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Modern bathroom
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    Modern bathroom
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      Modern bathroom
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      When choosing a design, most attention is paid to living rooms - bedroom, kitchen, living room, and the bathroom remains in the background. But this room in the morning makes us cheerful and cheerful people. At your disposal is a huge selection of sanitary equipment and exclusive furniture, so we can create our own unique bathroom, bring comfort and comfort to it, and also achieve self-expression through this or that style. When you want to achieve the greatest aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom, we face the difficult task of choosing the style for a modern bathroom that is right for you.

      Beautiful modern bathroom


      This style will give you confidence that the design of your bathroom will not go out of fashion for many more years.

      Ideal for finishing material in the classical style is considered marble. Furniture is mostly made of wood. It is preferable to use only natural materials in the classics, which is often expensive.

      The advantage of the classic style in the presence of a variety of functional side tables and shelves. This is very convenient when you have to store a lot of small items.

      Elements of classical style:

      • Calm pastel colors, nice looking,
      • baths with whimsical legs,
      • light sources resembling candlesticks,
      • taps "under bronze".
      Bathroom in a classic style
      Elegant modern bathroom in classic style
      Classic style in the modern bathroom
      Beautiful modern bathroom in classic style
      Modern bathroom in classic style
      Four-poster canopy in classic style


      Modern assumes introduction of innovations and modern technologies.

      Ideal for a small bathroom. It is suitable for both an expensive bathroom and a bathroom with a small budget.

      There are many ways to equip a bathroom in this style. The combination of colors is used in contrast, often it is used to divide the room into zones using decorative partitions.

      Partitions - bathroom in Art Nouveau style

      Various plumbing is based on convenience and the greatest functionality. Relevant are corner baths, shower cabins, sinks.

      Furniture is often made from fairly cheap, practical materials. In this style it is desirable to use innovative furniture, the main property of which is economical accommodation.

      Kinds of lighting can be varied - from single lamps to the original arrangement of LEDs. The main rule in modernity is the emphasis on accessories, non-standard sizes and shapes.

      Bathroom modern
      Bathroom Style Art Nouveau
      Beautiful bathroom with a stone in Art Nouveau style


      This style refers to collective. This is the eastern motifs, and Japan, India, as well as Scandinavian, African styles. It welcomes natural materials and colors, the presence of traditional ornaments and motifs.

      The color palette corresponds to the chosen ethnic group - bright juicy African emotions or quiet and restrained Japanese character. In creating a bathroom in the ethno-style, special attention is paid not to plumbing, but to accessories. Figurines, figured vases, symbols on the walls - everything imaginative can help you plunge into this or that country.

      Bathroom in ethnic style


      A peculiar rustic style, in which it is preferable to use coarse massive elements, natural materials such as stone, brick, wood. Use only natural colors, for example, green or beige, brown or sandy.

      The presence of many textiles, curtains in a small flower, woven baskets is welcome. Lighting is muffled, for this you can install small sconces. Furniture and plumbing are very simple, they have classical forms without any excesses. It looks like antique furniture.

      Bathroom in country style
      Country Bathroom
      Bathroom - country style


      This is another interpretation of the village style, created on the basis of the province in France. Walls in this style simply paint or plaster.

      Furniture is used thorough, for example - forged. Characteristic restrained color palette from milky to light pink, lavender and gentle-lilac tones. Very appropriate plant ornament, in particular lavender.

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      Bathroom in Provence style


      To many, this style at first seems utterly impractical. However, only in practice one can understand all its charms. It automates the relaxation conditions to the highest level. He is characterized by tranquility and clarity of lines.

      The main principle is high functionality with minimal use of accessories. Glossy walls, stretch ceilings, racks, mirror cabinets, asymmetric forms - all this is a bathroom in the style of high-tech - a style for decisive, modern personalities.

      Modern high-tech bathroom
      Bathroom in high-tech style
      Hi-tech bathroom


      This design is a wonderful way to add beauty to everyday life. Sources of inspiration for this style are nature and the famous Italian cuisine. It is built on natural, relaxing tones. The windows are arched, marble.

