Bathroom redevelopment: modern options and design of the bathroom( 24 photos)

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Example of bathroom redevelopment
  • Variants
  • Features of the work
  • How to remove the separation wall?
  • Construction of a wall or partitions
  • A modern approach to the design of the
  • Practical advice

Now the bathroom repair is often carried out with redevelopment, as the dimensions of the existing premises often do not suit the owner. Many standard bathrooms are much smaller than is required for a family, which leads to the idea of ​​expanding the room by making a combined bathroom by connecting the bathroom and toilet. And someone, on the contrary, wants to share the bathroom, which was originally combined. Also, often about redevelopment is conceived when you receive new housing, when you want to decorate it to your liking.

Remodeling in the bathroom

Variants of

As they often want to do redevelopment to add space, the partition between the toilet and the bathroom is demolished for this purpose.

Before the redevelopment - bathroom and toilet separately

The options for placing furniture and sanitary ware, first of all, depend on the area of ​​the room.

After the redevelopment - a combined bathroom and toilet

Often the toilet is turned to the side of the bathtub, the former toilet door is closed and a washing machine is installed in the space between it and the toilet.

Variant of redevelopment

To further increase the area of ​​the bathroom is able to connect the corridor section. This requires more finances and forces, because you will not only have to move the walls, but also remodel the floor, adding waterproofing to it. The corridor can be partially reduced by adding a space for the washing machine to the bathroom, but leaving a small area to the corridor. Also, you can completely give the square meters of the bathroom corridor by making an entrance to the kitchen from another room.

Variant of redevelopment of a small bathroom

Do not forget that you can not attach a bathroom to a living room or kitchen. Such variants of redevelopment are forbidden, therefore you will not get permission for them, and if you independently carry out without permission, you risk receiving administrative punishment.

Features of the work

As the work on re-planning is quite difficult, because there is always the risk of an accident, so be as thorough as possible and observe all the technologies and norms.

Remodeling in the bathroom

Before demolishing walls it is important to find out if they carry, because they will not be able to dismantle such walls. The maximum that can be done for more convenient organization of the bathroom space is to move the doorway, but at the same time to strengthen the load-bearing wall. Since it takes some time to get the required documentation even for the allowed redevelopment options, start to deal with the papers long before the repair.

Variant of redevelopment in the bathroom

When the bathroom and toilet are combined, pay attention to the competent repair of the floor so that there are no rapids and elevations at the junction of the rooms. It is especially important to perform high-quality waterproofing of the floor. Also, consider the ventilation of the new room well.

Remember that the use of ventilation niches as a useful area of ​​the bathroom is prohibited and is subject to a fine.

Bathroom without partitions

Consider the separation of the functionality of some zones. Perhaps in the design is to make special partitions.

Correct bathroom redevelopment

If it is necessary to lay new pipes, choose pipes from metal-plastic or polypropylene. And be sure to provide access to all the faucets and connections in case of repair.

Bathroom redevelopment

How to remove the separation wall?

Combining rooms, you get more space, and therefore more opportunities for the implementation of design ideas. Implementing the style chosen for the room in such a room will be more convenient, and the options for finishing will increase significantly. However, the amenities when using a combined bathroom will be less, especially if the tenants in the apartment are many.

To get rid of the wall, you can call professionals or cope on their own.

Demolition of the wall
Demolition of the wall with your own hands


  1. Remove items that may interfere with the premises and place the necessary tools next to the wall.
  2. Begin work from the top of the wall so that it does not collapse during the dismantling.
  3. Make several holes near the corner( you can use a puncher for this), and then cut the holes between these holes with a Bulgarian.
  4. After that, hammer out the cut out part of the wall, continuing work on this principle.

Break the wall in small sections and immediately collect the resulting construction debris. When you take down the wall, cut off the excess pieces sticking out at the edges of the bulgarian. If dismantling has led to the formation of depressions, you can eliminate them when decorating the room.

