Kitchen design with ventilation ducts: the interior in a studio apartment

Kitchen design with ventilation ducts (36 photos): English style French cafe and other options


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Non-standard construction elements in the layout of the premises often lead landlords to confusion when it is time to repair. For example, the kitchen design with ventilation ducts - a task feasible only experienced builders. And if you do not know how to cope with the task, read our article.

In principle, the presence should not discourage you airbox. This item can be easily refine using the cabinet, bar, shelves, decorative items or other items that make up the design of a kitchen.

Kitchen design with ventilation ducts

It is best to purchase headsets to order, after determining all sizes. Workers will install a new kitchen, given the depth of the box, the curvature of the walls and corners.

Break the box is not a good idea, because it is the supporting structure, the removal of which disrupt the operation of the entire ventilation system.

To make a beautiful kitchen design of the ventilation shaft, having painted box decorative textured paint or wallpaper paste over, simulating masonry. Such an option, ideal for the interior of a classic or English cuisine.

Sample design

The English style

English style - the style of strict symmetry. This is a real classic for those who love order and well-matched colors. Applying such a design of the kitchen in a private home or apartment, the room will dominate the atmosphere self-sufficiency and completeness, and the owners can be described as modern aristocrats.

How to learn English style?

  • The lack of modern elements (bright decor and outlandish furniture).
  • Optional kitchen set made of wood with lots of drawers, cabinets and shelves.
  • The handles on the facades, metal, bizarre.
  • In the center of the room is traditionally placed a large dining table made of wood hardwood.
  • Utensils only ceramic or porcelain.
  • English Style loves plants. Pots of potted flowers on the window sill will serve as a great decoration. Often use different shades of geraniums.
  • An important element is the heavy design curtains and embroidered towels, and lots of pots and jars on shelves headset.
Kitchen design in a studio apartment

Interior in English style

This interior will appeal to fans of the original premises of a small size with an atmosphere of mystery and riddles.

French cafe

Quite an original interior is a small space "European Café".

Fresh air, delicious pastries and hot coffee always remain in the memory of a tourist and want to implement something similar by creating kitchen interior in the style of a café.

The main element will serve as wallpapers with the image of a quiet European town. All the furniture and furnishings must comply with colors, which performed walls in the kitchen, on the floor is best lay parquet or laminate, imitating wood.

Round table and chairs carved with metal legs and light back complete image.

Kitchen design in the English style

Table for the imitation of a cafe

Note! For complete accuracy, you can use a lamp stylized as a street lamp.

Interior alternatives

Creating a kitchen design in a studio apartment, the owner can focus on fusion. Style mix allows you to create unique interiors.

Design custom kitchen

The fusion

Planning example:

  • working area separated from the rest of the room bar, it will refuse to separate the dining table;
  • a seating area with sofa and place a couple of chairs and a small metal table;
  • add lighting and a few designer jewelry, we get the original unique interior.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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