Making windows in the kitchen with balcony: the original, interesting interior rustic

Making a window in the kitchen (photo 33): the use of curtains and blinds


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In the process of creating a design kitchen, in front of each apartment owner will become the choice of the problem: how to decorate a wall or a kitchen purchase.

Among those tasks is window decoration and the kitchen, which consists of several stages: selection of metal-plastic package, slopes and finishing the sill, the purchase and installation of eaves and curtains. Consider these steps in more detail.

window decoration in the kitchen During repair and design kuhnivladeltsy usually change the old wooden windows with a modern plastic windows. Already at the stage of his choice worth considering what is required of future windows. Standard glazing - single-chamber with white frames.

However, the kitchen is best suited two-chamber (three glasses), noise and sun package. This design allows to keep heat inside the room and the dining area will protect from the bright sun.

Frame color can be not only white and stylized wood coating. This option is best suited for a country house made of wood.

window decoration in the kitchen with balcony

Cornice with original curtains

The window sill in the interior of a small kitchen is also different from standard room. From it requires a large width, resistance to detergents and scratch and beautiful appearance.

Often the window sills are used as supports for flower pots, shelves for household appliances or parts tabletops or bar.

Manufacturers do not recommend the use of the sill, as part of the table - the material quickly deteriorates and loses its presentation, but as a replacement shelf sill is quite suitable.

To the eaves above the window in the kitchen put forward several demands:

  • It should fit into the interior;
  • Be wider than the window for visual increase the window opening;
  • Soaking as light curtains and heavy drapes;
  • Fixing the cornice above the window also allows you to visually pull the window opening in length;
  • Typically, the cornice choose the color of the curtains.

Curtains in the kitchen

The main design element that can make the original design of the kitchen are the curtains.

Nowadays, there are many variants of this bright decorations, each of which will make the kitchen design unique and unrepeatable:

  • The curtains in the kitchen should be easy to wear and create a feeling of freshness and easy to transmit light. That is why the light translucent curtains are solid material - the best choice for interior decoration.
  • For sewing curtains can be used tissue-companions - similar in tone but different in pattern or texture. This will create an interesting decorative effect.
    interior with kitchen window

    Curtains made of light material

  • If you decide to sew curtains with their own hands, the choice of material to check its resistance to dirt and washable. Natural materials for curtains - cotton, linen, silk. Currently, most of curtains made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials, which is impregnated with the composition, and dirt repellent imparting fire resistance.
  • The most popular options for curtains - calico, staple, with a floral pattern, in a cage or strip. This style goes well with wooden furniture and ceramic utensils.
  • Colors curtains - mostly bright shades with light designs and patterns. No need to hang dark curtains massive - it creates a feeling of space and reduce the load space.
  • To the owner of the apartment could do interesting design of the kitchen, the selected curtains should be no longer than 20 centimeters. It not only adorns the interior, but also allows the use of space weatherstrip.
  • Pelmets with lots of folds on the curtains in the kitchen are not welcome. The fact that the kitchen curtains are quickly spoiled, and many folds will only complicate the process of cleaning them.

types of curtains

design rustic kitchen

Roman blinds in the kitchen

To decorate the interior of the kitchen with a window you need to buy curtains, but on a specific model to stay - it's up to you.

Typically, blinds are selected for interior design and kitchen facilities.

  1. Roman curtains

The most popular variant of decorating the windows in the kitchen interior are considered Roman blinds. This textile curtains, folding "in pile" with the chain mechanism and reminiscent of blinds.

The original design of the kitchen

beautiful curtains

They are suitable in the case where you do not want to clutter the screen, but leave it open - the wrong decision. Advantages: simplicity, clarity of lines and convenience.

Form of curtains attached to special rails, and below is inserted weighting to the curtains do not hang out. textile density is selected based on the brightness of the sunlight outside the window.

  1. blinds

on Roman curtains are quite similar, but differ in the method of installation. If the Roman version of the curtains fit like a deck of cards, the bar at the bar, in this model, the canvas is rolled into a tight roll.

Such curtains are often fastened directly in the window opening - this simple method allows expand the space and facilitates the opening of the window.

Note! Roman and roller blinds are perfectly combined with curtains. In the case of overlapping should not choose too dense and dark curtain, it is desirable to avoid folds and abundance of lush Fuld.

  1. Curtains panel

Quite functional and convenient option window decorations are the curtains. Types of materials from which they are made, are quite diverse, so you can choose the model for a specific interior.

A variety of colors to complement any design.

  1. cotton curtains

If vyreshili make a clearance cuisine in a rustic style, think about choosing not to come - traditional chintz curtains of bright colors or crocheted lace curtains. They will add a home of color and create a cozy atmosphere.

Blinds in the kitchen

Installing blinds in the kitchen - an excellent replacement for the usual curtains. Especially good fit blinds in minimalist and technological designs.

interesting design of the kitchen

Wooden blinds in the interior

For Japanese or Chinese style bamboo blinds fit and classic look accepts textiles as the main material.

Quite an original version of the interior decorations are photo-blinds, which is applied to a favorite image or picture of a famous artist. This allows you to give a small kitchen additional perspective.

Individual design task can be considered design of the window in the kitchen with a balcony. In this case, you will have to cover not only a window curtain, but the doorway that sets some limits on the size of curtains.

In the case of Roman blinds or blinds, can divide them into two sections - the window and door, the length of which is adjusted separately. Curtains of different lengths, but one type is also perfectly fit into the interior.

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