Modern kitchen in black and white

Today, more and more preference is given to such styles of the interior, which are characterized by straight lines, simplicity of shapes and conciseness of details. The styles of high-tech and minimalism are becoming more popular every day. It may seem that the interior, designed in this way - absolutely blank. But this is an erroneous judgment.

Black and white kitchen in a modern style

Black and white kitchen in a modern style - Photo

The interior of the kitchen, executed in black and white, is distinguished by its graphical and expressive. Mysteriousness, elegance, intrigue of two colors will please those who appreciate style and non-trivial solutions.

Black-and-white or white-black color for the kitchen?

How to distribute the ratio of black and white in the kitchen, whether to give preference to one color and make it dominant in the interior?- a question that requires the right answer. When decorating the kitchen in black and white, you must follow a few simple rules.

Rooms where contrasting colors appear on an equal footing, look tense and cause irritation. Interiors where two colors are distributed so that one is dominant, and the other is complementary, are the most harmonious. What kind of kitchen: black and white or white and black?

Personal tastes and preferences in choosing a solo color matter, but the main criterion is the features of the kitchen itself.

  • Small kitchen is always desirable to see more spacious. White color visually increases the space, creates a sense of freedom. Black color has the ability to make a small room very small: it visually draws all boundaries, causing the impression of stiffness and tightness.
  • Black color is perfect for a luxury kitchen, amazing in its size. It is on a large area that it will look harmonious and create an atmosphere of coziness.

Kitchen lighting is of great importance and affects the choice of the primary color.

Bright kitchen with a large window. You can make black glossy facades

Bright kitchen with large window. You can make black glossy facades - Photo

  • For a kitchen with large windows, full of sunlight, it is reasonable to choose the primary color black.
  • Kitchens in which there is a constant lack of lighting, it is preferable to make out with a predominance of white.

Kitchen decoration in black and white

The predominant color is chosen which of the two will perform a solo part - it is known. It remains to decorate the kitchen itself.

When the kitchen interior is decorated with black and white color, the surface texture is given the first place. Impressive in its expressive effect creates a game on the contrast between matte and shiny, rough and smooth surfaces.

Walls A wide variety of materials are used to decorate the walls of the kitchen. Stylish look light wallpaper with drawings of dark colors, which can be with a matte, glossy or pearlescent surface.

An alternative option would be a dark-colored wallpaper with a contrasting white pattern.

Light wallpaper in the kitchen of black and white scales

Light wallpaper in the kitchen of black and white scales - Photo

It is not necessary to cover all the walls in the kitchen with the same wallpaper, you can combine them. Polar in color wallpaper can be pasted only one of the walls, and the rest of the wall should be covered with neutral wallpaper, which is combined with the dominant color.

You can decorate an apron for the kitchen with tiles, mosaic, marble, ceramic granite or glass panels. If the main emphasis is on the walls, the winning option is to design the apron with a glossy tile or glass, contrasting with the matte surface of the countertops.


Traditional materials used for flooring the kitchen are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, laminate and linoleum.

Large format plates are not only relevant, but they look very advantageous. Strong alternation of black and white squares of chess pattern will be effective. However, a monophonic floor can be the right solution for a black and white kitchen interior - it all depends on the general idea.

  • Whatever color was chosen as the main color, black or white, the floor can be made neutral in color - light gray or beige-beige.

  • When choosing the size of the flooring pattern, consider the size of the kitchen itself. A large chess cage is good for large kitchens, a small kitchen is better suited cover, the picture of which is comparable to the size of the kitchen itself, or monophonic.


The design of the ceiling in black and white kitchen is always given great importance. The ceiling can be either white or black. If the kitchen make the dark ceiling glossy - it will look as tall as the traditional white. But consider the black ceiling visually reduce the kitchen.

Decoration of the ceiling in the kitchen. You can make a two-level ceiling

Ceiling in the kitchen. You can make a two-level ceiling - Photo

The simple and restrained walls of the kitchen need a catchy and spectacular ceiling. Perfectly suitable multi-level ceiling, using tension elements and a glossy surface. And, on the contrary, when there are many bright decorative elements in the interior, the ceiling is better to make a monochrome and white.

Beautiful ceiling in the kitchen of a black and white scale. Zoning with light

Beautiful ceiling in the kitchen of black and white scales. Zoning with light - Photo

Choosing furniture for black and white kitchen

The black and white color scheme used to decorate the kitchen, puts forward its requirements for the selection of furniture.

  • The small kitchen - white furniture. Black furniture, no matter how stylish it was, does not fit.
  • The large kitchen allows the use of furniture in both black and white colors.

The most practical solution is furniture in black and white. For example, the lower sections are practical black, the upper ones white. Black top, made of stone( natural or artificial) looks great in combination with the white color of the kitchen set. The table and chairs can be monophonic or black and white. Effectively look those options, where there is a combination of black legs with white seats and table top. Or vice versa.

Decor elements

Accessories and decoration items in the interior of the kitchen should be a worthy completion of the conceived. Decorative elements can be made in a polar black and white color scheme, and can be another bright color.

  • For black and white decor, stylization is often used in the form of chess drawings, yin and yang symbols, zebra skins.
  • Salad and turquoise shades, interspersions of bright red color or hospitable yellow will not only revive the strict interior, but also create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Silver and crystal dishes, clear glass, shiny metal surfaces of household appliances and chrome furniture elements will successfully complement the interior of the kitchen.

Compliance with simple requirements, which are black and white, makes the interior of the kitchen comfortable, refined and stylish.