      Referring to antiquity, you can use a mosaic tile for the floor, a bath on the "paws" of stainless steel. In the design it is recommended to use tile with a blurred pattern.

      Lighting is preferably multi-level - chandeliers, sconces and even candles.

      The design of the Italian-style bathroom uses a large number of pouffes, rugs, chests of drawers, upholstered furniture. The traditional method is to install the bathroom itself in the center of the room, covering it with a canopy or a circular curtain.

      Romantics add sconces or candelabra with candles. Popular cross vault ceiling and niche. Modern Italian style is often diluted with minimalism to discard all excesses, retaining elegance and tradition.

      Italian style - bathroom


      This design does not tolerate confusion. It is in the simplicity of form, geometric lines, complete lack of decor, plenty of light. In a word, it is a bathroom without any extra details, where each object has its own specific place.

      It usually uses one or two colors. Bathroom furniture and other accessories should be of the simplest form.

      Bathroom in minimalist style
      Modern bathroom minimalism
      Bathroom minimalism
      Bathroom minimalism
      Furniture in the styles of minimalism for the bathroom
      Modern bathroom - minimalism


      A style that combines elements of a wide variety of directions, perhaps even quite different from each other. He connects them together and shows them from other faces. This is a paradoxical direction in the design, for which collages from elements of classics, ethnics, high-tech are standard.

      Main features:

      • almost complete absence of emptiness,
      • deep sensuality,
      • contrast in color,
      • non-standard textures,
      • novelties in texture.
      • all interior elements are highlighted separately in a special way,
      • abundant use of textiles, vintage items.

      This style is for those who like to experiment.

      Fusion-style bathroom


      For such a bathroom, there are feelings of peace and tranquility. A characteristic element is a round-shaped bath of round, made of natural materials, usually a tree of hinoki. Wood has excellent characteristics: it can not rot, penetrate fungi and pests. Its antibacterial properties are excellent. The analogue in Russia is cedar. Often this style is used to create an atmosphere of relaxation in the bathroom.

      Ofuro in the bathroom in Japanese style

      To create a bathroom in Japanese style, a wooden bath is the perfect solution.

      Key features:

      • simplicity of shapes and clean lines;
      • natural colors;
      • minimalism.
      Bathroom in Japanese style

      Japanese style is characterized by a variety of partitions that functionally separate the bathroom.

      Restrained natural shades of sand, dairy, beige colors are used. To arrange the accents, you can use bright green or red colors, but they are relevant in the minimum amount.

      Ofuro - bathroom in Japanese style
      Modern bathroom in Japanese style
      Bathroom in Japanese style
      Japanese style - bathroom
      Beautiful modern bathroom in Japanese style
      Bathroom in Japanese style - bright colors


      The choice of color for a bathroom depends entirely on its style. There are several trends in the interior design trendy.

      Appreciate bright yellow and orange shades. They add juiciness and warmth to the bathroom.

      Yellow modern bathroom

      Not so long ago there was a tendency to combine three or more colors, very fashionable combinations of muted olive, cream, beige or gray, sandy hues. What color will prevail is the matter of your taste.

      Marble pink bathroom
      Beautiful modern bathroom
      Modern bathroom with bright accents

      Selection of tiles

      The choice of modern designers is a mixture of styles - eclectic, with each separate bathroom should have its own flavor. Combining shades and patterns, each time we give birth to something new and exclusive. For example, a combination of tiles of green, sand and blue colors, combined with the necessary accessories, will turn your bathroom into an oasis or the Mediterranean. To achieve excellent styling helps to choose the right tile.

      Beautiful modern bathroom with tiles

      Designers believe that it is the tile in the bathroom that solves many nuances. Among the manufacturers of tiles are leading the Italians. The colors and themes of the tiles can be varied, but the greatest demand is always on the tile with a floral, floral ornament. Once popular marine theme has now surrendered its positions, apparently, had a little bored of consumers.