Do not forget to use eyeglasses, gloves and a respirator, because with this kind of work a lot of sharp elements and dust are formed.

Construction of a wall or partitions

The presence of a wall in the bathroom adds to the design possibilities, because from the bathroom side to the wall you can install a mirror or cabinets, and from the toilet - a heater or shelves.

Now they rarely erect a wall in a bathroom made of bricks. This partition serves as a full wall, but less profitable because of the complexity of construction work.

You need to buy materials, tools, bring everything to the bathroom, and then perform masonry on the markings, checking it with a level or a plumb line.

The brick partition, depending on the desired thickness and strength, is made into a whole brick or in half. After that, the masonry will have to be plastered and then finished.

Partition in the bathroom

More demanded now and a simplified version is the erection of a partition of moisture resistant gypsum board. Its disadvantages are less strength, insufficient insulation of heat and sound, but these shortcomings can be corrected. Installation of a wall made of gypsum board provides for the installation of a metal frame made of galvanized profile. Such a frame allows you to make a wall of the desired thickness. For greater noise insulation and thermal insulation, the materials necessary for this are placed inside the frame. Also in the framework can be hidden communications.

plasterboard partition

Modern approach to the design of

To facilitate the selection of bathroom design and layout of interior elements, it is worth trying to work with programs for design. Changing the future bathroom virtually, you can easily find the best solution.

Project redevelopment

If there is a desire, the bathroom and toilet can be connected not in a simple bathroom, but transformed into a real complex for hygienic and health procedures. In such a room it is possible to install a toilet bowl, a rectangular bathtub, a washing machine, a laundry basket, a countertop with two sinks and a cupboard under them, adding everything with stylish furniture, a rug and a large mirror.

Stylish redevelopment

Fans of a romantic style and functionality can choose this option: put next to the toilet and washing machine entrance, place in the far corner an oversized shower with a lot of nice additional functions, and in the corner opposite it - a corner bath and a washbasin. Thanks to the hanging cabinets and shelves in this bathroom there is enough space for any little things.

in a romantic style

Another similar option: installation near the entrance of the washing machine and sink, in one far corner - a hanging toilet with a cabinet under it for detergents, and in the other - a small shower and a sitting bath.

Design of a small bathroom

Practical advice

  • To hurry in business with re-planning it is not necessary. First, deal with legal and sanitary issues. Without this stage, you will not be able to touch other rooms when redeveloping the bathroom. Even with the most reliable waterproofing, uncoordinated changes can interfere with the neighbors living at the bottom. So get to work only after you have received permission to do so.
  • Sometimes the measurement of square centimeters in an apartment with the thought of adding them to the bathroom ends with the decision that you do not need to do anything special, but you can do without a simple change of the "stuffing" of the bathroom. By changing the location of the plumbing or replacing it with more economical models, you will change the location indefinitely, and get more free space. For example, you can install a sedentary model instead of a long bath, and select a washing machine with a vertical load. A good exit will be a shower cabin with mirrored walls.
  • If the family is big and every morning in the bathroom you need to wash several people at once, it is wise to install 2 sinks, avoiding the formation of a queue. Conveniently, if such shells are hanging, then under them in the locker you can store the necessary trifles and toiletries.
  • Many people want to add a bidet to the bathroom, but a more economical option will be a toilet bowl, because it will take up less space. And since such a universal sanitary ware can be hung, then under it you can install a small cabinet for jars and brushes.
  • If you want to combine a bathroom with a toilet, but at the same time leave a wall between them for especially shy households, stop on the option of a low partition( up to 1.5 meters) made of glass or other material. On such a partition, you can hang a non-heavy shelf, on which you can keep flowers or decorative elements.
Redevelopment in a small room
Change the location of the plumbing
Bathroom with two washbasins
Bathroom redevelopment with bidet
Bathroom with a partition

Bathroom projects you can look in another article. Learn the basic stages of design, which will help to avoid mistakes.

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