The design of the living room is 18 sq.m.m

Any small apartment requires certain restrictions, both in terms of redevelopment, and in terms of design. At the same time, a competent approach to the business makes it possible to turn the living room design into 18 square meters.m in an exciting creative process.


  1. Walls
  2. Floor
  3. Textiles
  4. Doors
  5. Furniture
  6. Photo design of the living room 18 sq. M.m

As a rule, if we talk about Khrushchev, the main problem is the height of the ceilings - they are quite low. Also very often old grandmothers and grandfathers inherit old wallpaper, worn linoleum and long-out-of-fashion furniture. How to turn the design of the living room area of ​​18 meters into a bright and modern? If the apartment is also a studio, then from this room you need to make a living room and a bedroom. In order to ensure that design ideas are guaranteed to customers, it is recommended to stay on the minimalist style.

We start with a complete cleaning of the room from everything superfluous. We take out the old furniture, remove the plinth, get rid of linoleum and wallpaper. If the proportions of the room are not too harmonious, we correct the situation with the help of small design tricks. Partitions made of plasterboard have the ability to visually shorten the length of the room and create an additional room in the room. Such structures are installed in the middle of the longitudinal wall. Another method of successful design of the living room 18 m, as in the photo, is the correct arrangement of furniture. One end wall puts a sofa, and the second - a cabinet.


As for the walls, the best solution is to paint them in pastel colors - dairy, caramel, chocolate, which give the room a hint of comfort and peace. Of course, before this you should carefully prepare the surface of the walls with a universal primer and putty.

Arrange fashionable accents in the design of the living room of 18 m2 and visually increase the height of the room using wallpaper with a vertical pattern - for example, stripes of different shades. Such wallpaper should be pasted plasterboard partitions. The effect will be complemented by a glossy stretch film of a warm chocolate shade on the ceiling, which will reflect the wallpaper pattern.


Dark coffee-colored laminate with a well-defined texture and light matte shine will serve as a good background for the renovated interior design of the 18 square living room. In addition, such a coating is very practical - it does not deform, does not burn out in the sun and has high resistance to staining.


Elegant textiles for a small living room can be kept in a fairly classical style: for example, a clear organza of a chocolate shade in combination with a light striped cloth looks good. Such a design solution will give the interior of the room a special charm.


An integral part of the renovated room are the doors - for this kind of interior, an option in a minimalist style is ideal. The saturated color of wood successfully shades light glass, and the facade is decorated with horizontal stripes.


Simplicity in furniture design can charm with its harmony and elegance. Glossy panels of milk color as an insert on the pedestal for video equipment perfectly combines with the wooden elements, giving the interior an atmosphere of home comfort. In addition, these pedestals are very functional, especially in a small room: all disks, magazines will always be in order.

Convenient dressing area can be represented by a spacious wardrobe with a universal purpose, so the owners will be able to place here not only items of their own wardrobe, but also other three-dimensional household items. The rest of the furniture is selected exclusively at the discretion of the customers - this can be as compact sofas or spread out headsets.

Photo of the living room 18 sq.m.m