Design of classic cuisine

Classics will never go out of fashion. With a lot of modern avant-garde solutions, any kitchen in the classical style is always a success. In the kitchen in the evenings the whole family gathers and shares the impressions of the last day. The design of classical cuisine allows creating an atmosphere of a cozy home.


  1. Distinctive features of the interior
  2. Design photo of the classical kitchen

Distinctive features of the interior

This design implies the presence of an expensive kitchen set, quiet restrained colors of the walls, tiles for the apron. Strict symmetry and classic hanging or wall lamps, decor - watches, candlesticks, panels, paintings, figurines. The wooden floor can be replaced with tiles or porcelain stoneware: many manufacturers produce entire rulers for wood. In the photo after this article you can see all the options for the design of the kitchen space in the classical style.

Classical cuisine is always exemplary, order and style. Beauty and elegance in it can surpass convenience and functionality. Designing the design of modern classical cuisine, preference is given to elegant furniture made from quality materials with carving, gilding or patina finish. Fixtures should be crystal or glass. Door lockers can also be glass. No plastic or metal. Decorative role can be given to beautiful dishes in the classical style. If the kitchen space allows, in such kitchens, buffets with special shelves for plates and cups, open cupboards for glasses look great. Chests, all sorts of shelves, boxes for spices - just improve the interior.

If you plan to design a small classic kitchen, the walls should be light and solid: they have the ability to visually increase space. A small vertical strip is acceptable, especially if the room is low in ceilings.

It will look good with a discreet classic pattern on the wallpaper. Do not contradict the concept of classics and modern stretch ceilings. Conversely, a glossy white ceiling visually lifts the space above your head. In addition, the illumination of a small kitchen with a glossy ceiling will be larger and a crystal chandelier will play in all its splendor.

Looks great in the design of classic textiles cuisine. It can be classic drapes, tablecloth, cloaks on chairs or pillows. The curtains in the small kitchen can replace the blinds and so that the kitchen does not look dull and monotonous, textiles can be picked up with flowers or birds, aristocratic monograms, curls and even damascus will look more aristocratic. Classical cuisine is distinguished by the presence of numerous decorative arches, pediments, columns. Under the ceiling you can place stucco and decorative beams. Traditional doors can also be replaced with arches.

Strict restraint and noble simplicity are the distinctive features of modern classical cuisine. It can only be supplemented and decorated: a bar counter, built-in kitchen appliances, modern aprons of tempered glass will only decorate and transform the space. However, to see the design of modern cuisine in the classical style can be in the photo gallery after this article.

Photo of the design of the classical kitchen