Design of a small living room

Dimensions of rooms in the apartment - this is the main problem of our time. Usually a lot of design ideas are born in the head, and the area does not allow them to realize everything. But our article will help in solving such problems. For you, the design of a small living room will not be difficult if you take into account our advice and recommendations.


  1. Correctly selected color
  2. Furniture in a small living room
  3. Fireplace
  4. Tips for
  5. Photo of a small living room design

There are three ways how you can visually increase the space without changing the layout. Each of them has its own peculiarities, so we will discuss each separately.

Correctly selected color

This method is used very, very long time, because it is available for everyone. Correctly chosen shades in the design of a small living room contribute to the fact that space seems much more real. But in this case, it is important to take into account the peculiarity that the room will become bigger not only if you use light wallpapers or paint. You need to know the appropriate color configurations. Important will be the chosen style of space, because exactly it forces to apply certain colors.

So, if you chose the design of a small living room in Khrushchevka in the style of Provence, then it will be easy to follow. You will only need bright matte tones, most often use either white solid wallpaper or paint. In rare cases, let's say beige color, which is used in combination with white.

In the case of applying more modern styles - high-tech or minimalism, there are more opportunities to increase the living room. Even if dark colors are chosen at the base of the design, their combination with pastel wallpaper can be ideal. For classics, a material for decorating walls, such as plastic or wood, can be used that must be identical to natural colors.

Recall that the separate attention to the color scheme deserve the floor and ceiling, which in any design of a small living room should be in such a balance - the floor - dark, the ceiling - light.

Furniture in a small living room

In many ways, the correct interior design of a small living room depends on whether the furniture was strategically chosen. In the circumstances of this situation, you need to manage only the most important elements. A soft leather sofa, a small table and a TV - that's what should be placed here. Additional shelves, coffee tables and bedside tables will make the room smaller than it is, so it's important to limit yourself in the desires to place everything in one room.


If you place one central element in the room, it will create the appearance that the room is simply huge. This mystery is used by many designers, so the design of a small living room with a fireplace is the most fashionable solution. In a small space it will look charming and beautiful, it will serve as an excellent decorative element. We show you how it can look and attach photos, where this method is used as correctly as possible.

Tips for the

  1. Small rooms do not tolerate large furniture, so it's better to use standard sizes.
  2. It should completely abandon all sorts of jewelry - figurines, vases - all this in a small living room will be superfluous.
  3. Drywall for ceiling in a small living room is not considered the best material. In your case it will be much more practical to use a different type - a stretch ceiling, which will increase the light and create the desired effect.

Photo of the design of a small living room

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