Dining kitchen design: interior design project of kitchen + dining room + living room

The design of the kitchen-dining room (36 photos): variations in the design of the dining room, dining room, living room and kitchen, living room, dining room as a whole


Table of contents

  • 1 Options in the design
  • 2 Dining room or dining-living room
  • 3 More details about the design of the kitchen and dining area
    • 3.1 Classic style
    • 3.2 Art Nouveau and Art Deco
    • 3.3 High-tech style
    • 3.4 Eco-style
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In the middle of the last century canteens were an integral part of every home or apartment. However, a little later in connection with large-scale construction of houses to small apartments, such rooms have been gradually pushed out of the projects.

Nevertheless, canteens or kitchens with dining area - is the most important place in the house, going for a table of all family members. Based on this design dining dishes must be selected taking into account many factors.

dining kitchen design

Options in the design

Accommodation types:

  • separate room;
  • dining room, kitchen;
  • kitchen, dining room and living room, located in the same room.

Dining room or dining-living room

The dining room itself or combined with the living room is very comfortable for the reception. At the conclusion of dinner guests or family dinner, you can continue the conversation in a more comfortable environment, sitting on a sofa near the fireplace or TV.

Functional living and dining area must first be combined with each other in style, but it is important to isolate them stylish baffles or different finishes.

The design of the walls with their hands each zone must be carried out in different, but the combined shades of the floor in the living room is recommended to lay a carpet, as in the dining room - tile, linoleum or laminate.

In the design of a living-dining area, you can arrange different levels of lighting, hanging over the dining table pendant lights or chandeliers, while in the living room to use the built-in lights with an adjustable brightness.

dining kitchen interior design

living room design

Kitchen-dining room

Design involves separating the dining area from the working bar.

Tip! To odors during cooking is not distributed throughout the room, it is important to set the ventilation system.

It should be noted that the material finishes two functional areas must be different:

  • in the kitchen area should prevail resistant to moisture and practical materials such as ceramic tiles, washable wallpaper;
  • in the design of the dining room, you can use cork or vinyl wallpaper, laminate or parquet flooring, suspended ceilings.

Multilevel lighting kitchen and living room will help visually separate the two functional areas.

Incorporating design kitchens combined with a dining room, yet it is not necessary to be zealous with radically opposing color schemes. Lung differences in shades of premises would be sufficient.

Kitchen, living room, dining room - a single unit

Interesting can also be a solution for the reconciliation of the three zones: a living room + kitchen + dining room - the design must select, based on the use of finishing materials of different textures, as well as original items decoration.

Dining should make the most of the light. An interesting option here may be the French windows from floor to ceiling, beautiful design air curtains for the kitchen or stylish blinds.

High vase on the floor and walls decorated with paintings make the room more comfortable. For cold climate is perfect located and decorated fireplace, the ability to add a warm room.

design kitchens combined with a dining room

Design kitchen-living-dining room

More details about the design of the kitchen and dining area

Developing design project kitchen and dining area, should be considered the optimal size of the kitchen area.

It is mandatory to respect for the rules of the triangle is compact sink-stove-refrigerator.

If the owner three times a day is necessary to prepare it at the optimum length of the sides of a triangle, is a total of up to 7 meters, runs a distance of 10 km. And that's just in the kitchen!

The greater the length of the sides of the triangle, the proportionally greater the load on the legs. Do not forget that in the regeneration of the kitchen.

The most popular styles in the design of a kitchen-dining room:

Classic style

This design looks very impressive, since every item of furniture has a nice shape and graceful curves. However, there is this option and disadvantages - fanciful forms harder to keep clean, and the tree itself is bad transfers the action of high temperatures and moisture, so it should be of the highest quality and treated with special compositions.

design kitchen with dining area

Kitchen-dining room in classic style

Art Nouveau and Art Deco

It is appropriate to a combination of different materials (wood, metal, glass). Form a kitchen-dining room is quite simple, and the line without bends. Color options are selected depending on personal preference. The advantage of this style can be considered easy care.

The characteristic features of this style are considered vigorous aerodynamic lines, ethnic geometric patterns, streamlining, decorative elements in the form of triangles and circles, the combination of the particular practicality and sophisticated luxury. Good choice in this case will be a combination of pink color with black.

Living room kitchen dining room design

Kitchen dining room in the style of Art Deco

High-tech style

The predominant for this style are considered cold color black, silver, white and shades of gray, metallic color of the surface.

Distinguishing style elements include the presence of objects made of glass, metal, geometric shapes leatherette, a stylized valves, ventilation ducts, pipes, pieces of furniture, mostly transformed and equipped with wheels, shutters on windows, mirrors without frames, spot lighting elements mounted in the furniture, ultra-modern compact equipment, small decorative objects made of glass and metal.


design kitchen with dining area in this case is determined by the presence of the following decisions:

  • wicker or wooden minimalist furniture;
  • predominance in the interior stone, ceramic and wood pieces;
  • large windows with lots of light;
  • Textiles of cotton or linen;
  • tableware ceramics soft colors and rounded shapes;
  • presence of green plants;
  • large amount of free space;
  • ceramic vases and tiles, "under a rock";
  • floor lamps;
  • Floral panels on the walls.
Dining kitchen design project

Kitchen-dining room in Eco-style

On whatever you're stopped their attention, it is worth remembering that the design of the kitchen-dining room has to be made within one style.

Summing up

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