Bathroom in country style: design and interior features( 30 photos)

Bathroom in country style
  • Basic features
  • Choice of pattern and color scheme
  • Materials
  • Features of sanitary ware and furniture
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Textiles

In today's world, among the large number of people who prefer advanced directions, such as high-tech, there are devoted lovers of rural simplicity and tenderness. Country style for the bathroom is one of the most relaxing, relaxing, it is ideal for relaxing from the city bustle.

Many people with the word "country", an association with the films of the genre "Western" and a clockwork cancan. It seems to us wild west and cowboys in dirty and noisy pubs. In literal translation, the word "country" means - a village, but in our understanding and in the west they are different.

Beautiful bathroom in country style

Country is a unique combination with nature, it is one of those modern styles that insists on using only natural materials. This style should be fully consistent with the beauty of nature, forests. This style helps to feel all the delights of life in the countryside, feel part of nature, but not its master.

Bathroom design in country style
Country style bathroom
Country style in bathroom design


The interior in the country style resembles a village hut, unpretentiously decorated exclusively with natural materials. In this style, plastic shower stalls and stereo systems in the bathroom are not appropriate.

Stretch ceilings and LED lighting are also strongly knocked out of the overall picture.

For the interior in the country style, wooden, bronze surfaces, elements of forging are used. Country is associated with the simplicity of life, measured existence far from technology.

Country style in the design of a small bathroom

Very different flowering plants look great, the main thing is that there are no bright screaming spots.

Walls and furniture in pastel colors, gray and brown shades, natural, natural colors will become the perfect decoration of the room in a rustic style. Such an interior involves coziness and peace of mind.

It is appropriate to use artificially aged furniture, animal skins, rough trim. The bathtub is preferably purchased rounded on graceful legs, chrome faucets and retro-style details will perfectly fit into this setting.

Bath on legs - bathroom in country style
Bathroom design in country style
Bathroom in the style of a country with a bath on the legs

Choice of pattern and color scheme

Preferred multicolor, but not saturated, but more muted. The main color solution of the country is pastel natural colors. Most often shades of light, sometimes with a bright accent on any subject.

Bathroom with dark green elements

When choosing a palette of the interior, you need to take into account the balance in color. Designers are of the opinion that it is best to use shades that will perfectly match with green.

Applying tiles to walls, it is desirable to use tiles that have geometric patterns or a floral pattern. Very often, the walls are decorated with a cornice or a curb, and a panel is paved along the bottom, in color combined with the walls.

Bathroom in country style
Bathroom on the legs in the bathroom in the style of the country
Bathroom furniture in country style
Beautiful bathroom in country style
Stylish bathroom in country style
Bathroom with window in country style

In the picture floral patterns are welcomed. Curtains can be made of a plain fabric, or a bright strip or "tartan", typical of the country theme. Dark brown and deep red tones also will be appropriate to look in the decoration of individual parts of the room. The floor is desirable to combine in shade with the walls, it will give your bathroom a warm and cozy feel.


This style refers to the ecological design.

It is advisable to use unusual variants of building material:

  • walls with stone or delicate flower pattern,
  • wood effect.
  • floor should be finished with ceramic tiles or decorative stones.
Bathroom in country style with window

It is preferable to use metal with aging elements, imitation bronze and brass. Elements of hand forging are considered a huge luxury in this design. It is forbidden to use chrome or shiny materials, plastic, high-tech glass. In general, country is a simulation of various natural materials, due to what creates the effect of the warmth of rural life.

Features of plumbing and furniture

Furniture and plumbing are deliberately rude, but they have clear contours.

Preferred non-polished surfaces, the correct proportions. A small antique wardrobe or an armchair left over from your great-grandmother will fit here perfectly.

Bathroom white or cream color on the beautiful legs is a necessary detail, which pays attention to itself.

White bath in the bathroom in country style

With great success, you can also use the old brass plumbing, littered in the storerooms. The toilet bowl and washbasin must match the color and design of the bathroom, the washbasin looks better when not in the cradle.

Stainless steel faucets will be as good as ever. All necessities are to be placed in special wicker baskets of various sizes.

Bathroom in country style
Cozy bathroom in country style
Bathroom in country style

Furniture is most often made of unpainted wood. Usually this is a solid array without any decorative delights. For this room is best suited for simple benches, rough shelves. Another great element - wicker shelving. On the window sills should be placed flowers in clay pots and decorative napkins

Table top in wood in the bathroom in country style


In the bathroom in the style of "country" very well fit oval mirror in a wooden carved frame, suspended on a nail, in contrast to the built-in rectangular mirrors in the modern interior.

Mirror in wooden frame in bathroom in country style
Round oval bathroom mirror in country style

To store dirty laundry, canvas bags are often used, hanging them to the wall. Flowers in pots can be replaced with lush bouquets of wildflowers. Pictures on the walls with images of animals will perfectly convey the mood of the situation.

Beautiful bathroom in country style with a picture

Landscapes with watercolors or retro-style photos will look very harmonious in a general setting. Enamelled jugs will add completeness to your bathroom.

Beautiful bathroom in country style


The country-style bathroom does not tolerate bright lighting and high-mounted lighting fixtures. The most advantageous option here is the light sources in the form of old chandeliers, oil lamps at the floor level, at the corners, behind the carved partition.

Medieval candelabra with candles are quite suitable for additional lighting, creating a romantic atmosphere. The shades of light should be neutral, soft. A lamp with a shade made of textiles will also fit in nicely.

Light in the bathroom in the country style
Bathroom in country style
Lighting in the bathroom in the country style


Bathroom in the style of the country simply must have an abundance of textile items - curtains, napkins, towels, rugs. Among the fabrics in the first place is flax, also often use cotton and wool. The most common is checkered and floral prints.

Curtains, textiles in the bathroom in the style of country

Curtains with a lot of ruches, builds, frills will give accessories a certain charm. Handmade products are highly appreciated: embroidery on towels will become an integral part of ease and identity. The variety of textures should not overload the spaciousness of the village room.

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