The gas column in the kitchen is not yet a verdict. Hide it and make the kitchen fantastic.

The apartment in Khrushchev is notable for a lot of inconvenience, but its main drawback is, of course, a small area of ​​the kitchen, on which there is also a bulky gas column. In such a six-meter kitchen with a gas-stove, only 2 people can feel comfortable, but what should the rest of the family do? First of all, do not despair, as designers have already developed a lot of ideas that will help to make the most convenient and multifunctional premises from the kitchen in Khrushchev.

Where and how to place a gas column in the kitchen

Many owners of these apartments are puzzling over the question of how to place a gas column in a small kitchen? So, here are some useful tips.

Convert the interior of a small kitchen in a Khrushchev can be by conspiracy of a gas column under a suspended cabinet. In consequence, this hanging cabinet leads in harmony with the general style of the room, furniture, etc. The main nuances of this arrangement of the column are:

  1. Observe the basic requirements for fire safety, the distance from the column wall to the wall of the cabinet must be at least 3 cm;
  2. This cabinet must be designed according to individual dimensions to order and there must be a mass of ventilation holes;
  3. Insulate the walls of the cabinet with a heat-reflecting interlayer;
  4. Make sure that you have made holes for the gas pipe and corrugations in this hanging cabinet.

After these tips, you will be convinced that the design of the kitchen with the gas column can be flawless.

Creating a multi-functional working area

A small kitchen in a 6 m. Href., Of course, does not provide many opportunities for the location of a significant amount of furniture. Basically in such kitchens there is a stove, a sink, a refrigerator, that is those subjects, without which it is difficult to do without. Here are the basic tips for locating the maximum amount of furniture and household appliances in the kitchen in the Khrushchevka:

  1. Replacing the bulky slab on the hob. Now there are a lot of models of plates - transformers, folding options, etc.
  2. A small microwave and a mini oven will solve the remaining problems with cooking in a small kitchen;
  3. Under the sink you can easily place a small washing or dishwasher;
  4. Instead of a cumbersome refrigerator, you can choose the built-in horizontal model, which looks fashionable, stylish and the main thing does not take up much space, which means it is perfect for a small kitchen with a gas stove;
  5. It is best to arrange a refrigerator in the corridor of the apartment;
  6. We prefer the folding options for tables;
  7. Be sure to make a window-sill - it is very beneficial for kitchens in Khrushchev. Make it a shelf, which will accommodate many household electrical appliances or dishes. Also you can place a table near the windowsill.

Corner kitchen in a hruschevke with a gas column

Kitchen corner sets are perfect for kitchens with a gas stove. Elements of furniture in the six-meter kitchen is best placed in the form of the letter P( without using only one wall) or in the form of the letter G( along two walls).

Photo of the interiors of the kitchen in Khrushchevka 6, 7 sq.m. with gas column

This arrangement can be achieved using furniture made to order exactly for your kitchen. With this option of furniture arrangement, you can save a lot of space in this room. The design of the kitchen in Khrushchev with the help of kitchen sets, created according to your individual sizes, can be transformed beyond recognition.