How to pay utilities through the terminal

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Utility payment terminals

What is a payment terminal? This is a special device that allows the payer to independently perform banking operations. Using the terminal, a person can transfer money, replenish electronic accounts, learn about the status of his bank account, repay loans, receive information and pay for many services, in particular communal services. How to pay utilities through the terminal

For the average consumer, the main advantage of this device is its step-by-step availability. This means that payment terminals are located in most shops and public places. Also their dignity is that with their help it is possible to pay for the services of various companies. In addition, you can transfer money to the account( both cash and non-cash), you can repay the loan without commission.

To make payments even easier, some banks install devices that read barcodes. Sberbank belongs to such banks. In addition, payment of utility services through the terminal of the Savings Bank is more convenient and cheaper than payment through the cashier. How to pay utilities through the terminal

How to pay utility bills through the terminal of Sberbank?

Payment for utilities through the terminal is performed as follows: How to pay utilities through the terminal

  • First, a card is inserted into the terminal window of the terminal and a PIN code is entered. After that, the "Next" button is pressed;
  • the main menu appears, where the line "Payments in our region" is selected;
  • in the "Payment groups" window select "Search".This button is selected in order to select the payee quickly. After that, the "Search by name" button is pressed;
  • using the keyboard to enter the name of the organization( fully or partially).Click the "Enter" button;
  • use the up and down arrows to select the required organization. After that, click "Continue";
  • , a window appears with the inscription: "Please provide a receipt to the barcode reader and wait for reading."After that, the bar code of the payment document is brought to the scanner. Scanning is complete when a beep is sounded;
  • enter the meter reading and press "Continue".If there is no counter, then click "Continue";
  • the "Detailing" window appears. The data is checked. If there is one receipt, click "Pay".If there are several receipts, then we click "Add to cart" - choose the next payee. Then repeat the steps from step 3. So, all the payments have been entered, now you have to click the button "Pay all";
  • payment is complete. It remains to exit the system. Click "No".Do not forget to take the card and check. We do not throw the check;
  • if there is no barcode receipt, then payment details via the keyboard are entered. Then steps # 7-9 are repeated to pay all receipts without a barcode;
  • to see the list of all recipients, in the "Payment groups" section, click "All payments".After that, the "Utilities" button is selected.

Utility payment terminals are efficient and convenient. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to conduct operations using the touch screen terminal. And then the question "how to pay for utilities" will stop bothering you. How to pay utilities through the terminal

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