Kitchen design with breakfast bar

Tired of monotony? Do you want to radically change the general appearance of your kitchen? There is an answer to all these questions - kitchen design with a bar counter will be able to solve all your problems. This option is optimal for everyone, because such unusual furniture can become a very practical and profitable option.


  1. Which design style to choose?
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  3. Photo of the kitchen design with the bar

If you install it in your kitchen, then you will not only save space, but also largely transform it. There are three most important arguments that can lead you to such a decision.

Consider each of them:

  1. This design of the kitchen with a bar counter, as in the photo, is suitable for different types of premises, especially it looks good in small spaces. It perfectly replaces, all habitual, a table and takes up little space. This reason is the most significant.
  2. Another positive side of this installation is that the bar can completely completely change the whole view of the room. It looks modern and is quite practical with this. You can order not only standard models, but also the option that will not have analogues. A variety of color palette will make it an ornament and help you complete the entire interior.
  3. If you install a bar counter in the kitchen-living room, then you will be able to divide the space very successfully. This argument is the reason for you to learn about which models are particularly relevant today. We offer to your attention a selection of photos, where the best variants of kitchen designs with a bar rack are presented.

Which design style to choose?

This question is two-valued, because, in the first case, it refers to the entire room, and in the second - to a particular product. We remind you that the design of a small kitchen with a bar counter should be in harmony with the furniture, it should complement and be part of the whole interior. Therefore, the color, dimensions and material of one product should fit the general style of the whole kitchen. Only in this way will you achieve the maximum visual effect that you will like. By the way, the color of your kitchen in case it is planned to install a bar rack can be any, because today you can find furniture in different colors, so you have discovered experiments in this matter.

Special attention should be paid to the question of whether it is actual and correct to install it in a corner kitchen that has a small area. This project will be non-standard and original, so it is also interesting for many. In our photo gallery you can see how it will look like. At the same time, evaluate the original approach to placement and the model of such an installation, perhaps it will seem very, very interesting to you.

More about the main

Many are convinced that the bar in the kitchen forces you to use only the most fashionable and new styles in the interior. This is a mistake, because the model of the installation itself can be executed in the design that you want.

Find today products from wood as easy as buying a modern model of more complex materials. The main thing is only to take into account the fact that caring for wooden furniture is not easy, all the rest is not a problem.

We would like to note that the design variant of a small kitchen with a bar counter is a good opportunity to use the space in such a way that it was cozy and comfortable to relax in. Therefore, it's time to start developing your own design, which will be the absolute embodiment of your dream.

Photo of kitchen design with a bar