Finishing of bathroom with wood: floors, walls, furniture, wooden decoration and interior

Wooden bathroom
  • Types of finishing materials
  • Floors and walls
  • Sanitary ware
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Lighting
  • Styles
    • Classic
    • Modern
    • Ethnic
    • Country

The habit of conforming to standards today seems to have worn itself out completely. If you are trying to bring to your life something rare, called the attractive word "exclusive".To achieve this goal, choose a non-traditional bathroom material - natural wood. After all, it is an indicator of luxury and excellent taste, it allows you to create a cozy and original interior.

Types of finishing materials

Solid wood products have their advantages. Despite the fact that they demonstrate the richness of the natural structure, they still have ecological compatibility and thermal insulation. With their help you can not just transform the bathroom, but also make it more comfortable.

Beautiful wooden bathroom

In the era of high technology, high-quality wood becomes resistant to water.

Each manufacturer has his own way of protecting the tree. But there is one, the most well-known: during the treatment of the material, the wood resin is impregnated with other, special compositions that prevent decay. And after the impregnation, cover with seven layers of varnish.

Along with the varnished steel to produce a board with an oil and wax coating. Manufacturers guarantee an unlimited lifespan of these products.

Wealth structure of a wooden bathroom
Beautiful wooden bathroom with stone
Wooden bathroom

Woods such as teak or African Iroko have excellent hardness and resistance to deformation. The oils already contained in them make their hygroscopicity extremely low. This ensures absolute moisture resistance.

Traditionally, for finishing use:

  • beech( light with a reddish-yellow or gray hue),
  • oak( from light to tan)
  • pine( light yellow),
  • larch, maple, jatoba and ash.
Wooden bathroom

The strength and moisture resistance of these rocks allow manufacturers to produce wall panels and a floorboard especially for wet rooms. In spite of this, such products require special protection, before their direct application.

Wooden walls in the bathroom
Wooden bathroom
Wooden Bathroom
Bathroom tree
Wooden furniture in the bathroom
Wooden Bathroom

Glued wood also has good moisture resistance and is often used for finishing wet rooms. Moreover, it is completely ready for laying, without additional processing. At installation it densely joins without special efforts.

Much better resists moisture veneer board. It is made of waterproof plywood or chipboard, and covered with veneer.

The bathroom is finished with wooden material

Floors and walls

Wood is combined with all kinds of finishing materials.

If you are going to use it, remember, the drier the walls, the less laborious the facing will be. Also, before installation, the wooden elements must be treated on all sides with special wax and bi-moisture protection impregnations.

These preparations protect the surfaces from fungus and mold, giving them water repellent properties. But there are products already completely ready for use.

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Wooden bathroom

When finished with wood, "eaten" usable area.

For walling not only solid wood is used, but also materials, partially made of wood.

It can be:

  • lining;
  • glued beams;
  • veneered boards.
Sheathing of walls in a wooden bathroom

The market also offers a large selection of wall panels from various types of wood.

The main advantage of the panels is that they perfectly hide any irregularities and are also easy to install.

Lining in the bathroom

In the bathroom, for areas suffering from high humidity, more exotic breeds will do. This wenge( from golden brown to dark brown), kumaru( golden brown wood with dark veins), paduk( coral-red), olive tree, eucalyptus, ebony, bamboo. Today you can buy an array of not only natural shades, but also toned in all sorts of colors.

Wooden materials for bathroom decoration
Material for a wooden bathroom
Wooden Bathroom - Materials

You can also decorate the bathroom walls with cork sheets. If it is not large in area, it is the best option to save precious centimeters. The cork does not leak moisture and looks very attractive. Its sheets are used for both walls and floor. The installation is quite simple. It is fixed with glue.

Wooden bathroom - cork sheets

Floor coverings are basically a massive plank. This material is made mainly of hard hardwood. It is ready for laying and therefore does not need additional protection. In addition, this board is easy to install. Do not completely carpet the floor with a tree. It is very beautifully combined with stone or ceramic tiles.

Wooden floors and tiles in the bathroom

If you want a wooden bathroom to serve a very long time, do not forget about ventilation. It should be thoroughly thought out, ensuring good air circulation in the room.


Wood, it would seem - is the most inappropriate material for the production of plumbing fixtures. But this is only at first glance. Thanks to modern technology, the union of wood and water has become harmonious and lasting.

Wooden sink

Nevertheless, in the "wooden" collections there are so far only baths, sinks and shower panels. This plumbing is made from both light and dark wood.

Wooden plumbing
One bath
Wooden bathtub

It was fashionable to trim acrylic or cast-iron "fonts" with a wooden screen around. They perfectly fit into the interior of almost any modern bathroom.

Bathroom with wooden screen

Also manufacturers offer faucets with levers of wood. The combination of chrome, polished to shine, and ebony wenge, look very unusual.

Mixer with wooden handles

Furniture and accessories

If you think that the wood in the bathroom is not enough, add furniture and accessories in its execution. Do not forget that they, like "wooden" finishing materials, must meet the requirements of moisture resistance.

Wooden chest of drawers in the bathroom

Made of solid canisters, cabinets, stools, shelves or entire sets successfully beat the space of the room.

Rattan furniture and accessories are good. This material perfectly tolerates the active action of moist air, steam and water .

Rattan accessories in a wooden bathtub

In addition to decorate the interior will help different holders and coasters, baskets and wooden sets. Moreover, wooden frames for mirrors will add extra charm to the bathroom.

Mirror in wooden frame


The lighting system should be given special attention. Everything depends on the color and texture of the wood.

Please note that it is worthwhile to avoid bulbs emitting a lot of heat. Interaction with moisture does not influence the given material in the best way.

Install halogen or LED fixtures, their light is cold.

For a room made in a strict framework of dark wood, use diffused light. For bright, you can choose a brighter lighting.

Dot light
Chandelier in a wooden bathroom
Fixtures in the bathroom


Spending a little digression on styles, which are appropriate for wooden decoration and furniture.

Contemporary wooden bathroom


Greatness and solidity. Simple and strict forms, orderliness and harmony, refined but discreet decor. Expensive high-quality materials: an array of wood, natural stone, silk, gold. As a decor stucco or sculpture. Sources of light can be bronze, gold-plated or crystal.

Classic style - bathroom
Classic style bathroom
Bathroom in a classic style


Smooth lines and functionality. The presence of glass, plastic, wood or metal. The color palette is in a rather subdued tone. Modern cabinet furniture with floral ornaments and accessories corresponding to the whole entourage. Self-contained and elegant style.

Wooden bathroom in Art Nouveau style
Wooden bathroom in Art Nouveau style
Wooden bathroom in Art Nouveau style


Especially the ethnoshik allows to fill the room with exotic. Natural materials, a wide palette of natural colors, national patterns and ornaments. There is a place for thematic collections brought from travel. Wicker furniture, wooden vases, cloth boxes, figurines will certainly complement the style.

Wooden bathroom in ethnic style


In such a bathroom - "in a country style", there is always a lot of textiles. Finishing materials are "rough", natural. Furniture with a body for unpainted wood, curtains, laundry baskets, all simple shapes and no frills. Bleached walls and ceilings, unpainted beams and soft, diffused lighting. Very interesting.

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Country style bathroom
Country style bathroom
Bathroom in country style
Bathroom in country style
Bathroom in country style
Bathroom in country style

Perhaps a wooden bathtub can be the best place to relax. After all, the tree is calm and relieves fatigue.

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