.

The combination of glossy black ceilings with white paint to visually enlarge the space. L-shaped set light lilac color instead of all necessary items and appliances. Metal surface reflects the ceiling, giving the volume of the kitchen.

On the wall hung the most frequently used items. Buffet was decided to remove, it replaced the specially extended sill with a glossy surface. Repair the walls with his own hands made the decorative plaster. In the corner of the room, behind the partition set the refrigerator.

Oven with door mirror, which reflects the floor and walls, gives the volume of the entire room. As a curtain, it was decided to use fabric blinds in tone to the headset, which became the final note of kitchen design.

Options for small kitchen design

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

Country style

Choosing a small kitchen design options for country style is worth paying attention to people who appreciate comfort and ease the situation. There were no modern appliances, no metallic luster.

Of the situation all the essentials: a round table, chairs, corner set, extractor, fridge and washing. The working area is continuous, all parts arranged in series (washing - cutting - cooking).

Repair of the ceiling in the kitchen is made in white color, it gives the room height. Walls of light tones, as the boundary of the perimeter was glued plinth in tone headset. Working wall Tiled that specifically laid out horizontally to visually expand the space.

On the walls hung with a variety of items, some of them performs the function of decoration. Narrow refrigerator (50 cm) is perfectly located in the corner of the window. Interior completes the design for the kitchen curtains in a Roman style with a bright pattern, which gives the whole room warm and cozy. This embodiment requires no global rearrangement. Simply remove all the excess furniture and appliances.

Kitchen in the style of "Country"

Kitchen in country style

Wood and metal

Kitchen design in standard apartment

This option is ideal for lovers of the use of innovative home appliances. A large number of drawers lets you put all the necessary utensils and hide it from prying eyes. Built-in appliances do not take up much space, but increases the functionality of the room.

Note! Bright colors, metal gloss glossy home appliances and worktops, visually enhances the room. Minimum decor lines and directness make the room more spacious.

This option combined the principles of Art Nouveau (straightness of lines, a large number of household appliances) and classical (warm tone and texture of the wood). Warm soft light gives cozy kitchen. This design does not require re-planning premises.

Design a small kitchen

Design a small kitchen

I want to add for small kitchens can consider any design styles. With proper selection of furniture and color palette of the room sizes are not important.

Most designers argues that it is necessary to choose bright colors for small spaces. But if you like dark, pick the right lighting and the room will look great.

And do not listen when you say that the design of the kitchen in the apartment to pick up the standard in a modern style hard. He who seeks, always succeeds.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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