Repair options in the home kitchen: fully living room with kitchen facilities

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Options for the kitchen renovation (36 photos) redevelopment options


Table of contents

  • 1 options for redevelopment
    • 1.1 Combining with loggia
    • 1.2 Expansion at the expense of the corridor
    • 1.3 Combined with living room
    • 1.4 Transfer partition the territory of bathrooms
  • 2 harmonization of redevelopment
  • 3 Summing up
  • 4 Photo Gallery

Unfortunately, the size of kitchens in most modern homes is poor. In this article we will look at options for the kitchen renovation to increase the working area.

Options for the kitchen repairsThe majority of our recommendations will be devoted to the redevelopment, as some apartments in its original form, unfortunately, can not be increased by any design tricks.

options for redevelopment

Consider the options for changing the spaces that are used most often, who makes repairs in the home kitchen.

As can be, depending on the layout of the apartment, the room is combined with:

  • living room;
  • balcony;
  • corridor;
  • Part of the area originally occupied by the bathroom.

Combining with loggia

When combined with a loggia priority becomes the insulation.

  1. Install plastic windows with double glazing.
  2. Outside of the lodge under the frames insulated with foam and then finished siding.
  3. If desired, insulated and inside.
  • the surface is completely covered with sheets of insulation, such as Penoplex price - 1520 rubles .;
  • sheets attached with special fasteners for foam which the construction lexicon called "mushroom";
    Renovated kitchen in the home

    Thermal insulation of loggia Penoplex

  1. Such as sheets of insulated ceiling.
  2. Install the system "warm floors" or coat with bitumen mastic and trail the foil substrate with a heater penofol.
    Repair of living room with kitchen

    Warming of the floor loggia penofolom and laminate

  3. Shpaklyuyut wall.
  4. Impose masking grid for thermal insulation.
  5. Shpaklyuyut again.

Next proceed directly to reconcile. This solution is not suitable for any room, renovated in a panel building and redevelopment require obligatory coordination with the municipal authorities.

If you are unable to obtain permission to complete the demolition of walls, fit it under the table top or the nominal partition of stained glass.

After the demolition of the wall or septum is held decoration plasterboard, followed by lining balconies.

Materials for decoration:

  • wallpaper;
  • painting;
  • wooden or plastic panels;
  • on the floor: tile, laminate or carpet.

Tip! Combining with balcony is best to start in the spring or early summer in order to have time to spare before the cold weather in the event of delays or design of the building.

Expansion at the expense of the corridor

If the door is adjacent to a long corridor, you can use the unused space.

Depending on the width of the corridor there are three alignment options:

  1. Wide corridor - the demolition of walls between the kitchen and the corridor and accommodation in the corridor kitchens in one or two rows.
  2. the average width of the corridor - the demolition of walls and table placement in the center of the closure of the passage.
  3. Narrow corridor - the demolition of walls, placement in the hall long L-shaped countertop, setting the kitchen.
    kitchen renovation in the panel house

    extension options are: 1) a wide corridor; 2) with an average corridor; 3) at the narrow corridor

Tip! If you decide to transfer to the "corridor" stove or sink, think carefully about how they will be connected to communications.

Combined with living room

Kitchen combined with living room

Kitchen combined with living room

The owners of 2-D and 3-bedroom apartments can be arranged in your home a spacious dining room by combining with a living room. This allows not only visually enlarge the room, but also to add interior exclusivity.

Repair combined living kitchen, operate so that functional areas different from each other.

  • the difference in floor height or indicate the metallic coating doorsteps;
  • if the apartment has children or the elderly, it is best to limit the difference in ceiling height;
  • nice and convenient to look separation bar;
  • you can do a partial demolition of the walls, turning it into an arch;
  • decorate the walls with different materials ..

Tip! If the wall is the capital, its demolition is not allowed. In this case it is necessary to know whether architecture allows the house to make it arched doorway.

Transfer partition the territory of bathrooms

Placement of the refrigerator in the recess formed after the dismantling of the toilet

Placement of the refrigerator in the recess formed after the dismantling of the toilet

If the room is bordered with a separate bathroom, you can extend it as follows:

  • WC is transferred to the area of ​​the former separate bath, forming a WC;
  • partition completely demolished, remains of communications (sewer and water) by redesigning the kitchen needs (most often this option is used in the "brezhnevki".

harmonization of redevelopment

Whichever repair cuisine you choose, with the redevelopment of the apartment necessarily need to consult with a specialist.

You will need to know the following information:

  • which walls are load-bearing;
  • whether it is possible to carry out the transfer of the walls;
  • whether it is possible to move or extend the battery;
  • in the case of modernization and repair of balconies, what load it can bear after warming.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you, and now you can own hands to create a cozy kitchen. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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