Payment for the repair and maintenance of living quarters: who sets the tariff?

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Amount of payment

The fee for the repair and maintenance of a dwelling is legislatively determined by the amount of funds necessary for the full maintenance of all the common property in an apartment building.

The amount of payment for the

payers. The payment for the use, maintenance and repair of housing, in other words, the rent for rent, the contract of social hiring or renting a living quarters of a municipal or state housing fund depends on the total area occupied by the premises( when hiring a separate hostel room -area).

The amount of payment for houses where the management method is not chosen.

. The payment for the use of premises in residential municipal and public housing complexes, whose owners did not choose the way of managing their apartment building, is determined by local governments( for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol, the rules can be changed, specify in local bodies of state power).

Depending on the conditions of

The amount of payment for renting a room also depends on the provided living conditions: the location of the house, the improvement of the premises, the quantity and quality of utilities, etc.

Expensive but not very much

When determining the amount of payment for the use of housing,solvency of the potential employer. The fee for the repair and maintenance of a dwelling should not serve as an excuse for the employer to have the right to a subsidy for the payment of communal services and the use of a dwelling. In case, even according to state norms, a person is not able to pay for housing at general rates without an additional state subsidy, the amount of the fee should be reviewed( Article 49, part 3 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation)


Social housing fee

Payment for the rental of residential premises insocial complexes, funds for temporary settlement of refugees or internally displaced persons and hostels, in each room of which several people live, is determined by the owners of these same living quarters. In other words, the owner of a hostel or a house from the social fund can independently determine the current tariff.

The amount of payment in houses without the consumer cooperative

If the owners of the premises of a residential apartment building did not create a housing cooperative, a partnership of owners or another manager of the consumer body, the payment should be determined at the official meeting of the owners and must take into account the proposals of the management organization. The fixed size is fixed for a period of not less than one year.

Mandatory payments and membership fees

The amount of the mandatory payment of homeowners for the maintenance and repair of the common property contained in the apartment building must be determined by the management body of the cooperative, the partnership of owners or another consumer cooperative in accordance with its charter.

Minimum fee for capital repairs

The amount of such a contribution is determined either by the share of ownership of the total area in the apartment building or the tariff can be differentiated depending on various factors( number of floors, the cost of repairing individual structures, loads on certain sections of structures and utilities).Also, the size of the contribution depends on the officially established list of works for the overhaul of the common property of the apartment building established by the subject of the Russian Federation.

Can I have more?

The owners of an apartment building at a general meeting may decide to pay a major repair fee in excess of the minimum set by the state.

Who has the right not to pay for hire?

The RF Housing Code establishes certain signs of a low-income citizen. Tenants of a dwelling, recognized as needy and renting a dwelling under a social contract, may be exempt from rent.

When can the board size be reviewed?

The repair and maintenance fee may be reconsidered and reduced if it is proved that the services, management, maintenance and repair of the apartment building premises were improperly performed or had breaks exceeding the duration of the statutory period.
Knowing your own rights can save you a lot of problems. Only where a person fights for what he has the right, he will use it. Otherwise we get non-working elevators, leaking roofs, cracks in the walls, poor heating and at the same time pay huge utility rates.

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