      Among the colors of the tile favorites are red, orange, purple, and also many "acid" shades. Also in fashion is green and chess tiles.

      Chess tile in the bathroom
      Blue-Orange Bathroom
      White-gray-orange bathroom

      Combining different types of tiles is an integral part of the design of this room. For us, traditional is the horizontal division of the walls, however, the vertical stripes on the walls are actual now.

      When choosing tiles, the most common mistake is to purchase a large-scale tile for a small bathroom, which leads to cutting the tiles, creating a careless appearance and resembling a patch.

      Do not and save on the price of tiles, buying a fake. It is better to immediately acquire a real tile of Italian or Spanish companies, otherwise, before you start repairing, you will already throw out a bunch of low-quality products.

      If you still want to save money, buy inexpensive domestic tiles, even if it is not so original and stylish.

      Beautiful tile-mosaic in a modern bathroom


      The assortment of it is incredibly diverse. At the moment, such devices as suspended plumbing, contactless plumbing, built-in toilet bowl, corner baths and shower corners, mini-baths, built-in shower cabins, asymmetric sinks are very popular.

      In the fashion tropical shower, where instead of the usual hose we use a lattice, fixing on the ceiling. This creates a wonderful relaxing effect and looks stylish.

      Very popular hydromassage, which works by means of injectors built into the bath, which direct the jets of water at an angle. This promotes rapid relaxation and increases muscle tone.

      Unusual shower
      Modern floor mixer
      Beautiful modern glass bath
      Glass sink
      Unusual modern bath

      If you want to make the design of your bath non-standard, read about unusual designer baths.


      In Russia, few recognize bathroom furniture, because sometimes there is not enough room for the location of all plumbing. You need to have the skills of literate placement of really important interior items. You can, for example, use empty spaces under the sink and bath. In specialized stores, your attention is represented by a number of lockers that can perfectly fit into these intervals, while hiding the pipes.

      To save space, it makes sense to use and hinged furniture, and properly positioned mirrors will help you visually increase the space. When choosing furniture should pay the most attention to the material, it should not absorb moisture.

      We advise you to read our article about very beautiful bathrooms.

      Bathroom furniture

      Redesign of a bathroom

      It often happens that the bathroom is not in the place where it would be convenient for you, but there is not always an opportunity to separate it from the bathroom. Many people run into the question of the irrational arrangement of pipes, which is really real. Pipes passing along the floor are easy to hide in the so-called "podium", playing the role of steps to the bathroom. With furniture, you can also disguise the pipes, but you should leave a small window to them.

      In a bathroom combined with a bathroom it is necessary to install a fan and an extractor, in order to avoid a strong humidity of the room.

      Remodeling a modern bathroom
      Modern bathroom redevelopment
      Bathroom layout
      Modern Bathroom Layout
      The layout of a modern bathroom
      Modern bathroom redevelopment

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      With the help of properly selected accessories, you can make even the most simple and boring bathroom unique. Hangers of interesting shapes, chandeliers with unusual elements, a glass with toothbrushes, a toilet paper holder can become an integral part of the stylistics of your bathroom. Towels and other textiles create a feeling of comfort.

      Every detail should be carefully thought out to achieve the desired result.

      Bathroom accessories - Mirror with shelves inside

      How it is possible to save

      With a small budget it is always difficult to realize the desired, but it is possible. Even without expensive materials, you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

      All mistakes should be anticipated in advance so that they can be bypassed without additional costs:

      • determine the style of design,
      • furniture and plumbing, construction materials must be combined in a single solution,
      • think over the decor and make it yourself,
      • make the shower cabin yourhands.

      More ideas can be found in the article: budget repair of the bathroom.

      It is important that the result of the process is a cozy room in which it is pleasant to be.

      For an excellent outcome of your project, you need to plan, creatively and lovingly approach the work, as well as perform the finishing quickly without delaying the repair for many months.

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